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Are you a video editor? Do you know and have the skills to edit videos? Would you like to put your video editing skills to practice? Would you like to make money online by editing videos? Then this is the opportunity for you. This is your chance to edit videos for other people and earn money for it. Millionformula will provide you with many videos that you can choose to edit. Whenever you edit any of these videos, we will pay you for it. Each and every video that you edit will pay you a certain amount of money. There are some videos that will pay you more money than others. The more you edit the more money we will pay you for it.

The videos can be of various types and purposes. However, most of the videos that you will be editing here are youtube videos. Most of the clients that hire us to edit their videos are youtube content creators. These are the people that you see posting videos on youtube. However, youtube creators are not the only clients who hire us to edit their videos. We receive orders from all kinds of clients, some for private use, some for corporate use, some for using on their websites and so forth. You should choose the videos that you like and edit them. You can edit as many videos as you can. There is no limit to the number of videos you can edit. Hence no limit to the amount of money you can make by editing videos.

Get paid to edit videos.

Now millionformula is giving you the opportunity to get paid to edit videos. This is a freelancer job opportunity that you can do from wherever you are. You do not need to go anywhere to do the job. Millionformula is not employing you to sit in some premises or some offices somewhere editing the videos. You will be able to do all this from the comfort of your home. Yet a very good way to make money from home. With your computer, your video editing skills and your millionformula account, you can start editing right now. Most importantly, millionformula will not charge you any money to join this and start making money online by editing videos. Its all free and open for anyone from allover the world to join. Therefore you too reading this can join.

As you edit the videos, we will provide you with a direct anonymous line of communication with the client. Therefore you can have an easy time while editing the videos. This way the client can guide you step by step how they want their video to be edited. This is good because you do not have to finish editing the whole video then later to realize that there are mistakes. Every time that you finish editing a video we will pay you for it and add that as an accomplishment on your profile. The more you edit the more we improve your profile. This means the more you edit the higher you rank. When you rank higher you have the chance to make more money. This is because you have the option to choose the videos to edit before the rest of the editors who rank bellow you.

How it works

To start editing videos for money here at millionformula, log in to your account first, then go to the video editors program. On this page you will find so many orders for you to choose from. We require you to choose the videos that you are sure you can edit properly as per the clarifications of the client. When you choose these videos go ahead and start editing them. You can edit the videos online here at millionformula or you can edit them offline on your computer. For online, we have a video editor software here at millionformula that you can use. With this software you can edit the video to whatever format and to whatever style. However we understand that the program might be a little different to use from what you are familiar with. Thus we ask you to take some time to familiarize with it.

For offline editing, if this is your preferred mode of editing, make sure that you respect the copyright ownership of the clients to that video. What this means is that you have no rights to use the videos that you are editing elsewhere unless if authorized by the video owner. In order for you to be able to edit the videos offline you can download the video into your computer. Use your own video editing software that you are familiar with to edit the video. When you finish editing, upload it back online on your millionformula editor profile. Here the client can be able to access the video and see if it is the way he/she wants. If the client is happy with your work, he/she will take the video and we will pay you.

Get paid to edit youtube videos.

How to make money by editing videos.

The process to edit videos here at millionformula is very easy. If you have edited videos before, you do not need to learn anything new. You will be editing the same way you have done before. All you need to learn is how to use millionformula to edit the videos for money. You need a millionformula that you can learn how to create bellow.

Procedure to register a millionformula account.

Before we can take you through the steps to register an account with millionformula, here is a quick hack for you. On the registration page, if you click or choose to sign in with google, it will only take you a few seconds. It is the easiest and the preferred way to register at millionformula. If you don't wish to sign in with google, then follow the steps bellow.

  1. To Make money online by editing online you will first of all need to register a millionformula account. To register an account go to our registration page.
  2. On the registration page fill up the details required about you. This is information like your name, your email and password. Check the terms and conditions (Assuming that you have already read our terms and conditions), fill the captcha and then click on register button.
  3. After you click on register button, you will be taken to another page to confirm your registration. Simultaneously, a confirmation code will be sent to your email account. Check your email, copy the confirmation code and paste it on the confirmation page. After pasting the confirmation code, click on the confirm button and your account will be ready.
  4. Go to the login page and sign in using your newly created account details. This is the email that you used to register the account and the password that you entered. Now your are ready to start making money online by editing videos.

Procedure to start making money by editing videos.

  1. After signing in to millionformula, you need to join the millionformula video editors program. To join this program all you need to do is go to millionformula video editors program and click on the join button.To join you need to provide any certificates you have. That is if you have a degree/diploma in video editing or any other related studies, upload all these certificates because they are necessary for us to prove that you are qualified for the job. In addition to that, if you have been editing videos with any other online website, send us the link to your profile. However, if you do not have any certificates or online profile do not worry because you can still edit videos with us. All you need is take some test video edits for us to be able to prove that you are good enough.
  2. After you finish joining the program you will see many videos listed for you. These are the videos that you need to edit. They are from our clients from allover the world.
  3. Go through all these videos as you choose all the ones that you can edit comfortably. Every time you find a video that you can edit, go ahead and edit it. For your first 5 videos, we will make manual reviews to make sure that your edit skills are up to millionformula standards. After the manual review we will pay you manually. For the rest of the videos, every time you finish editing, our systems will pay you after the client accepts your video.
  4. Keep editing the videos and keep making money for each and every video that you edit. The more you edit the more you grow your editors profile. Hence keep building your profile for more opportunities and chances to make more money.

