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15 ways to make quick money online

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15 ways to make quick money online

With a constantly changing world, almost doing everything is becoming online. From online shopping to working online to gaming online. Not only that but also more importantly making quick money online. Many sharp people have realized the untapped opportunities that are available to earn with. Don’t be left behind so Read through to be a part of the people changing their lives online.

List of 15 ways to make quick money online easily.

  1. Selling your photos.
  2. Work on millionformula.
  3. Review websites and apps for cash.
  4. ‘Get paid to’ websites.
  5. Earn commissions.
  6. Get cashback when shopping online.
  7. Teaching fellow students.
  8. Renting out your car or bike.
  9. Dog walking and sitting.
  10. Online betting.
  11. Paid for searching the web.
  12. Online market trading.
  13. Become a delivery guy.
  14. Work on fiverr.
  15. Buy and sell domain names.

1. Selling your photos

Are you a photographer? Do you love taking photos maybe for fun or as a hobby? Then this is the best way for you to make quick money online because you will be earning as you do your hobby. Pretty much making money as you enjoy your hobby.

Earn quick money online by selling photos

There are a number of websites online that you can sell your photos for money. You create an account with these websites and upload your photos. When you upload you photos, these websites show your photos allover the world and people can buy your photos. In some other websites they even play advertisements on the website. Thus any money made from ads playing next to your photos you get paid a certain percentage of it. This can be an excellent way to make quick money online if you take quality pictures.

Bellow is a list of websites that you can sell your photos.

  1. Shutterstock.
  2. Payloadz.
  3. Adobe stock formerly fotolia
  4. alamy.
  5. istock photo.
  6. photoshelter.

2. Working on millionformula to make quick money.

Millionformula is an online earning website that you can make quick money by doing simple tasks. They have a number of activities that you can do like;

  1. Watching YouTube videos. Millionformula pays you for every video you view.
  2. Liking YouTube videos. You view the videos available on the website and like the ones that you find interesting to you. Millionformula will pay you for every video you like.
  3. Commenting on YouTube videos. View the videos available on their website and comment on the videos according to your own opinion. Get paid for every comment that you make. You can get paid up to $0.5 for every comment. That’s some good money to be paid for a comment. The more comments you make like lets say 100 comments in an hour the more you earn. That means you can make up to $50 in less than an hour. It is a perfect way to make quick money online.
  4. Subscribing to YouTube channels. They have a large number of channels on their collection that you can subscribe to those that make the kinda content that you like. You get paid per every subscription that you make.

Earn quick money on twitter with millionformula.

  1. Following twitter users. Millionformula pays you to follow twitter users on our systems. All you need is to be logged in to our systems with your paypal account.
  2. Retweeting twitter posts. You login to millionformula with your twitter account and retweet the twitter posts that you find relevant to you. You make quick money for every retweet that you make.
  3. Commenting on twitter posts. Still logged in to millionformula with your twitter account you comment on the twitter posts that you like or find interesting to you. You get paid for every comment that you make. You can earn up to $0.5 per every comment that you make. If you make many comments that means you can actually make a lot of money on millionformula.
  4. Liking twitter posts. With your twitter account still logged in on millionformula you like all the twitter posts that you like and make money per every like that you make.

3. Review websites and apps for cash.

Earn quick money online by selling photos

Reviewing websites and apps is another way to make quick money online that has grown quickly in the recent years. The most common website is millionformula reviews, millionformula surveys, millionformula testing apps and that pays people to spend time on their website reviewing thousands of products and websites for a quick pay. Each survey takes between 15 to 30 minutes and earns you about $10 for every review.

4. ‘Get paid to’ websites.

Make money on swagbucks

These are websites that will pay you to do some tasks for them. Its also another good way to make quick money online by completing simple tasks. Some of these websites will pay you cash for the work done or some will reward you with vouchers or gifts. A few examples are millionformula that we have talked about above, in addition; Toluna uk toluna india, swagbucks, inboxpounds and millionformula ads watching.

5. Earn commissions.

You can make quick money by earning commissions on websites like millionformula commission. Complete tasks that involve selling products and other activities like referring friends. After that you Get paid a commission for every sale. Some of the websites that will pay you a commission through millionformula are mediageneous, matiniflights, matinihotels, matinih.

