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How to make money by following twitter users

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How to make money by following twitter users

We live in a world where the need for money is inevitable. All people need money to eat. We need money to drink. Everyone needs money to dress. We need money to have a house, to have rent. Everyone needs money to travel. We need money for all our bills. We need money for almost everything. Hell we need money to stay alive. That’s why here at million formula we have been constantly developing new and more advanced easier ways for you to make money from the comfort of your home.

We are constantly coming up with new never seen before genius ways to make money. Like making money by following twitter users. A very simple task. Something that you do daily for no pay now with million formula you get paid for it. Such genius ways of making money never existed before us. We are the pioneers of these kind of ways to make money online. And that’s not all, we are working on some more better and easier ones.

How does it work?

I know the big question you have is how do we manage to pay you for just following twitter users? Isn’t it free to follow any twitter user? How do we actually do it? The answer is quite simple. There are so many people, companies, businesses and organizations in this world that need to grow their social media accounts. That need to increase their twitter followers. Not just that but also need to advertise themselves. They want recognition on twitter. There are some people who have the dream of becoming big on twitter. I’m talking having millions of followers and making large amounts of money on twitter.

All these people, companies, businesses and organizations need someone to advertise their social media accounts for them. They need someone to help them grow their twitter following. They need someone who can provide them with millions of followers in a short duration of time. That’s where we come in. Millionformula is a social media marketing and promotion company that does the work for them. They come to us and ask for the number of the twitter followers they want and we deliver. Now this is where you come in as the person making money by following twitter users. When you follow them they get what they need (which is followers) and you get what you need (which is money). Quite genius of us right?

How do i make money following twitter users on millionformula?

It is a very simple process. It doesn’t require any professional skill or any other qualifications. All you need is your email account and your twitter account. So the first step is to register your millionformula account which is very easy. All you need to do is write your name, your email address, write your password, check the terms and conditions and then check the captcha. All on the same page. No much hassle no other requirements.

Once you have registered your account with millionformula, you will need to login to your millionformula account. After logging in click on social media drop-down on the menu and click on twitter. You will see options to earn money on twitter with like, commenting, following, retweeting and liking tweets. Click on follow user. You will be taken to a page where you will need to login with your Twitter account. Click on the button where you will be redirected to twitter login to millionformula. Login with your twitter and then we will redirect you back to millionformula.

Now go to twitter follow user option and you can be able to start earning by simply following the accounts available on that page. We recommend that you follow only the twitter users that you like and are relevant to you.

How much money can i make following twitter users on millionformula?

The amount of money you can make following twitter users on millionformula is not fixed. It varies from one twitter user to another. It highly depends on what the advertiser is willing to pay for the followers. The more he/she is willing to pay for the followers, the more money you make for following them. However millionformula has set a standard minimum to protect you from exploitation from following twitter users who are paying very low.

We made it a standard that the minimum you can earn for any twitter user you follow is averagely $0.1 per every follow. That’s quite a good pay for only clicking on a button to follow someone. The more follows you make the more your earnings increase. You can check your millionformula account to see your earnings for twitter on the twitter section. However don’t follow all or so many random twitter users to make more money for the reasons explained bellow.

What not to do.

We know you might get tempted to follow all the twitter accounts available on millionformula follow twitter users page in order to make more money. We strongly advice against this. There are two reasons why we strongly advice against following so many random twitter accounts that you don’t even need. The first reason is because of twitter policies. Twitter doesn’t encourage such users who follow tons and tons of other twitter accounts randomly. They might consider your account to be a spam account and might have to delete it. We don’t want that to happen to you.

The second and the most important reason why we discourage following massive accounts randomly is because of our own terms and conditions. When you follow too many twitter users that are not even relevant to you, you might feel the need to unfollow them later in your private twitter account. When you unfollow the twitter accounts that you followed on millionformula, that is going against our terms and conditions. We will penalize you for that.

Millionformula team constantly monitors the activities of our millionformula users and it is very easy for us to know if you unfollowed then twitter accounts that you followed on millionformula. If we determine that you are involved in this form of malpractice, your current earnings for that specific period of time will be forfeited. That’s the first warning. If you continue with the malpractice, your account with millionformula will be disqualified with no chances of joining again in the future.

Your “make money following twitter users” earnings

Your earnings

The twitter accounts that you follow at millionformula carry a unique amount of money. Thus for each and every account that you follow, we will pay you a certain unique amount of money. As you keep following the users, our systems detects that automatically and adds money to your account automatically. Thus you do not have to worry about counting the accounts you have followed. All the data will be available on your account. You can always visit your earnings page at any moment and see your earnings for following twitter users.

Withdraw your money

For you to be paid the money you have earned you will need to attain a minimum amount of $20. As soon as you attain this minimum withdrawal limit, send us a payout request through your account dashboard. When you make this request we will check your activities at millionformula just to make sure that you are following our guidelines while following twitter users. When verified, we will send you your money right away. You will receive a paypal verification as well as an email from millionformula.

Payment method

Currently, millionformula is using paypal to process most of our payments. We chose paypal because it is international and available to almost everyone to use. We are also working on other methods of payment like net-banking, wire transfer and other online payment methods.

However, for now you will need to provide us with your paypal email ID so that we can make the payments to you. To do so, go to your bank details page and fill it out. You can also give us your bank account number and swift code so that we can be able to make a wire transfer where necessary.