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Earn money by commenting on youtube videos

Millionformula is a social media marketing company that helps social media users promote their accounts and content. On the other hand we let you make money commenting on YouTube videos as you watch and comment on their videos. There are literary millions of YouTube creators who are constantly seeking how to grow their YouTube channels. They are looking for ways to increase their subscribers, views and likes. It sucks to spend a lot of time and money making great YouTube videos but not get views or comments for it. Similarly there are companies and businesses trying to promote their products and services.

They know well that millionformula is a great platform to promote their products and services. They all want to tap into that great audience that millionformula has. Therefore they come to us and ask if we can promote their social media accounts for them. If we can get them the subscribers and the followers they want. The companies and businesses want to promote their brands and products to you. In this way we provide them with the platform and the opportunity to promote their YouTube videos. At the same time we create a chance for you to Make money commenting on YouTube videos.

How to earn money online by commenting on youtube videos.

How to make money commenting on YouTube videos.

It is very easy to Make money commenting on YouTube videos on millionformula. It is the same way that you comment on YouTube. Nothing new. If you have ever commented on YouTube before, then its the same thing here on millionformula. Only this time you are making money for it. To make money on millionformula all you need is two things, your millionformula account and your Gmail account. I believe by now you already have your gmail account. If you don’t have a gmail account yet create one here. Bellow are the few steps involved in setting up your millionformula user account so that you can start earning money.

  1. Click here to register new account.
    Hint! It is easiest and quickest to register a millionformula account by just login with google. Just one click and you are done.
  2. On the registration page fill all your information, check to agree with our terms and conditions (hoping you have already read our terms and conditions) Verify that you are not a robot and then click on register.
  3. You will receive a verification code in your email inbox (if you don’t find the verification email in your inbox check the junk/spam box). Verify your email with the link.
  4. Login into your millionformula account with your new username and password. Now you are ready to make money commenting on YouTube videos.
  5. Click here to go to YouTube videos commenting page.
    Tip! if you didn’t login with your google, we will take you to google login page instead of YouTube videos comment page. So login with your google account and then proceed with the next step bellow.
  6. On the YouTube videos commenting page, you will see so many videos listed there. Click on any video that you like. We will take you to a commenting page. Watch the video for however long you want. If the video is interesting to you leave a honest comment.

That’s how easy it is. In less than 3 minutes you can start from zero and before the end of the three minutes you are making tens of dollars by watching videos and commenting. We pay you to have fun. Yes! To watch the YouTube videos that you enjoy and get paid for it. Only on millionformula.

How much money can I make by commenting on YouTube videos?

A single comment on millionformula will earn you $0.1. This is the minimum. 0.1 dollars is the least amount of money you can make for any comment. This is our set standards to make sure that your time at millionformula is valued. However the $0.1 is not the limit of how much money you can make on millionformula for commenting. The maximum amount of money that comments earn you varies from comment to comment. Some comment will pay you the minimum of $0.1 while others will pay you more than that. There is no set maximum because it all depend on the YouTube advertisers.

The more the advertiser is willing to pay for the comments the more you can earn per comment. You can even earn as much as $2-$4 per every comment on a good day. Therefore you can tell that the amount of money you can make by commenting on YouTube videos on millionformula is exponential. It has no limit. Imagine by only a hundred comments you can make more than $80 dollars. That’s more than even doctors earn for the equivalent time. That is 10 times more than the USA minimum wage.

get paid to post comments

Get paid to comment on youtube videos.

Get paid to comment on youtube videos here at millionformula. If you have a gmail account, then you are good to go. All you need is your phone, your gmail account, access to internet and youtube and you are ready to go. The best news is that you do not need any money. We are not charging you any money for this. Hence anyone can feel free to try. If you don't believe this works, you can try it to prove it yourself. Millionformula will provide you with many youtube videos that you can watch and if you find it interesting, leave a comment. There are no rules of what kind of comments you should make. Just the same way that you comment freely on youtube is how you will do it here.

Our systems monitors your work at millionformula closely to make sure that we account for each comment that you make. Moreover, our systems will guide you as you make the comments. This is because, the comments that you make need to be long and relevant. You dont get paid to comment one word or two words on the youtube videos that we provide you. Remember that we are dealing with youtubers out there who want to promote their videos and content. Hence the comments needs to mean something. The comments needs to be long and relevant.

Keep in mind that you not only here to get paid to comment on youtube videos only. You are here to also have fun and on the other hand, provide marketing/comments for the youtubers. Hence make sure to have fun as you do it. Don't just comment on every video that you come across. Choose the videos that interesting to you and write the comments with respect for the advertisers.

