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Make money online by tweeting

If you have a twitter account and you have many followers or a reasonable number of followers, you can make money online by tweeting. Yes. The very same way that you normally tweet on twitter, but now you are getting paid. Mostly you will be tweeting advertisements for our advertisers. We will provide you with videos from our advertisers that you can choose from. You can choose any of these videos and tweet them on your public profile. This program works very similar to twitter's own promoted videos program where you choose videos to tweet on your profile. These videos are very similar to your profile or what you normally post such that everything seems like its in its place.

You should also differentiate this tweeting program from the other millionformula retweeting program. For the retweeting program, the twitter users have already made the tweets and your job is only to retweet these tweets on your profile. For this one you will be the one tweeting and not retweeting. Similarly you need to distinguish between this program and the millionformula twitter mentions program. For the twitter mentions program, we/the advertiser tell you what to say and then you make a video saying that. After you post the video and get the views, we pay you for it. That's different from this program as you are not making these videos. The videos are already made for you. All you need is tweet them.

How it works

This is how this works. You come here to millionformula and register a millionformula account. Then you link your twitter account. This way, we can be able to see your number of followers and verify whenever you tweet a video here. After registering and linking your account, you will get a profile that you can use to access the video ads with. This profile is public and is accessible to the advertisers. Hence they can see your account and see the number of followers you have. Therefore the advertisers can choose you to tweet for them. The advertisers usually prefer the twitter users with many followers. Hence if you have millions of followers, more advertisers will be interested in you. In addition to that, the more followers you have the more money you get paid for the tweets.

On the other hand, we have the advertisers. These are businesses, companies, website owners, services providers and products sellers who want to promote their products and services to new audience. These advertisers come to millionformula and register an account also. When they register an account, they get a profile. On this profile, they provide a description of who they are and what they sell. In addition to that hey also say what kind of twitter users they want. They indicate how much they are ready to pay for the tweets. Either per a video tweet or per a duration of time or per a number of views/likes/retweets. The advertisers can go ahead and post their videos so that the twitter users can be able to access them, and tweet them.

Get paid to tweet video ads.

Like you have read above, millionformula will pay you money to tweet. Mostly you will be tweeting video ads. These are videos provided by our advertisers from around the world. When you register and get your profile as explained above, you have the option to indicate your asking price. This is the amount of money you will be charging for the tweets. In addition to that, you can also mention the kinds of companies you will be promoting and the kind or products and services you will be promoting. Now at this point you understand that we have two parties. The advertisers with their profiles and videos and on the other hand the twitter users who are ready to tweet videos and get paid. Now what remains is to connect the two parties. Well there are three ways that this can happen.

1. Twitter user to advertiser.

First, you as the twitter user looking to make money online by tweeting video ads, you can check out the videos provided by the advertisers. Every time you come across a video that you like, you can tweet it. Each and every video listed for tweeting has all the information that you would need. It tells you what the video is all about. It also tells you the amount of money you will be paid for tweeting it. Hence you can be able to choose the videos that suits you best. You as the twitter users, you can also checkout the advertisers profiles and if interested, you can contact the advertiser right here at millionformula. When you contact the advertiser you can get the advertiser to provide you with the videos or the content to tweet. In addition to that, you can also bargain for the price with the advertiser.

2. Advertiser to twitter user

The second way that the connection can happen is when the advertiser comes searching for you. The advertiser is already registered here at millionformula and has an advertiser's profile. Like we mentioned above, the twitter users profiles as well as the advertisers profiles are publicly visible and hence any of the two parties can see each others profiles. Hence the advertiser can check out the twitter users profiles and if he or she likes your profile, he/she can contact you here on millionformula and tell you that he/she wants you to tweet videos or other ads for them. You two can come to an agreement on how you want to do the whole business. Thus you can both agree on the pricing, the video to tweet and other terms like how many views or likes your tweet should get. After this then millionformula will pay you for the tweet.

3. Automated feed

The third way that the connection between the advertiser can happen is through the automated feed. This is the easiest way as it requires the least work. In some cases you don't even need to do anything other than click on the tweet button. This is how it works. Millionformula has very advanced systems that automatically detects the best video ads for you and shows them to you. Specifically chosen for you. The choosing is determined by the information that you provide to millionformula. Such information include what types of videos you want to tweet, what type of companies/products/ services you want to promote and the amount of money you want. The system also takes into account your previous behavior when choosing the videos and ads to promote. Adding into account some other sophisticated millionformula algorithms, we are able to provide you with just the videos that you love.

