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People spend hours on social media daily and most probably you reading this too spends a good amount of time on social media daily. The social media companies and corporations make tons of money every day for the time that you spend on their platform but the big question is DO YOU? Do you make any money for the time you spend on social media?

It is true some people make some money for the content they post on the various social media platforms through the partner programs, a good example is youtube.The most interersting thing is that only a very few people using social media make money out of it. Only those with massive followers/subscribers/viewers make any substantial amount of money. Majority of social media users who dont have massive followers/subscribers/viewers don’t make much or anything at all whereas these social media companies make money out of each and every social media user/ visitor and they make money out of almost every content posted on their platform by playing advertisements alongside it.

Do you want to be one of the many who spend hours on social media and still not make any money out of it? or do you want to be able to make money for your time spent on social media? If you want to make money on YouTube continue reading and follow the steps bellow

How it works

Its very simple! To earn money online by making youtube videos for millionformula.

This is how it works. You make a video talking about or and post it on your youtube account with a link to or respectively in the description. When your video attains 10000 views we will pay you $40 for the first 10000 views and $10 for every other 10000 views beyond the first 10000 views.

Think of it; if your video gets 1 million views you make a total of $1030


>>Before paying you we will watch your video to make sure that you did as we asked bellow.

1. The video should be providing positive information about mediageneous or millionformula (whichever you choose to post for. or if both)

2. The video should be a honest review in your own words about what you think about mediageneos/millionformula.
3. The video should be at least 2 minutes long.

4. You must provide a direct link to mediageneous/millionformula from your youtube video description.

5.Your views should come from organic real people. In other words, your views should not be bought from third party sellers of Youtube views/subscribers/likes/comments. The only two bought sources of your visitors that are allowed is and/or youtube (youtube ads campaign)

6.Your post must be having good audience retention. That is people should be actually taking time to interact/watch your video. Usually you should have atleast 70% viewership duration of your total video length. This engagement information can be found in your youtube video analytics. An example is shown bellow

millionformula youtube analytics

7. During claim for your payment you must provide a screenshot of your youtube analytics from your dashboard statistics concerning the video you made for us