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All you need to know to get paid to comment on twitter. We have answered some of the most asked questions about commenting on twitter for money. Millionformula is a website that gives you the chance to write comments for money. All you need is your millionformula account that you can register for free and your twitter account. If you don't have an account you can register one for free on twitter. Then to start writing comments and getting paid right away, just click on the red button bellow. Moreover, if you want to learn more about this and know how its done just scroll to the footer and go to twitter commenting page. For those interested in the most frequently asked questions about writing on twitter for money continue reading bellow.

Earn money online by commenting on twitter posts.

Now millionformula is giving you the chance to earn money online by commenting on twitter posts. We will provide you with so many twitter posts that you can choose from. You can even choose the categories that you like and go through them. Comment on the posts that you find interesting or worth your comment. For each and every comment that you post, millionformula systems will detect that automatically and add money to your account.

Can you get paid to post comments on twitter?

YES! But only here at millionformula. does not pay you to comment. This happens only here at millionformula. We have many twitter posts that require people’s attention out there. These posts need people’s opinions and thoughts. We will pay you to post comments on these posts. The advertiser appreciates your comments in helping the advertisers improve their products and services as well as twitter accounts.

Does commenting on twitter posts make money?

YES! But only here at millionformula. Million Formula will pay you to post comments on the twitter posts that we provide you with. This is the only way that commenting on twitter posts can make money. This does not happen on twitter itself as they do not pay you to post the comments. We only pay you to write comments on the posts that you like. Just a honest opinion on what you think about the post.

How do Twitter comments make money?

The way that twitter comments make money is through marketing. This is a form of advertising in its own way. The twitter users who wants to promote their posts come to us and offer to pay some money in exchange for comments from people out there. In this way, their posts as well as their twitter accounts gets publicity and you get the money. A win win for everyone. These large comments numbers on their posts also serve as a good image for their posts.

make money by commenting on twitter posts

How much money can you earn for 100 Twitter comments?

We usually pay a minimum of $0.5 per every comment that you write. Since this is the minimum, we will use an average of $0.8. Multiplying with 100 we get: $0.8 * 100 = $80. Therefore you will earn $80 for 100 twitter comments.. This is quite a good amount of money to make by doing the very same things that you have been doing for free. It takes way less time and efforts to make that amount of money by commenting on twitter here at millionformula as compared to other forms of work. Most important of all is that you don't need any kind of investment for this. You do not need to pay anything to participate in this. In addition, as soon as you earn your money, we will send it to you right away.

How many comments do you need to make money on twitter?

Here at millionformula, the more comments you make the more you will earn for it. Our systems detect each and every comment you make and adds money for it one by one. This whole process happens automatically so you don’t have to worry about counting your comments. However you need to note that on ( the number of comments does not translate to any money. Therefore, the number of comments you have on, have nothing to do with the money you make.

Get paid to comment on Twitter posts

Get paid to comment on twitter posts now without spending any money. Yes for free, you don’t need to pay any money to participate in this. All you need is your millionformula account and your twitter account. With both of them logged in to millionformula, head over to millionformula twitter commenting page. Then checkout the many posts provided there and comment on those that you want to. Remember to provide long relevant comments. Remember that the owners of these posts need good comments for their posts and thus be nice and responsible.

earn money by posting comments on twitter

How can i earn money by writing twitter comments?

It is very easy to earn money by writing twitter comments. Just click on the red button bellow to go to twitter comments page. Remember that you must be logged in to millionformula and also you should be logged in with your twitter account. If not signed in with these two, when you click we will take you to their respective logins instead. Once on twitter comments page go through the posts and start commenting as you like.