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Are you a tiktok user? Do you spend hours glued to the screen watching those interesting tiktok videos one after the other? You know one after the other by the suggestions. Have you liked the tiktok videos before? What if i told you that now you can make money online by liking tiktok videos? Yes! Now millionformula will pay you for each and every tik tok video that you like. The very same videos that you watch and like on are the ones you will watch here.

After you watch them like the ones that you find interesting enough to you and we will pay you for it. This is one of the best and easiest ways that you can earn with Tiktok. Since tiktok does not pay its users for the videos they make or for their work on tik tok, this is how you benefit from your time on tiktok.

We will provide you with an endless supply of tiktok videos that you can watch at any time. Furthermore we categorize the videos for you so that you can choose the exact type of videos that you like. This is in order to keep you entertained by getting the exact videos you like easily. We require you to go through the videos as you choose the ones you find interesting and watch them. For each video that you watch and you find it interesting enough, just like it. For doing only this, our systems will be adding money to your account. There is nothing new about it as it is the very same way that you watch videos and like them on only that now you are getting paid for it. The more you watch and like the more you earn.

Get paid to like tiktok videos

Millionformula came up with this very easy and interesting way for you to earn with tiktok. This is because tiktok currently does not pay its users. This can be frustrating for the tik tok users who spend a lot of time and money to become popular. Yet you do not get paid for it. On the other hand, it is beneficial for the fans who spend hours of their days glued to the screen watching the videos. Now millionformula made it possible for you to get paid for each and every tik tok video that you like. Mass liking of bulk videos is against our terms and conditions. Similarly, liking many tiktok videos just for the sake of making money is against our policies.

Note that we require you to like the videos only after watching. You can not like videos that you have not watched. Moreover we require you to like only the videos that you find interesting. Do not like each and every video that you come across. Our tiktok video likes clients expect high quality likes. This means that the likes come from people who actually find their videos interesting. They don't want likes from people who only like for the sake of getting paid. Hence why we ask you to like only the videos that are interesting to you. If you don't find the video interesting leave it without liking. Hence why we say that you should not like many countless videos that you you do not even love.

How it works

The way that this whole system works is very easy. Millionformula is a website where social media users as well as businesses and companies can market their products and services. Any social media user or business/company can hire millionformula to promote their accounts/products and services. In this case the tiktok users can hire us to promote their tik tok videos. They can hire us to get video likes for their videos. This comes at a price. However, as you know, millionformula provides our clients with only real human likes. We do not make/manufacture any fake tiktok likes with computer programs or BOTs. Hence we need real people to watch the videos and like them.

This is where you come in. This is where we require your services. We provide you with these tiktok videos to watch. Watch them and like the ones that you find interesting. Whenever you watch any of these videos, we will pay you a certain percentage of the money paid for the likes. To let you understand, if the client paid $50 for the video 100 likes, we divide the $50 with the 100 video likes. This means you get $0.5 for each tiktok video you like. Now you know how making money online by liking tiktok videos works. Pretty easy huh? Go ahead and start now.

Get paid to like tiktok videos.

How to make money by liking tiktok videos.

Its very easy to Make money online by liking tiktok videos here at millionformula. All you need is your millionformula account and your tiktok account. You do not need any money to do this. You do not need to do any investment for this. Both of these accounts you can obtain them for free. For tiktok, go to tiktok sign up page and register a new account for free. For millionformula, just follow the steps bellow.

Procedure to register a millionformula account.

Before we can take you through the steps to register an account with millionformula, here is a quick hack for you. On the registration page, if you click or choose to sign in with google, it will only take you a few seconds. It is the easiest and the preferred way to register at millionformula. If you don't wish to sign in with google, then follow the steps bellow.

  1. To Make money online by liking TikTok videos you will first of all need to register a millionformula account. To register an account go to our registration page.
  2. On the registration page fill up the details required about you. This is information like your name, your email and password. Check the terms and conditions (Assuming that you have already read our terms and conditions), fill the captcha and then click on register button.
  3. After you click on register button, we will take you to another page to confirm your registration. Simultaneously, we will send a confirmation code to your email account. Check your email, copy the confirmation code and paste it on the confirmation page. After pasting the confirmation code, click on the confirm button and your account will be ready.
  4. Go to the login page and sign in using your newly created account details. This is the email that you used to register the account and the password that you entered. Now your are ready to start making money online by liking tiktok videos.

Procedure to start making money by liking tiktok videos.

  1. You need to sign in with tiktok to millionformula in order to be able to like the videos. In order to get started just go to millionformula tiktok likes program. When you go to this page we will require you to log in with tiktok first. We will redirect you to a page that you can sign in with tik tok just the same way you have been doing before. After signing in with tiktok the system will redirect you back to millionformula.
  2. After you sign in with tiktok we will redirect you back to tiktok likes page. On this page you will see many tiktok videos from our clients. You can watch whatever video you like. The videos are in various categories according to what the video is about. Choose the category that you like. Then choose the videos that you want to watch and watch them. For each video that you find interesting, just like it.
  3. Whenever you watch any video and like it, we will pay you for it. For each and every video that you watch and like, we will pay you the money accrued. Our systems detects all these activities automatically and keeps your account updated. Our systems add money to your account each and every time you like a video.

How much money can you make by liking tiktok videos here at millionformula?

Millionformula will pay you for each and every tiktok video you like. Each and every video like carries a unique amount of money. The total amount you get for the likes is different from each video to another. There are some video likes that will pay you more than others. The price of the likes depends on the clients. There are some tiktok likes clients that pay more than others. The tiktok likes clients have the freedom to pay whatever amount of money they want for the likes above our minimum limit. In addition to that, we allow the clients to bid for the top spot for their videos. The top spot is the first video on the list that the viewers see.

