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People spend hours on Twitter daily. Most probably you reading this too spends a good amount of time on Twitter daily. The social media companies and corporations make tons of money every day for the time that you spend on their platform. However the big question is DO YOU? Do you make any money for the time you spend on Twitter? You should be getting paid for your time and the tasks that you perform on twitter. Hence why millionformula is here for you. We are here to make you get value out of the time you spend on social media.

It is true some people make some money for the content they post on the various social media platforms through the partner programs. Some top twitter users make money for the posts they make. Like Dwayne johnson is paid more than a million dollars to make a sponsored post on his twitter account. However, the most interesting thing is that only a very few people using Twitter make money out of it. Therefore, only those with massive followers/audience make any substantial amount of money. Unfortunately, majority of Twitter users who don't have massive followers/audience don’t make much or anything at all. Whereas these social media companies make money out of each and every social media user/visitor. They make money out of almost every content posted on their platform by playing advertisements alongside it.

Do you want to be one of the many who spend hours on social media and still not make any money out of it? Or do you want to be able to make money for your time spent on Twitter? If you want to make money on Twitter continue reading and follow the steps bellow.

how it works

Its very simple! To earn money on millionformula on twitter,

1. First you need to visit our website .

2. Then take a minute to register your account if you are not already registered. It will only take you less than 20 seconds because we don’t ask for so much information. All you need to sign up is your name, email and password.


3.If you choose not to signin with google (we strongly advice you to use signin with google) check your email that you have used to register and verify your email. NOTE! if you don’t find your verification email in your inbox check spam box or junk box because sometimes the email service providers might misplace emails.

4. After verifying your account login with your username and your password

5. After logging in click on twitter on the menu bar

Millionformula menu navigation

then click on any twitter feature you want as explained bellow


NOTE! When you click on any twitter option we will redirect you back to a page where you will need to log in to millionformula with your twitter account as shown bellow.

After logging in with your twitter we will redirect you back to millionformula where you can start earning as explained bellow.

Earn money following twitter users

With your twitter-logged in account click on follow users. We will take you to a page with tons of twitter accounts that require followers. These are accounts of twitter users around the world who want people interested in their accounts to follow them. Hence only follow the twitter users that you find interesting to you. You should go through these accounts and select the ones that you like and follow them. We provide you with the name of the user, their profile pictures and a description of the user. Hence this lets you know what exactly the user talks about and the kind of content that they upload on their accounts. All this is to help you in choosing the right channels to follow.

Only follow the accounts that make the kind of content that you like and identify with. Follow the users who talk about the kind of issues that are relevant to you. Don't just follow many accounts for the sake of making more money. Our clients expect followers who will be active on their accounts by liking, commenting and retweeting their content. Thus if you are not sure about this commitment don't follow the account. In addition to that, you should not UN-follow the accounts after you follow them here at millionformula. Our clients expect permanent followers. Not followers who disappear after sometime.

Earn money liking twitter posts

On our menu above click on the like tweet menu to be taken to the page with the twitter post that require liking. On this page you will see many twitter posts. Some just plane text of the user talking about whatever they want. Others video or image posts of whatever the user wants. For video posts you should watch it first and then like it if it is interesting. For the text posts you should read and if the post is interesting enough like it. You should like only the posts that you find interesting to you. Avoid mass liking of so many twitter posts just for the sake of making money. Let the likes mean something. Not just liking whatever you see.

As soon as you click on the like button, our systems will detect your action and pay you for it. This happens in split second to keep your earnings updated live. The amount that you get paid for each and every twitter like is different and unique for each like. The amount of money depends on various reasons. We add this money to your account earnings and you can see it any time. Note that after you like the posts, you cannot unlike the posts. Make sure that the likes you make here remain on the posts.

Earn money commenting on twitter posts

To start making money online by commenting on twitter just click on comment on the menu above. After you click on the comment button we will take you to a page with the list of twitter posts. These twitter posts require comments. You should go through the posts and comment on the ones that you find interesting enough to you. The comments must be long. We do not allow one word or two words comments. Do not repeat same comments on different posts. Each and every comment you post must be unique and relevant to that specific post.

These posts belong to real people out there who want real and honest responses and comments. Therefore you need to provide comments that are honest and relevant to the post. Watch the video or read the post before posting the comment. The comment needs to be at least 200 characters long and honest not driven with any ill motives. Don't just comments on any twitter post you come across. Only comment on the posts that you love and you identify with.

Earn money retweeting tweets

To make money by retweeting twitter tweets click on retweet users and you will be taken to a page with list of tweets. These are tweets from our clients from allover the world that require retweets. These tweets are from twitter users from allover the world. The clients want the retweets from twitter users who relate to their type of content. They expect that the retweets to come from people who love the same topics and issues. For example, if the retweet client talks about spots, football only on their account. He/she expects the retweets to come from people who love sports and most preferably football. Go through the tweets we have provided for you and retweet the ones that you like.

Note your followers and your audience will see all the tweets that you retweet. Hence make sure that you retweet tweets that are relevant to them. Retweet the tweets that they identify with. Don't retweet countless tweets just for the sake of making more money. This is because if you retweet lets say hundreds of tweets in one day, how are your followers going to see all those retweets? Keep in mind that our clients expect retweets that bring more publicity, attention and audience to their tweet. Retweeting hundreds of tweets will not help with this. If all you want is to make lots of money with repetitive actions, just click on the menu for other ways to make money online.

Your earnings

Each and every twitter post that you like or comment, any tweet you retweet and any twitter account that you follow, you will be paid for it. Each and every task that you do will pay you a unique amount of money. There are those tasks that pay more than others. As soon as you click on the button or post the comment, our systems will detect it. It will update the earnings to your account immediately. Our systems calculates your earnings automatically and updates live. You can always visit my account page at any moment and see your earnings from twitter. This page will also show you a full report of all the work you have done. It will show you all the tweets you have liked, all the posts you have liked, all the posts you have commented on and all the twitter accounts you have followed.

Withdraw your money

Some of the best advantages of millionformula is that you will be paid right away and we pay you with real money. We do not delay payments for our users. As soon as they make the money through twitter, we will pay you right away. In addition to that, you will be paid in real money. We make most of our payments through US Dollars. We do not waste your time and inconvenience you with coupons, shopping vouchers and gift cards. Once you have attained the minimum withdrawal amount of $20 you can always send us a payout request at any time. We will review your earning activities just to make sure you are following our platform guidelines. After the manual review we will send you your money as soon as possible.

Payment method

Currently we are using paypal for payouts but we are working on other means of payment like netbanking, wire transfer, other money transfer methods to make your experience here on millionformula easier and better. Currently we are using paypal for payouts. However, we are working on other means of payment like netbanking, wire transfer and other money transfer methods. This is to make your experience here on millionformula easier and better. Therefore, for you to get paid you need to add your paypal email ID on your account my bank details page.

You can also add your bank details so that in future when we implement other payment details it will be easy for you. The bank name, bank account number and bank swift code will be necessary to make a wire transfer for you. We need the payment information in order to make the payment. Hence update your payment information before applying for the payment.