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If you are looking for answers on how to get paid money to like facebook posts, then look no more. We have answered the most commonly asked questions. Though it might be almost impossible to answer all the questions concerning liking fb posts for money, we believe that we have have answered the most important. If you want to start making money by liking facebook posts right away then click on the red button bellow. If you want to learn how to do it as well as other necessary information, then scroll to the footer and go to the respective page.

Earn money online by facebook likes.

Now you can earn money online by facebook likes. Millionformula is paying each and everyone for liking facebook posts and pages. Therefore all you need to do to get paid is to checkout the fb posts and pages provided and like them. Our systems will detect that automatically and add money to your account automatically. This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to earn as you have fun. You normally like facebook posts for no pay. Now you can make money for each and every post that you like. Be sure to have fun. This is the most important because liking thousands of posts in a single day wouldn't look that good on your account.

Do you get paid to like FB pages?

By facebook NO. By millionformula YES. Facebook does not pay people to like pages. However on the other hand, MillionFormula pays people to like FB pages. Facebook is a free service that should entertain you. That's why they does not pay people to like the posts. Similarly we do not oblige you to like each and every fb post that you come across. That's why facebook does not pay you to like the posts. However millionformula will pay for that.

The method to make money online by liking facebook posts.

The process of making money online by liking facebook posts is a pretty easy one. Assuming that by now you already have your millionformula account and your facebook account, just log in to millionformula with both of your accounts. Then head over to millionformula FB likes page and start liking the pages and posts that you find interesting enough for you. You can choose various categories of posts that you find interesting. Remember that its not about liking as many posts as possible but liking the posts that you actually find interesting to you.

Does liking FB pages make money?

For the post/page owner NO. When done on NO. For the best understanding of this you need to know how it works. Go to our facebook page and you will learn how facebook makes money. Only then you will understand that liking fb pages does not make money for anyone. Not the post owner nor facebook. However, we have a way that you can earn by liking fb pages. Million Formula came up with a way that you can watch the fb posts that you find interesting and when you like them you get paid. Our systems determines this automatically and adds money to your account automatically.

How do you make money from Facebook page likes?

You get paid for liking the page. Each and every like carries a certain amount of money. There are those that way pay more than others. The total amount of money that you earn for each like depends on the advertiser. The more they are willing to pay for the likes the more you will earn. MillionFormula is always looking for better paying clients so that you can make more out of your time liking the posts. Therefore the amount each like carries should not be your worry as we will take care of that.

Does Facebook pay for likes?

NO! Facebook does not pay anyone for fb likes. However MillionFormula will pay you for the likes. If you are looking to turn your fb likes into money then you are at the right place. Start here at this page and follow the steps provided above.

How much money can you make from Facebook likes?

Each and every facebook like carries its own unique amount of money. Therefore each and every like will earn you a specific amount of money. The average amount of money that you can earn for each like is $0.5. The more you like the more you earn. Therefore with the average, you can calculate how much you will earn by multiplying with the number of likes. For example for 1000 likes you will make $500.

make money by liking facebook posts

How do you get paid for Facebook posts?

Like we said earlier in the payment and withdrawal section, we do all payments for Facebook posts likes through paypal. Once you make enough money you can request a payout and we will pay you through paypal. Therefore you need to provide us with your paypal account so that we can be able to pay you.

How to earn money from facebook likes and comments.

For you to earn money fro facebook likes and comments you need to have your millionformula account and your fb account. Once you have both of these accounts ready. Log in to millionformula first then log in with your facebook account. Once logged in head over to millionformula fb likes and fb comments respectively. Once on these pages start liking or commenting respectively. You make money for each and every like or comment that you make.

How to convert your facebook page likes to money

Since facebook does not pay people for page likes, the only way that you can make money for page likes is through sponsors or through millionformula. For sponsors, there are some sponsors who require you to get a certain number of likes for the sponsored post that you made for them. The millionformula method is the one we are talking about on this page. For this you just like the pages and get paid for the likes by us.

earn money by liking facebook pages

Get paid to like posts.

Just click on the red button and follow the link to start liking facebook posts and get paid to like posts. You will never find any other easier way to make money by just clicking like button. Anyone who has used our service can confirm this. Very easy to use and no complications. You can also monitor your numbers as you go. Our systems update your numbers in real time as you like the posts.

How much money can you earn for liking 100 facebook posts?

The standard millionformula minimum money for each like is $0.3. Since this is the minimum, we will use an average of $0.5 per each FB like that you make. Doing simple math $0.5 * 100 = $50. Therefore you will earn $50 for liking 100 facebook posts.

How many FB likes do you need to make money?

On, the number of likes doesn't matter because the likes do not earn you money directly. The more likes you have do not directly translate into money. However here at millionformula the more likes you make the more you earn. However you need to know that the actual number of fb likes that you make doesn't matter because we pay you for each and every like separately. Thus you don't need to have a specific number of likes in order for us to pay you.