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Matini flights is giving you a chance to make money for every booking that you refer. This is a commission program where you earn 0.8% for every sale/booking that you refer to

for example:

if the flight cost is $4000 you get $32

if the flight cost is $3000 you get $24

if the flight cost is $20 you get $0.16

and much more

matiniflights has thousands and thousands of flight destinations and airlines in their inventory and has the best prices in the market so it will be quite easy for you to get customers

how it works

To earn money for every sale on matiniflights first of all you need to have an account with our millionformula commission program to get your referral USERNAME/registered email id. With your referral username or your registered email you can use it to reach out to your audience, followers, friends, family or whoever it is that you are promoting to. Make sure that you provide them with your correct username/email so that we will be able to identify your sales and make the payments to you.

So this is what happens; when your referred customer is making their purchase/booking AT they are asked to provide their referrer username or email id on the checkout page as shown in the image bellow

matiniflights – Flight Booking Page

When they provide it, it is used to identify who made the sale and therefore you are awarded your commission.

So as you can see you need to provide your customers with the correct details so that you can be able to get the commission.

how to promote to your audience

With your referral username and your email id you can share over the social media or through direct messages eg. on whatsapp or through your website if you have one or through word of mouth. whichever way you do it depends on what is best and most convenient for you.

NOTE! you need to tell your audience/prospective customers to remember to submit your referral username/email during their checkout so that we can be able to tell it was you.

how to register millionformula commission account

If you dont have a millionformula commission account follow the steps bellow to register one.

1.First you need to visit millionformula commission page and click on register.

2.Fillout the form with your correct details

3.Verify your email

4.login to your account with your username and password

how you get paid

The minimum payout amount is $20. Once you have attained this limit notify us and we will initiate your payment right away.

We will make your payment through paypal. So you need to provide us with your paypal email.