Just like any social media, these specifically chosen videos are shown to you when you go to your millionformula twitter profile. Hence all you need to do is click on tweet button on the video and twitter opens on a new tab where you can publish the tweet. Easy and only takes you a few seconds. However, we advice our users not to over tweet ads to avoid looking like spam accounts. You know those twitter accounts that are only there to post advertisements. Remember that you have real human followers. Followers who want to be entertained or informed in a positive way and not to be fed with ads at all time. Twitter is also against mass tweeting/posting of ads. Just keep the ads to normal content ratio as low as you can.

Get paid to tweet.

How to make money online by tweeting

Its very easy to make money online by tweeting videos and other ads here at millionformula. The most part of how all this works has been explained above. The tweeting part you are already familiar with that. Now all you need is to get a millionformula account as explained bellow.

Procedure to register a millionformula account.

Before we can take you through the steps to register an account with millionformula, here is a quick hack for you. On the registration page, if you click or choose to sign in with google, it will only take you a few seconds. It is the easiest and the preferred way to register at millionformula. If you don't wish to sign in with google, then follow the steps bellow.

  1. To Make money online by tweeting you will first of all need to register a millionformula account. To register an account go to our registration page.
  2. On the registration page fill up the details required about you. This is information like your name, your email and password. Check the terms and conditions (Assuming that you have already read our terms and conditions), fill the captcha and then click on register button.
  3. After you click on register button, you will be taken to another page to confirm your registration. Simultaneously, a confirmation code will be sent to your email account. Check your email, copy the confirmation code and paste it on the confirmation page. After pasting the confirmation code, click on the confirm button and your account will be ready.
  4. Go to the login page and sign in using your newly created account details. This is the email that you used to register the account and the password that you entered. Now your are ready to start making money online by tweeting videos and other ads.

Procedure to start making money online by tweeting.

  1. After you sign in to millionformula, the next thing that you need to do is join the millionformula tweeting program. To join just go to millionformula tweeting program and click on the join button. After you click on the join button, we will prompt you to connect your twitter account with millionformula. To do this you will just need to sign in with twitter to millionformula. By doing so, our systems will be able to attain the data about you from your twitter account. You also need to provide us with more information like the type of videos, ads, products, services, companies and businesses that you want to be promoting. In addition to that, provide us with your asking price. This is the amount of money you will be charging for the tweets.
  2. After you are done with joining the program, now you are ready to start making money online by tweeting ads here at millionformula. To do this just checkout the videos and ads already provided for you and start tweeting them. We will pay you for each and every video/ad that you tweet.
  3. You can also check the profiles of the advertisers to choose the ones that you want to be tweeting for. When you find an advertiser that you like, you can contact them and ask them to provide you with ads to tweet if they do not already provide them. Similarly, you can also add the advertiser in your feed list so that you can be getting their ads every time they post them here at millionformula.

How much money can you make online by tweeting here at millionformula?

A lot! You can make a lot of money by tweeting here at millionformula. The total amount of money that you can make is hard to tell but what we can tell you for sure is that its a lot. The amount depends on the number of twitter followers you have. The more the twitter followers the more the money you can make. This is because the advertisers want their ads to be tweeted by twitter users with many followers. The more followers you have the more marketing the advertiser gets out of the tweets. The larger the audience the better for the advertisers. In addition to that, if you have so many twitter followers then you have the power to quote a lot of money for the tweets. You can asks for thousands and thousands of dollars per a single tweet.

Another factor that determines the amount of money you will make online for tweeting videos and other ads here at millionformula is the advertiser. Different advertisers pay different amounts of money for the tweets. There are those that pay more for the tweets and there are those that pay less. Its upon you to choose the advertisers that pay you well depending on your bargaining power. By bargaining power we mean the value that you bring to the advertiser by tweeting their ads. For example if you have a large audience of potential customers of video games, that is people between the age of 15 - 35 years, then you have a lot of bargaining power on video gaming companies. Its upon you to know your bargaining power especially by knowing your audience and what they like.

Get paid to tweet videos.

