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Earn money online by designing logos

Are you a graphics designer? Do you have a degree or a graduate of any designing course? Do you have skills and experience in designing? Have you designed logos before? Now with millionformula you can put those skills to work by designing logos for clients. Millionformula has so many clients looking for qualified logo designers to do jobs for them. You too can get some of these orders and get paid for the logo designs. All you need is to be a part of millionformula and keep building your career with us. The more you logos you design the more you build your design profile with us. You keep rising levels as you keep designing.

The higher you rank means the more logos you have designed and the more experience you have. When you rank higher you will get the option to choose the jobs you want to do before the rest of the designers that rank lower than you. This gives you the chance to make more money by choosing the jobs that pay you more money. In addition to that, when you have attained a professional level of designing millionformula will grant you a certificate of qualification. This certificate can be very useful for you to prove that you are a qualified logo designer based on your experience and the number of logos you have designed.

How you do it.

To get started with designing logos for money here at millionformula, you need to register a millionformula account. After registering the account go ahead and join the millionformula logo designers program All this is for free. Millionformula will not charge you any money to register or join the designers program. As you enroll for the program provide us with any certificates that you might be having. Similarly, If you have bee designing with any other website send us a link to your profile. This information is important to help us know how qualified you are.

After you join the program you will see lists of logo design orders that need to be designed. Go ahead and start designing right away. After you finish your first to first 5 jobs we will be making manual reviews for all the first five jobs. This is to make sure that your work is up to standards. After first 5 successful logos, you can go on designing without the need for a manual review.

Keep designing and fulfilling our clients needs. The more you design the better for you because your profile keeps growing. You keep rising levels the more you keep designing. The higher you rank the better for you because the more money you can make. When you rank higher, clients can hire you directly to design for you and this way they pay you more money. In addition, you will be having a direct anonymous line of communication with the logo client. This to help you be able to understand exactly what the client wants. It will ease up your work for you. Another amazing thing about millionformula is that when you reach the pro level of designing we will issue you with a manually signed certificate of qualification. This is to indicate that you have been designing with millionformula and you are qualified and experienced enough.


How to earn money online by designing logos.

How to Make money online by designing logos at millionformula.

All you need is to register a millionformula account and then go ahead and enlist for millionformula logos designing. To register your millionformula account and get going just follow the steps bellow.

  1. Click here to register new account.
    Hint! It is easiest and quickest to register a millionformula account by just login with google. Just one click and that's it.
  2. On the registration page fill all your information, check to agree with our terms and conditions (hoping you have already read our terms and conditions) Verify that you are not a robot and then click on register.
  3. You will receive a verification code in your email inbox (However, if you don’t find the verification email in your inbox check the junk/spam box). Verify your email with the link.
  4. Login into your millionformula account with your new username and password. Now you are ready to earn money online for designing logos.
  5. Click here to go to millionformula logos designing page and enroll for the program.
  6. After you signup for the millionformula logos designing go ahead and start designing. When you submit your first designs we will make manual reviews to make sure that you are up to standards.
  7. Once we approave your designs we will pay you right away. We will make manual reviews for your first five designs after which if you qualify you can continue designing without the need for manual review. Keep building your profile to win more gigs for designing and earn more money.

How much money can I make for designing logos at millionformula?

The amount of money that you can make by designing logos here at millionformula depends on a number of things. First, your profile rank. As explained above, every logo designer here at millionformula has a profile. From the day you join our designers program your profile starts growing by the number of logos you design. The more logos you design the higher you rank. The designers who rank higher have the possibility of making more money than the lower ranking designers. They have the chance to choose the logos to design before the rest of the designers. This way they can choose the better paying jobs. Those who are at the first level will have to pick the designs to do from the common list.

Secondly, The logo client. Millionformula does not fix the prices for the logo such that each and every client has to pay that fixed price. However we have a fixed minimum price bellow which they cannot pay you. We set $35 as the minimum amount of money that you can earn for designing any logo. However you are not limited to this amount because its just the minimum and there is no set maximum. However high the client is willing to pay for the logo is how much you will earn.

