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Earn 10% commission for every sale that you make at mediageneous

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Earn 10% commission for every sale that you make at mediageneous

Now with the help of millionformula, you can earn 10% for every sale that you make at mediageneous. This means that if you send anyone to mediageneous and he/she buys anything, you will earn 10% of the total price of what he/she bought. For example if you send your friend to mediageneous and he/she buys youtube views worth $8889.99, then you will be paid 10% of $8889.99 which is $444.50.

Imagine earning $444.50 for just telling someone to go and buy at mediageneous. Without any investment required nor any prior experience you just earn your money. That is just an example of what you can get. There are so many other services that mediageneous sells and thus so many prices. Therefore, your chances to make a lot of money are very high.

What is mediageneous?

First things first. Before we go very far with this, you need to know what is mediageneous right? Mediageneous is OUR sales website. It is our second or sister website that handles all our sales or your purchases. That is if you want to buy any service that you see at millionformula, you go to mediageneous and pay there then you get the service here at mediageneous.

For example if you want to buy youtube views for your video in order for the people at millionformula to watch it, you go to mediageneous. You go to mediageneous and choose the youtube views package that you want and pay for it. As soon as you pay for the views, your video will appear at millionformula. In other words, we will start promoting your video here at millionformula.

In addition to that, you can describe mediageneous as a businesses and social media promotion & marketing website. This means that mediageneous provides marketing services for businesses and social media users. Any business can go to mediageneous and get advertising or marketing or promotion of their business. Similarly, any social media user can go to mediageneous and promote/market his/her social media account.

For example, the business can go to mediageneous and buy surveys, ads views, display ads, reviews, SEO experts, social media mentions, website visitors, social media followers and so much more.

Another example, a youtube user can go to mediageneous and buy youtube views or likes or comments, or even subscribers. He or she can buy ads displays and ads views for his/her videos/channel. The youtuber can buy social media mentions for his/her channel/video and so much more.

You too can buy your services at mediageneous.

Now that you know what mediageneous is, you understand that you too can buy your services there. Any service that we provide here at millionformula, you can find it and buy it at mediageneous. All you need is your credit/debit card and or your paypal account and you are good to go. It is absolutely safe to shop at mediageneous and your shopping information and data is well protected.

Mediageneous as well as millionformula gives you this assurance.

Why many people trust and use mediageneous to promote their social media and businesses.

Like we have explained above, mediageneous is a marketing and advertising company for businesses and social media users. Therefore, most of their clients are the business people and social media users. Over the years mediageneous has gained a lot of attention and liking among them. This is because of how genuine mediageneous is. In such a marketing space that involves services like selling views, likes, comments, followers, subscribers, etc, it becomes very easy for such businesses to be involved in cheating.

This means that the businesses can be able to just lie to the customers that they are selling real services(likes, views, comments, retweets, subscribers, etc.). Think about it. After you buy things like views and likes, how do you prove that it was actually real people who viewed and liked your posts/views? How do you know that they actually showed your videos to real people? How do you know that these views/likes did not come from some click farms? What if the seller used some computer programs for make the views/likes?

This is the number one reason why many people have come to trust and love mediageneous. This is because all the proof you need is here with us. All the proof that you need is millionformula. That is you can always proof the legitimacy of mediageneous services by coming to millionformula. When you come here you can always prove that your purchase is being shown to real people.

For example you can buy twitter followers at mediageneous, then you come here at our twitter followers program and check if your twitter account is appearing. When it appears here, then real people just like you will be seeing and following your account.

Mediageneous commission program in cooperation with million formula is giving you the chance to earn money(commission) for every sale that you refer to them.

In other words, this means that media geneous will pay you a certain percentage of the total money that your referral pays during purchase. This percentage is 10%. Media geneous will pay you %5 commission for every sale you send to them. In other words what they are saying is send all your friends, followers and fans to mediageneous website to buy. Every time any person that you sent to media geneous buys anything, you will earn 10% of the price of the purchase.

