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6 Ways to earn money online

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6 Ways to earn money online

Earning money has always been associated with the traditional “offline ” methods that are physical labor. What many people don’t realize is that these days it has become very easy to earn money online. Many people are making 5 figure incomes and even 6 figures working online. The most advantageous thing about online earning methods is that they are less laborious and one can become successful very quickly.

Is earning money online legit?

YES! Because of the long lived stigma that people who make money online are involved in illegal activities, many people assume that all ways of making money online are illegal. Yes its true that there are illegal ways to earn money online but that’s not what we are going to talk about today. What’s more important is that all ways of earning at millionformula are legal and genuine.

How exactly do people earn money online?

For money to exchange hands, there needs to be demand and supply of either a product or a service. When it comes to demand and supply of products this where we see companies like amazon, matinih and Walmart. You a product online at any of these online sellers and receive it at your home. In this way money has exchanged hands. All the parties involved earn some money when you pay for your product. Such parties include: the selling platform lets say amazon, the actual vendor of the product and any other middlemen involved in the entire process like affiliates who promote the product and get a commission. There are so many more examples of this like software companies like Microsoft who will sell windows operating system to you and much more.

When it comes to demand and supply of services, this is where we see companies like youtube and Netflix for entertainment. In this all the parties involved or affiliated with youtube and netflix like bloggers will earn money online. Advertising companies like mediageneous who will advertise your social media account for you. In doing so all the parties involved in the delivery of the social media success to you will earn money online like on millionformula. There are so many more examples that we cant exhaust all of them.

Here is a list of 6 websites where you can earn money online.

On this article we are not going to repeat the ways of making money online that we talked about in the previous article. In addition, You can read it here. long term ways to make money online.

Bellow is a list of ways to earn money that we haven’t talked about in any other article.

  1. Starting your own website.
  2. Translating
  3. Web designing
  4. Kindle eBooks writting
  5. PTC websites
  6. Data entry

1. Start your own website

Starting a website is a very easy process.

  1. First, You register your domain name with any domain registry website eg. goddady.
  2. Secondly, Buy a hosting plan with any hosting company eg. resellerspanel.
  3. Third, Setup your DNS on your domain control panel to point to your host DNS servers.
  4. Finally, Upload your website files in your server and that’s it you have a running website.

With your website you can earn money in so many ways like Playing advertisements on your website eg, google ads. You can earn money by selling products on your website. To get the products to sell you can join affiliate program like Amazon associates orAliexpress Affiliate Program. You can make money by making your website an online booking agency. To get the access to hotels and flights to promote you can join programs like’s Affiliate Programme

2. Translating

Translating as a way of making money online works for the people who are fluent in more than one language. There are so many opportunities of earning online translating from one language to another. Most of these opportunities come from websites owners that are trying to make versions of their websites that target a certain specific language of people. Therefore such is an opportunity for you to earn money online translating. Some of the most common languages to translate to and from are English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arab and french. There are many more languages in addition to these.

Some websites that will give you an opportunity of earning money online translating are:

  1. freelancer
  2. fiverr
  3. worknhire
  4. Upwork

3. Web designing

Web designing is a professional way to earn money online. This requires you to have programming knowledge or if not have experience with CMS like WordPress. This way of earning online can really pay you very well because its a professional job and mostly you will be hired by companies. The more experience you have and the more star ratings you have from your customers the better paying jobs you will get. Therefore the longer you work the more you build your career.

Some websites where you can earn money online designing websites are:

  1. Quikr from India
  2. Craigslist
  3. fiverr
  4. freelancer

4. Kindle eBooks writing

If you are a a fan of writing and can manage to write long articles in a short time, then you can consider earning money online by writing amazon kindle ebooks. Write your own ebooks and publish and sell or rent on amazon kindle direct publishing. Most importantly take the advantage of the millions of customers on amazon to sell your publications and make as much as 6 figure income depending on your sales.

To join the program, register your account here kindle direct publishing.

5. PTC websites

PTC means Paid To Click. here you get paid to view or click on advertisements. This is a system whereby the website owner has advertisements on their website. You visit their websites and click on any advertisement and view it to get paid. Earnings can be a certain amount per every click eg 0.005 for every click or a certain amount for every given number of clicks eg $50 for every 1000 clicks.

Examples of such websites to earn money online viewing advertisements are:

  1. ClixSense now called ysense
  2. NeoBux

6. Data entry

This line of job has recently been highly threatened by automation but still you can find such jobs online. Computers have made the data entry work easier hence eliminating the need of a person but some data entry jobs are so complex that it requires an actual person to do it. Therefore this is where you come in. Some companies will pay you to enter large amounts of data into their systems online in exchange to pay you for it. You can make from about $3 an hour to eve $10 an hour. Th amount you earn depends on your speed and the company you are working for. Hence it is a nice way to earn money online.