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How to make money commenting on twitter posts

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How to make money commenting on twitter posts

Have you been wandering around online looking for ways to make money online? You might by now have come across so many websites claiming that they can help you make money but never delivered. You must have read so many blogs by now telling you how you can make easy money with them. This is different. We are not here to pander you with more stories. We are here to teach you how to make money commenting on twitter posts. This is real. You can make real money by just commenting on twitter pictures, videos and other posts. You have probably been doing this since you started using twitter but have never been paid to do so. Most probably you have never been paid a dime for your comments.

How would you feel if i told you that from now on you can actually make dollars into your PayPal account by just commenting on twitter. Yes we pay you to do your hobby. We pay you to have fun. Large social media companies and corporations are making billions of dollars for every second, minute, hour you spend on their social media platform. But you don’t make anything out of your time.

Why should you not cash in on your time spent on social media too? Can’t you have fun and make money out of it? Why not get paid to do your hobby? Hence here at millionformula we believe that you deserve to make money out of your time on social media. You have a right to get a piece of that corporate money. Only here at millionformula you can get to Make money commenting on twitter posts.

How does it work?

In order to make such a complex system work, millionformula had to device and come up with a new never seen before invention. Yes this is new. It has never been done before by any other company. We were the pioneers of this excellent way of making money by commenting on twitter posts. We have engineered it to meet the needs of twitter users as well as people who want to make money online like you.

There are millions of twitter users out there looking for comments for their twitter posts. There are so many giant corporations and companies looking to promote their brands and their twitter accounts. Such people and companies are ready to do what it takes to succeed on twitter. They have realized the painful truth that it is not exactly that easy to succeed from scratch to millions of followers without a boost. That’s where millionformula comes in. We are the guys that make their dreams come true. We make their dreams come to reality. They aspiring twitter stars come to us and ask us to help grow or promote their twitter accounts. Millionformula being such a reputable social media promotion company is always happy to fulfill their dreams.

We offer to promote their twitter accounts as long as they are willing to help you make money as you follow or comment on their twitter accounts. That’s where you come in. You come to millionformula looking for a way to make money and we provide you with it. Simple. That’s how the whole system works.

How do I make money by commenting on twitter posts?

It’s very easy. All you need is your millionformula account, your email account and your twitter account.

If you dont have a millionformula account its easy to register one. Its 100% free to register a millionformula account. What you need to do is

  1. Go to register and fill in your details. We don’t ask for much information. Just your name, email and password. Better yet you can simply register fully with just one click by registering with google login using your gmail account.
  2. After you register and verify your account. login.
  3. After login go to the menu and click on twitter and then on the drop-down click on comment.
  4. We will take you to twitter login page where you will need to login with your twitter account into our systems. To do this just click on the login button and then follow along to login with your twitter account. After you login we will return you to millionformula. Now you are ready to make money commenting on twitter posts on millionformula.
  5. Now with your account ready go to twitter comment page and you can start commenting on any or all the posts available.

That’s how simple it is to make money on millionformula commenting on twitter posts.

What not to do.

We know that the temptation to comment on so many posts as possible is there. You feel like you need to comment on all the posts available in order to make more money. This is because the more you comment the more you earn. We discourage this. We discourage millionformula users from commenting on twitter randomly even to posts that are not relevant to them.

Twitter anti-spam

There are couple reasons why we discourage users from doing this. The first is because of twitter user guidelines and policies against spamming. If you go ahead and posts tons of comments with your twitter account on random posts that are not even relevant to you, Twitter is going to see your account as a spam account. You know what happens to spam accounts. They get shut down. We don’t want Twitter to shut down your account for using it on our platform.

Deleting comments.

The second and most important reason is because of our own terms and conditions. By just commenting on many random twitter posts is in no way against our terms and conditions. Our terms and conditions don’t prohibit you from commenting on tons of random posts even if its a million of them. What our terms and conditions are against is what comes after you comment on so many posts that are not even relevant to you. This is the urge to delete some of the comments because they are not relevant to you.

Millionformula terms and conditions are strictly against this. You cannot reverse or undo the actions you perform on millionformula in no way shape or form on your private account. This means if you post a twitter comment on millionformula with your twitter account you cannot delete it later.

If you break these terms by deleting the comments we will penalize you. First we will forfeit your earnings for that specific period of time as the first warning. If you repeat the same problem again we will suspend your account and eventually delete without further possibility of restoration.

Short comments

We don’t want comments like ” great or great video or wow or amazing or nice”.

The third thing that you shouldn’t do when making money by commenting on twitter posts is posting short comments. All comments that you post should be long. More than 200 characters. Don’t worry you do not have to count your characters we have already made it for you. Our system counts the number of characters that you have written and can only allow you to post when they are enough.

Irrelevant comments

Another thing you shouldn’t do is post irrelevant comments. All your comments should be relevant and related to the post. Thus they should be honest and depict your true opinion of the post. Therefore, your comments should not be biased for any kind of reason like racial grounds or ethnic grounds or extremist grounds or sexually or physically offensive or terrorist intent driven.

Unrelated language.

Your comments should not be of a different language to the post. Therefore, if a post is English, we expect English comments. However, if you speak a different language, you can comment on the posts that are only of your language.

How much money can i make commenting on twitter posts?

Am very proud to inform you that you can make a lot of money by just commenting on twitter posts. You can make a minimum of $0.5 per every comment you make. That’s real good amount of money for something as simple as a two sentence statement. Hence for only 10 comments you can make 5 US dollars. For 100 comments you can make $50.

For sure by now you can tell that millionformula is the worlds future of making money online. This is the minimum that that we pay for a comment here on millionformula. However that is not the maximum. The maximum is limitless because it all depends on how much the twitter account owner is willing to pay for the comments. Therefore even as much as $5 per a comment is possible.