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If you are looking to make money by following facebook pages, then you have come to the right place. Here at millionformula you can get paid to follow facebook pages. Here on this page we will try to answer as many questions you might have. These are the most FAQs about following fb pages for money. If you want to start following pages right away then click on the red button to start. If you want to know how its done, scroll to the footer and go to the respective page.

Earn money online through following facebook pages.

Now you can earn money online by following facebook pages of your choice. To do this all you need is to go through the fb pages that we provide you and follow those that you feel like. You can only click follow on any page once. As a way to respect facebook policies make sure that you only follow the pages that you actually love. Do not just go following all the pages provided just for the sake of making money. Yes you will make more money but this looks like spam to facebook and in some way violates their guidelines. If you want to earn more, there are hundreds of different ways to earn online here at millionformula, that you dont need to follow so many excessive FB pages that you dont actually like..

Do you get paid to follow FB pages?

By facebook NO. By millionformula YES. Facebook does not pay people to follow pages. If you come to think about it you understand why it is very important for the service to be free for everyone. If you were to charge people money for following FB pages then it would be a platform of only the rich that can afford to pay for such things. However on the other hand, MillionFormula is a place that you can get paid to follow these pages. This is the only chance you will get to make money by following fb pages.

Does following FB pages make money?

NO. Neither facebook nor the page owner will make any money for page follows. You can't make money by direct page follows on facebook. The only way that you can turn those page followings into money is by advertising. When these many followers see, watch or click on the advertisements that are playing/displaying along your page content, then you will earn for it. If you are seeking to earn by just following fb pages, then millionformula is the place for you. Right on this page, you can get paid for each fb page that you follow.

Get paid to follow.

To get paid to follow fb pages, just click on the red button above. Then we will take you to a page where you can follow any facebook page that you like. For each following that you do, you will get paid for it. Our systems detects your activities automatically and adds money to your account automatically. Just remember to follow only the pages that are beneficial to you. The page owners expect you to be active on their pages later on.

How much money can you earn for following 100 facebook pages?

The standard millionformula minimum money for each page you follow is $0.4. Since this is the minimum, we will use an average of $0.8 per each FB comment that you make. Doing simple math $0.8 * 100 = $80. Therefore you will earn $80 for writing 100 facebook comments.

How many FB followers do you need to make money?

Here at million formula, you will make money for each and every fb page that you follow. You do not need to follow a specific number of pages in order to get paid. Each and every follow carries its unique amount of money. If you are talking about, the number of page following that you make doesn't matter as there is no money exchanging hands. Facebook does not pay for followers hence the number of followers is useless in this case.

Follow for money.

MillionFormula created a platform where people from allover the world can follow fb pages for money. Just the very same way that you follow fb pages on facebook is how you do it here and earn for it. This is your opportunity to discover new and great fb pages that make amazing content that can entertain you or change your life. On top of discovering new amazing pages, you make money in the process. We have many categories of fb pages that you can choose from. Just be sure to choose the pages that you actually like and will be watching and reading their content.

make money by following facebook pages

How much money can you make from following Facebook users?

Usually $0.5/follow is the amount of money that you can expect to make for any following that you do here at millionformula. $0.4 is our set minimum amount of money that each and every follow carries. That means you can expect to earn atleast $0.4 and above. Not less. The more the clients are willing to pay for the followers the more you make for following them. You need not worry about the amount of money for each follow because its either indicated or if not, the highest paying accounts appear at the top of the page. Therefore you can start following the top accounts first as you go down the list. Just remember its not just about following for money but following the pages that you actually love.

How many followers do you need on Facebook to get paid?

For you to make money with your page on facebook, you need to have a good number of followers. The more the followers you have the more you can earn with your page. The more followers you have the more views and visitors your page gets. This means that you make more money out of ads impressions and clicks. Similarly sponsors want to pay for sponsored posts only on pages that have many followers. As we can’t give you a specific number of followers that you actually need for you to earn, a minimum of 2000 followers would do you good.

How do you make money from Facebook followers?

If you have a facebook page and have many followers, there are a number of ways that you can turn these many followers into money. One of the most commonly used ways is through advertising. Let related ads play on your page from facebook ads. Facebook will pay you for each and every impression and or click that you get out of the ads. If you get millions of page visitors daily, then you can make really good money with your FB page. The second way that you can use your FB page with many followers to make money is by posting sponsored videos and posts from advertisers.

earn money by following facebook pages

Will Facebook pay you for followers?

NO! Facebook does not pay anyone for followers. FB does not pay its users for getting or having many followers. However these many followers can help you make more money because of the ads impressions and clicks. Therefore facebook will be paying you for the ads impressions and clicks and not the number of followers.

How do you get paid for Facebook following?

We will pay you for facebook following through paypal. Once you reach the minimum withdrawal limit, you can send us a payout request for your fb following earnings. We will will process the payment quickly and send it to you. We are currently working on other ways to process the payments but we believe that paypal is good for now.

Get paid to follow facebook pages

Million Formula will pay you a hefty amount of money to follow facebook pages. We will provide you with so many types of fb pages that you can follow. We have pages of all kinds. From the many categories and types of pages provided, choose the ones that you like and follow them. Just by doing this, millionformula will pay money to your account.