6. Get cashback when shopping online.

Get cashback when shopping online

If you are a frequent shopper you have a great chance to earn and most importantly this will allow you to save a lot of money whenever you buy any product online. The websites pay you money when you buy product by the commission they could have earned instead. Some examples of cashback websites are; topcashback and swagbucks.

7. Teaching fellow students to make quick money.

Teach Online And  Share Your Skills on Skillshare

You can earn quick money by teaching or couching your fellow students. Many people don’t realize this but its very easy to make money by just teaching fellow peers. All it takes is picking up a venue and agreeing on how much they will pay you for the whole session. There are also online websites that you can make some cash by teaching people online. All you need is to create an account and you are all set to go. You can register with any of the following websites; learnyst, vidu which is an Indian website, Skillshare and urbanpro.

8. Renting out your car or bike

add your rental car on expedia

If you own a car or a bike, you can make quick money by renting it out. Above all there are very many companies that you can rent out and get paid very well. Furthermore you can even be the driver if the person renting doesn’t know how to drive or has no driving license. You can rent on websites like; lotus car rental for those who live in Iceland, Zoomcar for those who live in India, turo, avis, autorentals and most common travelocity.

9. Dog walking and sitting.

Dog walking and sitting

For dog lovers this could be your best way to get quick money online because you get to spend time with the dogs that you love and get paid for it. As interesting as it might sound, there are dog walking and dog sitting jobs. More importantly it can be well paying. There are many rich busy people with dogs who cant get time to take their dogs out. Most of these people are the working class that are always held up by work. They are willing to pay you to walk their dog while they are working. Some of the websites you can find these jobs are and

10. Online Betting to get quick money.

Online Betting to get quick money

This one can be a tricky one. Online betting depends on mostly your luck. If you are a very unlucky person like me you will loose lot of money. I stopped betting because i used to loose more than I could win. Making quick money online with betting requires you to be smart with placing your bets. If you are betting on things like football games you need to do enough research. Research to know every team history and their chances of winning so that you don’t loose.

There are also many available websites online that analyze these games. You can always refer to them before placing bet so that you can make best decisions. If other ways of making money online that we have discussed are possible for you i would advice you to try them instead of betting. Because in betting you will most certainly loose money at some point.

Some of the betting websites that you can try are betway, betnow, bovada and bet365

You can make money for doing what you do daily online for no pay. You can get paid to search online on google, Bing and yahoo. There is a website called that pays you every time that you search. All you need to do is install the Qmee extension on your browser and every time you search the qmee bring up advertisements. When you click on any of them you get rewards.

12. Online market trading.

Online market trading

Even though this is not the easiest nor the quickest way to make quick money online, if well done you can earn a lot. The returns usually takes a long time. Long ago it required people to go to actual stock exchange to buy or sell stock but these days you can just do it easily and quickly online. There are a number of apps that you can use these days to buy and sell stock right from your phone. Just like i told you in the online betting above, there are risks involved. Even in market trading there are risks involved. There are chances of you loosing money in this. So if you don’t know what you are doing leave it and try other ways of earning online. Some websites that you can trade stock are etoro and plus500.

13. Become a delivery guy.

Become a delivery guy

As more and more online shopping and food delivery companies are increasing, the more the need for delivery people. Companies like amazon, eBay, Walmart, Uber eats, Zomato, and many more constantly require more delivery guys. Getting this kind of a job would be easy and quick. However not all the companies pay well so its upon you to apply for the job with the one that is paying well in your locality. Because a company might be paying well in one place and paying differently at another place.

14. Work on fiverr to get quick money online.

On fiverr there are so many things you can do to make quick money online. People from allover the world post their work that they need done. This is referred to as ‘gigs’ and people like you who want to make money do these gigs. The default payment is $5 hence the name fiverr. So its upon you to search for the exact kind of activities that you want to do.

15. Buying and selling domain names.

If you are familiar with domain names and how to register then this is for you. You can make a lot of money by booking domain names then selling them to people who want them. Usually this is how it works. You analyze the most lucrative names that you think people in the future will want to name their websites or businesses. Then you book the names now as your own under your own details. In the future when the other people come looking for these domains to start their own websites, they will find that the domains are taken. Then they will contact you trying to buy the domains from you. You can sell the domain names to them at a high price. Even at thousands of dollars you can sell a domain that you registered at less than ten dollars.