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People spend hours on youtube daily. Most probably you reading this too spends a good amount of time on Youtube daily. You probably spend hours watching youtube videos for free. Youtube makes tons of money every day for the time that you spend on their platform. However the big question is DO YOU? Do you make any money for every youtube video that you watch? Similarly, do you make money for every youtube video that you like or comment on? Do you make money for the time you spend on Youtube? If yes, then you are on a good path. However if the answer is no as it is for most people, then continue reading this page to learn how to make money with youtube.

It is true some people make some money for the content they post on youtube through the partner programs. A good example is the youtubeers with millions of subscribers. The most interesting thing is that only a very few people using youtube make money out of it. Only those with massive subscribers/viewers make any substantial amount of money. Majority of youtube users who don't have many subscribers/viewers don’t make much or anything at all. Whereas youtube make money out of each and every youtube user. Similarly they make money out of almost every content posted on their platform by playing advertisements alongside it.

Do you want to be one of the many who spend hours on youtube and still not make any money out of it? Or do you want to be able to make money for every second spent on youtube? If you want to make money on Youtube continue reading and follow the steps bellow. We are going to guide you with a step by step guide on how to make money online with youtube. The good news is that you don't need any money nor any investment. All that is required is your millionformula account and your gmail account. Both of which you can get for free.

how it works

Its very simple! To earn money on millionformula on youtube,

1. First you need to visit our website .

2. Then take a minute to register your account if you are not already registered. It will only take you less than 20 seconds because we don’t ask for so much information. All you need to sign up is your name, email and password.

NOTE! for youtube you need to register with your GMAIL account. So its easier to just signin with google as shown in the screenshot bellow



3.If you choose not to signin with google (we strongly advice you to use signin with google because you cant access youtube without gmail account) check your email that you have used to register and verify your email. NOTE! if you don’t find your verification email in your inbox check spam box or junk box because sometimes the email service providers might misplace emails.

4. After verifying your account login with your username and your password

5. After logging in click on the youtube drop-down

Millionformula menu navigation

then click on any youtube feature you want as explained bellow


Earn money watching youtube videos

This is the easiest part. After registering your account and signing in, click on the watch videos. When you click here we will take you to a page that has a list of youtube vide3os that you can watch. These are videos of all kinds from all sorts of youtube channels. You need to choose whatever youtube video you want and watch them. The videos have titles as well as descriptions and thumbnails to help you know which to choose. We have also arranged them in categories so that you can just choose the categories you like. Say for example, music category, video games category, news category, politics, sports, dance videos and so many more categories for you to choose from.

You are allowed to watch only one video at a time. Our youtube video views clients expect that the videos are watched by people who actually love their content and channels. Hence watch only the videos that you like. Moreover we provide you with the option to create a playlist or watch later to make sure that your watch feed keeps full as you watch. When you click on any video, we will take you to a watch page. This is the page that you will watch the video just the same way that you watch them on youtube. As you watch you will see a time progress bar yellow in color. As soon as it turns green you can close the video and watch another video. At this instant, our systems will add the accrued money to your account.

Earn money liking youtube videos

To start liking youtube videos for money just click on the like videos button on the menu above. When you click on it we will take you to the page with youtube videos to like. This page contains many youtube videos that you have not liked before here at millionformula. Just like mentioned above, these videos have their titles, descriptions and their thumbnails so that you can know what videos to click on. Note that you do not need to click on all the videos and like all of them. You need to choose the videos that are interesting to you and click on them. Hence why we provide you with all the titles, names, descriptions and thumbnails. There also categories to guide you on what exactly you want to see. This is to help you in arriving to the type of videos you like easily and quickly.

Once you find the videos that you want click on them and we will take you to a page that you can watch the video. You should watch the video and if you find it interesting enough like it. Just click on the like button just like you do it on youtube. After liking it you can close that video and watch another one. As soon as you are done with liking the video money will be added to your account automatically by our systems.

Earn money commenting on youtube videos

To start commenting on youtube videos for money here at millionformula just click on comment videos button on the menu. Once you click on comment on videos menu, we will take you to a page that contains a list of youtube videos to be watched and commented on. Your job is to select the videos that you identify with and watch them. The list contains videos that have title, description and thumbnail just like on youtube. Therefore before clicking on any video you will already be knowing what the video is all about. In addition to that, we also go a step further to categorize the videos for you in order to be choose wisely. With the categories you can choose the videos to watch easily and quickly. Note that you do not need to watch all the videos provided. Just watch the ones that you actually like.

After you find the videos that you want to watch click on the video and we will take you to another page. On this page watch the video and after you finish leave a comment just the same way you would on youtube. Note that you should write a long and relevant comment. One word, two word comments are not allowed. Similarly, you cannot to replicate the same comment for many youtube videos.

You need to write a unique comment for each and every video. The comment should be relevant to the video. This is assuming that you comment on the video after you watch it. The comment needs to be at least 200 characters long and honest not driven with any ill motives. As soon as you post the comment, our systems will add money to your account immediately in real time automatically.

Earn money subscribing to youtube channels

Click on the subscribe channels menu and we will take you to a page where you will find tons of youtube channels. These channels require subscribers. However we can't just tell you to subscribe to channels that you don't even know what they area all about. Therefore to solve this, we provide you with as much information about the channels as you would need to know. We provide you with the channels names, description, kind of videos they upload, thumbnail and more. Furthermore, you can click on the channel link to go to youtube to see what it is like. After you see the channel and you are fully convinced, just click on the subscribe button. By doing this you understand that you are subscribing to a youtube channel and you will be getting notifications and suggestions of videos published by this channel.

You should subscribe only to the channels that you like and you want to be watching their content. Do not subscribe to each and every channel that you come across. Our youtube subscribers clients require that we provide them with subscribers who actually love their channels and their channel content. Hence only subscribe to only the channels that make the kind of youtube videos that you like. As soon as you subscribe we will add the money accrued to that channel to your account automatically.

Your earnings

youtube earnings Earn Money Online. Make money watching youtube videos on millionformula

Each and every youtube view, like, comment and subscription has its own unique amount of money that it will pay you. This is the accrued money. In other words the money you get paid per every one of those actions. For each and every view, comment, like and subscription you make we will pay you for it. Our systems calculates your earnings automatically and updates it live. At the same time that you click on the button or finish watching the video, you will get paid for it by our systems. You can always visit my account page at any moment and see your earnings from watching, liking, subscribing, commenting on youtube. On this page you will also see a full report of all the work you have done. Any video you have watched, liked, or commented on and every channel that you have subscribed to.

withdraw your money

One of the best things about millionformula is that you get paid as soon as you finish making your money. There is no waiting. Millionformula does not have the end week or end month payment policies that make you wait for days or weeks to get paid. Once you have attained the minimum withdrawal amount of $20 you can always send us a payout request at any time. We will review your earning activities just to make sure you are following our platform guidelines and send you your money as soon as possible. We will send your money through paypal and thus make sure that you have a paypal account. However if you can't access paypal provide us with bank details so that we can pay you through wire transfer. Update your payment details in your account before making the payment request.

Payment method

Currently we are using paypal for payouts but we are working on other means of payment like netbanking, wire transfer, other money transfer methods to make your experience here on millionformula easier and better. So for you to get paid you need to add your paypal email ID on your account my bank details page. You can also add your bank details so that in future when we implement other payment details it will be easy for you.