To give you another example, when you refer/send your friend to mediageneous and your friend buys twitter retweets for $5549.99 then you will get 10% of that. That is $5549.99 * 10% = $277.5. Think about it. Without paying any money, without investing anything, without too much hustle, you can just refer your friends to buy retweets and just like that earn $277.5. It never gets any better than this. You never find any other better commissions than this elsewhere.

Actually most of the commissions that you will get will hardly ever pay you anything above 1%. Hence why we are very happy and enthusiastic to bring this to you. If you are hardworking, you can make very descent living just out of this commission.

Earn 10% commission for every sale that you make at mediageneous

Step by step guide on how to earn 10% commission for every sale that you make at mediageneous.

Its very simple. There is nothing complicated about this. Even someone who has never done this before can do it here. Just follow the steps bellow to start.

  1. First you need a millionformula account. You can register one by going to our registration page. Once on the registration page all you need to do is input your name, email, read the terms & conditions then check fill the recapture and that's it. You will receive a verification code in your email. Use this OTP to verify your registration and from there you are good to go.
  2. Go to the login page and sign in to your new account. Then head over to our mediageneous commission program and join. It is free to join and start earning your commissions.
  3. When you go to that program page, you will have the option to join. After you join you need to create your own Referral ID. Make it easy to memorize and remember because you will need to be using it regularly. Not only you but also your friends, fans and followers will need to memorize it while they make their purchases.

    Promote to your audience using your referral link.

  4. Once you create/generate your referral ID, you will receive your links. These are the links to mediageneous that you can promote online wherever you want. If you pay attention to these links, you will realize that each link has the domain and page part, then your referral id part. This referral id part is what our systems will use to identify you with.
  5. When any person on the internet clicks on this link and lands at mediageneous, our systems will detect that its you who sent/referred that person to mediageneous. This way, when the person actually buys, our systems will be able to associate that sale with you and pay you the commission.
  6. You will promote those links wherever you want online, then when the people click on the links they will be taken to mediageneous. At mediageneous, they will buy the service they want. After buying, our system will identify the sale you have made and pay you 10% of that sale price. This amount(the 10% commission you have earned) will appear here at your millionformula, mediageneous-commission program. Therefore you do not need to go to mediageneous for any reason unless if you want to buy also.

    Promote to your audience using your referral ID.

  7. If you remember in step 3 above, you generated a referral ID. You can also use this ID to promote mediageneous to your friends, fans, family and followers. To do this what you need to do is inform your audience/target about your referral id and tell them that when buying at mediageneous, to submit your referral ID on the checkout page. Note that at mediageneous checkout page, there is an option for the people buying to submit the referral ID of the person who referred/sent them to buy at mediageneous. So this is the spot whereby your friends/referrals need to submit your ID. When they submit your id, our system will be able to associate your sale with you. Hence when they pay for whatever they are buying, our systems will pay you 10% of the total sale price.
  8. Note that in step 3 above we told you to keep your referral ID as simple and memorable as possible. Step 7 above is the reason why. Your friends, family, fans and followers need to be able to memorize and remember your referral ID during the purchase.
  9. That's how simple it is. Now go ahead and start promoting your referral links and your referral ID in order to start making sales and start earnings money.

How to promote to your audience (family, friends, fans, followers and the internet) and make sales that will earn you the commission.

In order to earn 10% commission for every sale that you make at mediageneous you need to promote your referral links and your referral ID right? YES. You cannot just create your referral id/links then not promote ad just hope that sales will just happen. This is why we have gone to this step far to teach you how to promote to your audience. We will divide this promotion into two main sections: Promoting your referral ID and promoting your REFERRAL LINK. Then in withing these 2 sections we will talk in details on how to do it in order to earn the 10% for every sale that you make at mediageneous.

