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Do you have a website of your own? Do you have a blog? Are you a blogger with a site that has many visitors? Do you have a website that receives many visitors every month? Then this is your opportunity to make money by posting articles about millionformula on your website. Now millionformula is paying websites/blog owners to post articles for us. Even if you do not own the website but you own an account with a publishing/guest posting website like medium,, blogger, postach, WordPress and more, you can make money too. All you need to do is post the article on your guest posting website and when you get the views we pay you.

The articles you make about millionformula are fully your ideas. Millionformula will not write the articles for you nor provide you with the content to post. Its all upon you to write the article on your own. However, we will tell you what to talk about on your posts. In the posts, you should talk about ways to make money on millionformula. There are literary hundreds of ways you can make money online here at millionformula. Hence its very easy to find something to talk about millionformula on your articles. Click on the menu above to discover these many ways. For example you can choose to write an article talking about designing logos here at millionformula.

Get paid to post articles

Now you can get paid to post articles on your site for millionformula. If you are a blogger or an SEO expert, just the same way you have been posting articles on your site is how you will do it for us. However, the only difference is that this time, the article you post will not be talking about your usual things but millionformula. Note that these articles you make for us should be of high quality, the kind of articles that google considers content rich articles. That is the article should be long. Normally more than 1200 words. The article should not be the kind that google considers spam. For example, an article with repetitive keywords e.g repeating make money with millionformula tens or hundreds of times. Before we can pay you we will read your entire article to make sure that its good enough.

When you make the post/article, publish it and get the views, we will pay you for it after you get the views/reads. We normally divide the posts/articles into two categories. The first category is for the articles posted on guest posting websites like the ones we mentioned above. For these guest posted articles we will look at the numbers of reads. Usually these guest posting websites like medium provide writers with data like the number of people who saw their posts and the number of people who read them. These are the numbers we will use to pay you. Normally we pay you after you attain the specified minimum number of reads. The numbers are explained bellow.

How it works

The second category is for those who post the millionformula article on their own website. Most of these websites do not provide the number of visitors or the number of reads. Such information can only be obtained from established data analysis systems like google analytics. Hence for the people with their own websites, we will only use their google analytics data. Personal data collected by the website owner in his/her own means will not be accepted. Therefore for us to pay you we will need you to provide us with your google analytics data of the post/article in question.

Now that you know about the data we require from you its the time to tell you why we need is and what numbers we require. Millionformula does not pay you at the moment that you post the article. We do not pay you for just posting the article. We pay you if you post the article and get our minimum numbers. These are the minimum number of reads that we want in order to pay you. Like we mentioned in the beginning of this page, this program is for the bloggers/seo experts who get many visitors on their websites. If you post the article for us and fail to get any reads we will not pay you. Hence if you do not receive many visitors to your website it might be futile for you to post the article for us.

What is the minimum number of reads required?

We do not pay you for posting the article for us alone. We pay you for posting the article and getting views/reads. In other words we are paying you for the people that you make read and learn about millionformula. That's why the reads/page visitors are very important. Now that we have said that, you need to know what are the minimum number of reads required. Millionformula will pay you for the first time when you obtain 1,000 article/page reads. For the first category of website as we explained above are guest posting. For this category, the number of reads will be what is provided by the guest website for example medium. The guest posting websites normally provide you with these numbers and that's what we will use.

For the websites owned by the blogger, this data will come from the google analytics. Normally what google considers a real page view is if the visitor spends at least 2 minutes on your webpage/post. Hence we will require your visitors to have at least a minimum of 3 minutes on the article that you wrote for us. When you attain the 1,000 minimum limit just notify us and we will make a manual review of your article. We will also check and validate the data for the article in question and pay you. The first 1,000 views/reads is not all because we will keep paying you as you keep getting more views above the first 1k. We will be paying you in multiples of 5k. Every time you attain 5k more views/reads we will pay you.

Even if you get 5M views/reads we will pay you for all of them in multiples of 5k. Thus do not delete the page after the first 5k views/reads. The page will keep earning you money as long as it keeps getting the views even if its for lifetime.


Get paid to post articles online.

How to make money by posting articles

Its very easy to make money by posting articles for millionformula. Just the same way that you post articles on your website, is how you will do it for us. However, the only difference is that this time the article is not about your usual stories that you talk about on your blog/website. The article is about ways to make money at millionformula. Moreover for this article we are paying you for each and every person who reads it. It that simple. So for you to get going you need a millionformula account. Read bellow how to do it.

Procedure to register a millionformula account.

Before we can take you through the steps to register an account with millionformula, here is a quick hack for you. On the registration page, if you click or choose to sign in with google, it will only take you a few seconds. It is the easiest and the preferred way to register at millionformula. If you don't wish to sign in with google, then follow the steps bellow.

  1. To Make money by posting articles about millionformula on your website you will first of all need to register a millionformula account. To register an account go to our registration page.
  2. On the registration page fill up the details required about you. This is information like your name, your email and password. Check the terms and conditions (Assuming that you have already read our terms and conditions), fill the captcha and then click on register button.
  3. After you click on register button, our system will take you to another page to confirm your registration. Simultaneously, our system will send a confirmation code to your email account. Check your email, copy the confirmation code and paste it on the confirmation page. After pasting the confirmation code, click on the confirm button and your account will be ready.
  4. Go to the login page and sign in using your newly created account details. This is the email that you used to register the account and the password that you entered. Now your are ready to start making money online by posting articles.

Procedure to start making money by posting articles.