What not to do?

We understand that in this case of comments things can be quite tricky. The temptation to comment on each and every video available so that you can earn more money. We advice against such activities because of the reasons bellow. These are the things that you should not do when you make money commenting on YouTube videos on millionformula.

  1. Commenting on all or so many videos. Well doing this might land you in trouble with YouTube. This is because youtube might consider your account as a spam account that is used to make false comments. We don’t want Google to disable your YouTube service. Therefore we advice you to view and comment on only the videos that are relevant to you.
  2. Deleting the comments. When you comment on the videos on millionformula, you cannot delete the comments later on your private YouTube time. This is strictly against our terms and conditions. Hence we will delete your account for such activities.
  3. Giving ill-motivated comments. You should give honest comments that depict how you feel and think about the video. Your comments should not contain intentional hate, or malicious negative information. You should not give biased comments based on your prior knowledge of the YouTube advertiser. Millionformula is a free and independent platform.
  4. Giving short comments. We do not allow short comments at millionformula. Similalry, we do not allow one word or two/three words comments here at millionformula. We have made our system to decline such comments.
  5. Irrelevant comments. We do not allow comments that don’t make sense here at millionformula. Hence the comments where you just press letters to fill up the word count are against our conditions. All the comments you give should be readable and should make sense that is relevant to the video.

If you respect those conditions you will have a smooth time to make money commenting on YouTube videos with no issues

write youtube comments for money

Your YouTube video comments earnings.

Writing youtube comments is one of the best paying jobs that you can do here at millionformula. This is because the comments pay more money than most of the other social media tasks. You need to note that all the video comments that you make do not pay the same amount of money. There are some comments that will pay more money than others. As you comment on the youtube videos, our systems consistently monitors your activities to make sure that we account for all your earnings. This makes sure that each and every comment that you write is well accounted for and we add the accrued money to your account. Go to your youtube comments earnings page. to see a cumulative total of all the money you have earned by all the comments you have written.

Payment and withdrawal

You have the option to get paid and withdraw your money that you have made by commenting on youtube videos at any time. With millionformula, you do not have to wait for 30 days or 1 week to get paid. For us we pay you the same day. You earn your money, make a payout request and we pay you right away. Just make sure to have earned at least $20 in order to be able to make the payout request. We usually process most of our payments through paypal. Therefore make sure to add your paypal ID to your account so that we can be able to send your money. If you wish to get paid through net banking or wire transfer, update your bank account details too.

Can I buy my own youtube video comments?

If you want to promote your youtube video to get more comments, you can do it here at millionformula. Anyone who knows how youtube algorithms work will tell you the importance of youtube comments. The more comments your video gets the more youtube algorithm is going to promote your video. This is because the youtube algorithm is made to give more attention to videos that have more audience engagement. The engagement involves likes, comments and sharing. To buy your own youtube comments just go to our sales website mediageneous.

Get some of this youtube comments money.

Would you like to make money for your comments? Then this is your opportunity to get some of this youtube comments money. Here at millionformula, you can get paid to comment on youtube videos. Just the same way that you comment on youtube but now you are getting paid. What you need to do is watch the youtube videos provided for you and after watching write a honest comment on what you think. There is no condition on how the comment should be. It just needs to be honest and related to the video. The comment also needs to be long as we do not allow one or two words comments. Have all the fun as you watch the videos same way you watch on and leave a comment.

Note that you should to watch the video first before commenting. Comments that are not relevant to the video are not welcome. Choose to watch and comment on the youtube videos that are of your language. This means that you understand what is in the video. However this condition is not a must for music videos. Remember that its not about commenting on as many videos as you can for money but commenting on the video because you feel it deserves a comment. Do not do bulk commenting. Our clients expect comments that come from people who actually care and love their videos. Thus, help promote these youtubers by watching and commenting on videos that you actually love. Not for the sake of making money alone. Finally all the best as you get some of this youtube comments money.

What makes MillionFormula legit?

There is a very thin line between legal/moral/ethical and illegal/immoral/unethical when it comes to selling, buying and making money through services like youtube views, likes, comments, subscribers, Twitter services like retweets, comments, followers, likes, instagram services, facebook services and more. Yet MillionFormula still remains a very ethical and legal company involved in very moral activities. Why so? Why is MillionFormula on the right side of matters when compared with other similar companies involved in similar activities. Visit the page bellow to know why.

What makes millionformula legit?