1. Promoting your referral ID.

Once you have your ID you can promote it in a number of ways. Such ways are:

  1. Word of mouth

    You can tell the people close to you or through your normal daily communication means like phone calls about mediageneous and your referral id. Just tell them that if they buy social media services at mediageneous to remember to submit your referral id so that you get the commission for their purchase.

  2. Messaging apps.

    You can do this by sending messages and texts to your contacts and friends informing them about mediageneous and tell them to use your referral id when buying. You can also send the message in groups like the whatsapp groups. Such messaging apps you can use are the whatsapp, facebook messenger, text messaging and any other messaging app that you normally use.

  3. Social media

    This is by far the best promotion method. This because it is easily available to everyone. It is free to use. So many people are on social media hence it is easier to reach so many people on social media. You do not have to post the information every day. Once you post it you can pin it at the top or add it on your profile or status for people to always see when they visit your social media. You can use any social media platform of your choice. Not only that but also you can use all the social media platforms. As many as you can. Just start making those posts, videos, images and whatever it is that you do on social media to inform people about mediageneous and your referral ID.

  4. Your own website/blog/publication platforms/guest posting.

    This is for those who have their own website or blog or those who have accounts with publications platforms or those who do guest posting like With this, you can mention on whatever platform you are using about mediageneous and that you want when the people buy to use your referral id. You can also create an entire new page/post talking about this whole thing because as you know, the more you convince people the more your chances of making more sales. This can be the best way to promote if you normally get many visitors on your website/blog or page. This is because it can be very easy to reach so many people and pass the information to them. Once you do that, the sales will keep raining through your referral ID and similarly, money keeps raining on you.

2. Promoting your referral LINK.

With your link, you can promote it in so many ways some of which we will discuss bellow. We actually endorse and support this way (referral link) as the best way to promote instead of the referral id. This is because using the link you make things easier for everyone. For you and for your audience. They do not have to memorize some IDs nor do they have to search for mediageneous. Once they click on the link, they will be taken straight to the page of what they want to buy. They will not need to submit any referral ID as our systems will do that for them automatically. This also reduces the chances of you loosing the sale in case your friends forget your ID or they submit the wrong ID. Read bellow to see how to promote to your audience in order to earn 10% commission for every sale that you make at mediageneous

  1. Messaging apps

    You can just copy your referral links that you want to promote to your audience and paste them in the text then send out the message to your friends, fans, family, followers, groups or your contacts. When the person receives your message, he/she can click on that link which will take him/her direct to mediageneous sales page for that specific service. If this person actually buys this service, then our systems will automatically know. Our systems will know that you are the one who sent that person to mediageneous and he bought that specific service for that specific price. Then for that, our systems will calculate the 10% of that sale price and pay you. You will be able to see this payment on your millionformula mediageneous-commission program page.

  2. Social media

    Social media is another perfect way for you to promote your links. Just like we explained above in the referral id section, social media has so many advantages. So what you need to do is make a post or a video or even an image talking about mediageneous service of your choice and tell them to just click on your link to go and buy. When they click on this link and go to media geneous and buy, our systems will know and pay you the 10% commission.

  3. Your own website/blog/guest posting/other publishing platforms.

    Another way to promote is by using your own website or blog or whatever posting/publication that you use. This way, you can paste your referral link on wherever you want on your website. You can even make an entire page/post talking about mediageneous service that you are promoting. The reason why we are saying this is because the more you convince people the more they are likely to buy and you are likely to get the commission. We will also provide you with a code snippets that you can use to display the link on your webpages easily and in a neat effective way.

That's simply how you earn 10% commission for every sale that you make at mediageneous through millionformula. Go ahead and join now and start making your sales.

Also read about millionformula referral program that will also pay you to do something similar to the mediageneous commission. That is millionformula will pay you to refer/send people to register here at our website.

Check the amount of money you have earned through the commissions

You can always check the total amount of money you have earned through the media geneous commission by going to your mediageneous commission earnings page.