If any video appears on the top spot, it gets maximum attention and views plus likes in the shortest time. Usually we reserve the top spot for the tiktok users who want to get the likes instantly. To get this spot the clients have to bid for it. The highest bidder gets the spot. The reason for this is because every client wants this spot and thus who wants its the most has to out pay the rest. The reason why we are telling you this is because if you like these top spot videos you will earn a lot more for it. The more they bid for it the more money you make for the likes. Therefore the total amount of money you can make for these likes is limitless.

How to earn money online by liking tiktok videos.

Conditions to follow as you like tiktok videos

In order for millionformula to be able to provide the highest quality likes to our clients, we have a set of conditions for you to follow. Our clients expect that the likes come from people who actually love their videos. In addition, they expect that the likes will be permanent on their videos. Moreover they want people who are potential audience for their accounts to see their videos. In addition to this we also have to respect the terms and conditions of tiktok. We do not enable our users to spam tiktok by mass liking tik tok videos here at millionformula. For this we have the following conditions.

  1. Only like the videos that you find interesting. Do not like countless videos just for the sake of making money without interest. The clients expect that the likes come from people who actually like their videos.
  2. Do not delete the likes after you like the videos here at millionformula. Once you like a tiktok video here at millionformula, you cannot to delete the like later. The likes need to be permanent. Our clients expect tiktok likes that do not disappear after sometime.
  3. We require you to use the same account that you normally use on tiktok every day. Use of fake accounts is against our terms of service. Similarly, you cannot to create new tiktok accounts for the sake of only making money here at millionformula and then delete it later.
like tiktok videos for money

Your tiktok likes earnings.

Like we mentioned above, we will pay you for each and every tiktok video you like. Each and every like carries its own unique amount of money. Millionformula set some standards to protect you as you make money by liking tiktok videos. We made sure that for each and every tiktok video you like, you will earn at least $0.4 for it. This means that for whatever video you like, you have the assurance that the least amount of money you can make for it is $0.4. This is the minimum limit bellow which no client can pay.

However, it is not the fixed price and similarly, it is not the highest price. Therefore the clients are free to pay you whatever amount they want above this minimum limit of $0.4. They are free to pay however high they want since there is no maximum limit. Our systems sums up all your earnings on your millionformula tiktok likes earnings page. You can always see how much you have earned by going to that page.

Payment and withdrawal of your money

After you finish making your money by liking tiktok videos, just make a payout request to get paid. When you make the request, our payments team will be notified. As soon as they receive your request they will start working on your payment right away. This means that they will make a manual review of all your activities at millionformula. This is to make sure that you are following our guidelines as you like the tiktok videos for money. After a successful review, we will make a payment to your PAYPAL account. Currently we are using paypal to process most of our payments for most of our users. However, if you don't have access to paypal do not worry because we still can pay you by wire transfer. Thus you need to provide us with your bank name, bank swift code and your bank account number.

Can i buy my own tiktok likes?

Yes. Anyone who wants to promote their tiktok videos can use millionformula services to do so. You can get millions of people to see your tik tok video and like it just by listing it here on millionformula. When you list your video on our tiktok likes program so many people will get to see it. The people who find it interesting will like it and thus you get the likes that you want. Millionformula is by far the best site to buy tiktok video likes. You have 100% guarantee that all the likes are real and are from real people. You can prove this for yourself here at millionformula. To buy your tiktok likes just go to our sales website mediageneous.

How Many Likes On TikTok To Get Paid?

One of the most frequent question we get is how many likes do i need on tiktok to receive payment. The answer is the number of tiktok likes doesn't matter. We do not pay you to like a certain number of tik tok videos. We pay you to like only the videos that you find interesting. This is not a per mile system where we pay for liking say a thousand videos. No. Its a per action system where we pay you for each and every tiktok like. Therefore you do not need to like so many tiktok videos in order to receive payment. We will pay you even if you like only one video. Actually its against our terms of service to like massive numbers of videos.

We clearly emphasize on this because liking tons of videos that you do not even like or you haven't watched would be spamming tiktok. We are not here to spam tiktok or facilitate you in doing activities that they does not like. Each and every tiktok video like carries its own unique amount of money. Our systems automatically sums up this money to your account as you like the videos. Therefore you do not need to worry about counting the videos as our systems do all the work for you. Just sit back, relax and have fun as you like the videos.

Does TikTok pay money to users for getting many likes?

NO. Tiktok does not pay any of its users for anything. They do not pay for likes, they do not pay for comments nor views. It doesn't matter how many you have. Even if you have millions of comments, likes and views, they will not pay you for it. In addition to that they do not pay you for having many followers or even bringing many people to tiktok. This is because tik tok does not have a monetization program for the users currently. This is unlike youtube that pays the content creators for their videos. Unlike tiktok, youtube will pay you if you post a video and that video has ads playing alongside it as the viewers watch it around the world.

We know that you would like to make money with your tiktok account. We know that you would like to make money every time you go live on tiktok or post a video on Tik Tok. This is especially so for the full time content creators. Because of this, millionformula is here to help. We have a number of ways with which you can earn with tik tok here at millionformula. Starting with this page, you can make money online by liking tiktok videos. In addition to this, we have so many other ways that you can earn with tiktok like by following tiktok users, watching videos and commenting on videos.

What makes MillionFormula legit?

There is a very thin line between legal/moral/ethical and illegal/immoral/unethical when it comes to selling, buying and making money through services like youtube views, likes, comments, subscribers, tiktok services like retweets, comments, followers, likes, instagram services, facebook services and more. Yet MillionFormula still remains a very ethical and legal company involved in very moral activities. Why so? Why is MillionFormula on the right side of matters when compared with other similar companies involved in similar activities. Visit the page bellow to know why.

What makes millionformula legit?