  1. After you sign in to millionformula, the next thing that you need to do is join the millionformula articles posting program. To join just go to millionformula articles posting program and click on the join button. After you click on the join button we will ask you to submit the link to your website or your writer's profile if you are doing guest posting. Go ahead and submit the links. If you have more than one website or you write with more than one guest posting website you can submit as many links as you want.
  2. In addition to that we will ask you for information about your average monthly visitors to your website. This can also be the average reads you get if you are on a guest posting website.
  3. After that you are now ready to start making money by posting articles for us. To do this, just choose any topic you want to talk about millionformula. It can be any of the 100+ ways we have of making money online here at millionformula. For example you can choose to write about making money online by referring people to millionformula. You can even read our page concerning that particular way of making money with us to get ideas of what to say on your article. However, you cannot copy paste what is on our page. The article you post must be in your own words.
  4. In your article, make sure that you mention millionformula. In addition to that, make links to millionformula and especially to the millionformula page that talks about what your article is all about. For example if its making money through referring people to millionformula, then link to the respective page: Make money by referring visitors to millionformula.
  5. After writing your article publish it and submit the link to that article/post to millionformula through your articles posting program page. After that wait to get the minimum numbers of views/reads we mentioned.
  6. When your article obtains these minimum number of views/reads, come back to your millionformula account and notify us by clicking on the notification button on your millionformula profile.
  7. After you notify us we will make a manual review of your article and go through your data to make sure everything is okay. After that we will pay you.

How much money can you make by posting articles here at millionformula?

For the first 1,000 reads/views that the article you posted for us gets, we will pay you $50. For the rest of the views/reads that your article gets beyond the first 1,000 we will pay you $20/5000views until you attain 100,000 views/reads. This means that when you post the article and start getting views, for the very first 1k views, millionformula will pay you $50 for it. After that, if your article continues to get views/reads, we will pay you in multiples of 5k views/reads and each multiple will be $20 for the first 100,000 views/reads. Then beyond 100,000 views/reads we will pay you $15/10000 views/reads. That is for any 10k views/reads above the first 100k views, we will pay you $15 per each 10k views.

For example, if your article gets 500,000 views, then the amount of money we will pay you for that is. (((500,000 - 101,000)/10000)*15) + ((100000/5000)*20)+50 = 1094.50. This means that if you get 500,000 views/reads, we will pay you $1094.50. If you ask me, that's a very good amount of money to make for only 500,000 views/reads. That kind of money you do not make from advertisements or payments from guest posting websites for the same number of reads. To make it easier for you to understand, here is a simple formula to calculate how much you make.

Bellow 100,000 views (((Total reads you have - 1000) / 5000) * 20) + 50 = ______

Above 100,000 views (((Total reads you have - 101000) / 10000)* 15) + 446 + 50 = ______


How to earn money online by posting articles.

Conditions to follow as you post articles

In order for millionformula to benefit from the posts/articles you post for us we have a few conditions. This is to make sure that these posts are useful to us. To make sure that the articles market/promote millionformula so that we do not end up paying you for nothing. Similarly, this is to make sure that the articles are relevant and search engines like google values them. The information in the article should be informing and beneficial to millionformula. Read bellow.

  1. The article must be relevant and informative to the readers about ways to make money at millionformula. We will not accept shallow articles which don't make any sense or have no relevance.
  2. The articles must be long enough. At least 1200 words or more. We will not accept short articles.
  3. You can read millionformula for that respective way of making money to get ideas about what to talk about in your article. However you cannot copy that page on millionformula and paste it on your website.
  4. You must link to millionformula from your article/post. In the article that you write for millionformula you must make a link to the millionformula program or page you are talking about.
  5. Your audience retention for the people visiting this page should be good. That means at least 2 minutes and above. Hence, this goes without saying that some types of advertising like pop ads is not allowed as it does not provide interested audience.
  6. Do not try to cheat by using some automated systems to fake the views/reads. Remember that before paying you we will check your proof documents to make sure that your audience is actually real.
  7. Do not provide us with doctored proof documents. Any tampered proof documents will be disqualified.
post articles online for money

Your earnings for posting articles

This is the section that you get to see your money. This is where you see the money that you have made by posting articles for millionformula. We will pay you the numbers mentioned above. So when you attain that minimum number of 1k views notify us and we will pay you the $50. After that whenever you attain 5k more views, notify us and we will pay you $80 for it. We will keep paying the $80 as long as you keep getting the 5k views. When we pay you this money for the views/reads you can see it on your millionformula articles earnings page.

Every time we pay you, the money will appear on that page. From this page you are free to withdraw it whenever you want. Just a reminder, we will not pay just because of posting the article or before getting the 1k views/reads. Hence if you check your earnings before the first 1k views/reads it will be empty. Only after the first 1k that you will be able to see the money for posts. However you can see earnings for other millionformula activities by going to their respective pages.

Payment and withdrawal

Every time when you finish making your money by posting articles for millionformula, it comes to payment time. This is where we pay you the money you have earned from your articles. Once you obtain our minimum payout limit of $20 in your account, just make a payout request. When you make the request, we will start working on your payment immediately. No wasting time. As soon as you make the payout request we will make a manual review of your activities at millionformula. This is just to make sure that you are following our guidelines as you post the articles for us. After the review we will send your money to your account. We can pay you either through paypal or through wire transfer.

Can i hire someone to post articles for me?

Yes! You too can hire bloggers and website owners to post articles about your website. Just the same that millionformula gets these bloggers to post articles for us, is how you can get yours posted for you. All you need is to provide us with the necessary information about your website. Such information include, your website name and the link. What your website is all about. What you want the bloggers to say about your website. The amount of money you are ready top pay for the posts and much more. To hire people to write articles for you go to our sales website mediageneous.