Conditions to follow as you make money online tweeting ads

In order for millionformula to provide this service to you and to the advertisers, we have some rules. These are the rules that help us maintain our high quality standards. They also help us make sure that our advertisers get the marketing/advertising they are looking for. Similarly, they help us make sure that you as the twitter user you get the videos/ads to tweet. These rules also help us make sure that you are paid when you make the tweets. Hence read bellow to understand what you should and should not do.

  1. Always follow the instructions of the video/ad you are tweeting. Different advertisers have different instructions on what you should do with their tweets. Hence make sure that you do as instructed. For example, the advertiser can tell you that only tweet the video if you have 1M+ followers. If you tweet the video and you have less than 1M followers, the advertiser has the right to refuse to pay you. Millionformula cannot force the advertiser to pay you because you are the one that never did as told. Another example is the advertiser might say that they will only pay you if you get say 10k views for the video or 1k retweets. If you know you can't get these numbers do not tweet the video because if you do not get these numbers the advertiser has the right to not pay you. There are many more instructions hence you need to read through.
  2. If instructed not to delete the tweet later, make sure that you do not delete it. Some advertisers want these tweets to remain permanent on your profile even after they pay you. Hence if they tell you not to delete, do not delete.
  3. If the advertiser indicates that the video is specific to a certain audience or a certain language speaking audience, then only tweet the video if that's the language of your twitter profile/your followers.
  4. Cheating is against our terms and conditions. Buying of fake followers, or fake views, or fake retweets/likes/comments or other twitter user engagement services in order to cheat the advertiser with false-full numbers is against our terms and conditions. We will discontinue your account if you practice such illegal activities. The only sellers of twitter engagement services that millionformula allows because we have tested and proved to provide real services are twitter quick promote and mediageneous.
tweet videos for money

Your earnings for tweeting

Like we have been saying all the way from the first paragraph of this page, you can make money online by tweeting. This section will explain to you where to see your money after you tweet these videos. This is where you can access your money and do whatever you want with it. You can withdraw it pr even transfer yo someone else. Every time that you tweet a video or an ad, millionformula will pay you according to the agreement of the video/ad. What we mean by this is that we will pay you depending on what is specified in the video/ad.

For example, there are some advertisers that will pay you immediately after you tweet the video. Just as soon as you tweet the video on your twitter account, we will add the money to your account. On the other hand, there are some advertisers that will pay you after you get the number of views or likes or comments they want. Like the advertiser can say they will pay you after you make the tweet and get say 10k views of the video. Therefore, we will wait until your video gets the numbers and then pay you. You can see all the money you have earned by going to your your millionformula tweets earnings page.

Payment and withdrawal

After you make your money, we will pay you immediately. All you need to do is make a payout request and we will start processing your payment right away. We will make a quick manual review of all your activities here at millionformula. This is to make sure that you are following our guidelines as you make money online by tweeting here at millionformula. After the manual review, we will send your money to your account. We can pay you through your paypal account or your bank account. For paypal provide us with your paypal email. For wire transfer provide us with your bank name, your bank account number and your bank swift code.

Can i hire someone to tweet my ads?

Yes! You too can hire people to tweet videos and ads for you. You can get twitter users with large twitter followers to tweet for you. Our twitter users will tweet your ads for you and you will get new audience. The new audience will bring with them new customers. You have the option to choose the twitter user you want to tweet for you. In addition to that, you also have the option to bargain for the price with the twitter user. You can read more about this and what to do by scrolling above. To get people to tweet your own tweets just go to our sales website mediageneous.

Millionformula browser extension for tweeting videos and other ads.

In order for us to make the process easy for you, we are working on a browser extension that can help you tweet these video ads and other types of ads easily by the click of a button. We want to make it easy for you to access the videos and ads at any time from wherever you are without the need to login to millionformula every time. To do this we are working on a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and and chrome. With this extension, when you are on twitter on any of these two browsers (not your twitter app) you can easily click on the the extension and tweet a video right there and then. This way all you need to do is install the browser extension on your browser and log in to the extension using your millionformula account.

You can keep always logged in to the extension so that every time you are on twitter using that browser you are always connected to millionformula. This way you always have access to your automated feed of videos and ads to tweet. Therefore when you are doing your things on twitter and feel like tweeting a video or an ad to make money, all you need to do is click on the extension icon on your browser and tweet the videos. This will drastically make it very easy for you to make money online by tweeting. Pretty easy right?