How much money can you make by editing videos here at millionformula?

A lot! There is a lot of money you can make by editing videos here at millionformula. However we can't give you the specifics because the amount of money we pay you for editing each video varies from one video to another. There are some videos that will pay you more than others. The reason for this is because such a job is very dynamic. Pricing editing videos can be very dynamic as the work varies from one video to another. The needs, work and time taken to edit one video is not the same for all videos. Some require more time than others. Therefore you cant expect all edit jobs to pay the same amount of money for different jobs. The more complicated videos that take more time to edit will earn you more money than those that are easy and take less time.

In addition to the videos being dynamic, millionformula gives the clients all the freedom to be flexible with the prices. This means that the clients can pay whatever amount of money they want for the video. Moreover, you have the chance to bargain for the price with the client. Hence you two can agree on a price that is comfortable for both of you. For the top ranking editors you have the option to quote your price. This is the amount of money you are asking for editing the videos. You can choose to edit videos for only the clients that meet this price or can make it negotiable. Hence now you see why we say that we can't give you specifics of the amount of money you will make for editing the videos.

Get paid to edit videos.

Conditions to follow as you edit videos online.

In order for millionformula to be able to provide our clients with the best quality services, we have some conditions. These are the conditions that you need to observe as you edit the videos. Our clients expect nothing but the best work from us when they hire us to edit their videos. Therefore to make sure that we provide the clients with the best quality, you need to follow the following conditions.

  1. Once you confirm to edit a video, make sure that you complete it. Cancelling jobs after you confirm to do it only inconveniences our clients. Our clients want their work to be finished in the promised time and no delays. Hence make sure that you finish the job in time. Keep in mind that cancellations affects your editor profile rank.
  2. Your work must be up to millionformula standards. Our clients expect some level of standards from millionformula. Hence make sure that you edit the video as the client wants it. You will have an anonymous line of communication with the video client to guide you the way he/she wants the video edited. In addition to that you should provide the video to the client in the video format and file size that the client wants.
  3. Always finish your job in the right time. Millionformula as well as our clients are on the clock. The client expect their videos to be finished in the indicated time. Hence make sure that you always finish editing the videos in the indicated time. Delays will inconvenience our clients as well. In addition to that, the more delayed jobs you have the lower your editor profile ranks.
  4. Respect the copyright of the video owner. You need to know that the videos you are editing belongs to the clients and this means that they own the copyrights to the videos. Hence do not use the videos elsewhere unless if you have authorization from the video owner.
MillionFormula will pay you to edit videos.

Your video editing earnings.

Like you have read above, millionformula will pay you for each and every video that you edit. The more you edit the more money we pay you. There is no limit to the number of videos you can edit and hence no limit to the amount of money you can make by editing. Each and every video will earn you a different and unique amount of money. The more complex videos that need more time will earn you more money. Hence do not avoid complicated videos.

For your first 5 videos that you edit, we will make manual reviews of your videos to make sure that they are up to standards. After the reviews we will add the money to your account manually. However for the rest of the videos, our systems will add the money to your account every time the client accepts your video. You can go to your millionformula videos edits earnings page to see all the money you have made by editing videos. All the money is shown in US Dollars.

How we will pay you and withdraw your money

After earning money it comes a time for payment. Here is where we will send your money to your bank or paypal account. To get paid just make a payout request to notify our payments department. As soon as you make the request, our payments department will start working on your payment immediately. They will make a manual review of all your activities at millionformula. This is to make sure that you are following our guidelines. This is for the purposes of maintaining our qualities for our clients. As soon as they finish the manual review they will send your money to your paypal account or your bank account. Hence make sure that you provide us with your payment details on your account before applying for a payout.

Can i hire a video editor to edit my own videos?

Yes. With millionformula, any person can get his/her videos edited for him/her. Even you can hire a video editor right now here at millionformula. We have editors who can edit videos of any kind however you want. Moreover you will have a direct anonymous line of communication with the editor. Therefore you can make sure that the editor does the job exactly the way you want it. Millionformula guarantees you the best quality of your videos. We have a reputation of being the best site to get video editors who will edit your video exactly how you want it. Just go to our sales website mediageneous to hire your video editors.

Freelance video editing jobs.

This here is your opportunity to become a freelance video editor. It doesn't matter where you are or where you come from. It doesn't matter where you studied video editing. Here at millionformula, all of you are welcome to edit videos as freelancers. We do not discriminate against anyone. All that we want is you have the skills. You must be good at editing videos. There is no compromise for this. We are dealing with real clients from allover the world who want nothing but the best job done. Most of them are on the clock and need the videos for various purposes for their businesses. Hence you understand when we say that you must be a qualified video editor. This is not an opportunity for you to teach yourself how to edit videos.

Its also not an opportunity for you to try or practice editing videos. Rather its an opportunity for you to gain and increase your experience in editing videos. As you do this you get paid money for each and every video that you edit. This makes millionformula an excellent site to build your video editing career. You can edit videos here at millionformula for years. This gives you all the experience you want. Furthermore, we provide you with an editors profile.

This profile is a public proof that you are a video editor at millionformula. It also shows your level of experience, your years of experience. It shows the number of videos you have edited successfully. In addition to that it shows your customer ratings for your work done for them and so much more information. There is no better place to establish a freelance video editing career than here at millionformula.