Third, The more difficult logos pay more money than the easier ones. The more difficult a logo is, the more money you will get paid. The logos that take a lot of time to design will pay more money than those that require less time. Therefore do not shy away from difficult and more demanding logos. Fourth, clients specifications of the logo. If a client gives more complicated and lots of demands for the logo, then that's how much more money they will pay for it. The more they pay for it the more you get paid.

Fifth, Bidding. Millionformula offers the logos clients two modes of paying for the logo designs. They can just use the simple purchase system where they just pay the minimum amount and get their logo designed. This would be mostly by the lower level designers and maybe the few willing higher ranking designers. Secondly the clients can bid for the logo designers. This is whereby they clients place bids for the top position of their orders.

The top position gives them the chance of getting the best designers and getting their logos designed right away in no time. If you know how bidding works then you know they will pay a lot more. The bidding can also be for any particular designer. If the client wants a certain designer to do their job and the designer happens to have so many more orders, then the client can bid to outpay the already existing orders. This way he/she can get that designer.


Design logos for money.

Get paid to design logos

Now you can get paid to design logos online here at millionformula. You can do this without paying any money. All this is available without any investment. All you need is your logos designing skills, your computer and your millionformula account. You can register a millionformula account here for free. Keep in mind that you need a computer to be able to do this. You can't do the designing with your smartphone. Especially using the graphics designing software, you need a computer. With these requirements you can start immediately.

To start you can head over to millionformula logos designing program and join for free. When you join the program you will receive a designer's profile that will enable you to access the logo design orders. Now you can choose whatever logo you want and start designing it. You can do it online here at millionformula or you can do it offline. For the online, you can use your profile to access our graphics designing software and do it. Note that you will have a direct anonymous line of communication with the logo client so that he/she can guide you as you design it. The client will also have access to the logo as you design it to see and guide you.

For those who choose to design offline, you need to have a graphics designing software of your choice installed in your computer. Then read the instructions by the client for how he/she wants you to design the logo. Note also the format of the logo the client wants and other specific details like, dimensions, file size and much more. When you finish designing the logo, upload it to your millionformula profile so that the client can be able to access it. You will get paid for each and every logo that you design.


  1. Refrain from cancellations. Once you start designing a certain item you should do it to completion. Hence why we discourage cancellations.
  2. Meet the deadlines. We are working with clients that are on the clock. So if you confirm that you will finish a certain job at a certain date and time make sure that you do.
  3. Meet the customers needs. The designs that you make should be exactly as the customer asks. We will give you specifications for each and every design before you start designing it. You can even establish a direct anonymous communication with the client to make sure that you meet their demands.
Get paid to design logos. Freelance logos designing.

Your logos designing earnings.

For the lower ranking designers especially all new designers, you will see money indicated on each and every logo design order before you can start designing it. This is the amount of money accrued to that specific logo. After you design it this is the money that you will make for it. However, for the higher ranking designers your payment amounts are more dynamic depending on the reasons explained above. For the first 5 logos we will make the manual review and add your money to your account manually. Similarly, for the rest of the designs our systems will add your money to your account every time the client accepts your designs. To see how much money you have made by deigning logos just go to your logo designs earnings page. You will see a cumulative total of all the money made by designing logos.

How you will receive your money and withdraw it

Once you are done with designing logos and you have earned enough money, just make a payout request and we will start working on your payment right away. Millionformula does not delay payments. We process most of our payments in the same day. The same day that you make the payout request is when we will pay you. After you make the request our payment department will make a manual review of your account to make sure that you are following our terms and conditions. This is for the purposes of quality control. After a successful review we will send your money through PAYPAL. Hence make sure that you update your paypal details on your account.

Can I hire a logo designer?

YES! You too can hire logo designers here at millionformula. This service is not limited to anyone. Hence anyone and everyone can get their logos designed here at millionformula. If you have read above you already know much about how this happens. You can just list your order on our common list. Or you can hire a specific designer to design for you. If you choose to just list it you can pay the minimum amount or whatever money you want. If you choose to hire a specific designer you will have to pay more. You will get a direct anonymous line of communication with the designer so that you can get your logo as you want it. To hire your logo designer just go to our sales website mediageneous.