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How to make money liking YouTube videos

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How to make money liking YouTube videos

millionformula is a one of a kind company that gives you a chance to make money liking YouTube videos. Yes you heard it right. Making money liking YouTube videos. The very same things that you do daily for free. On millionformula you get paid for doing the same things that you do daily for no pay. You get to have fun and make money out of it. You can do almost any activity that you do on social media and get paid for it.

MillionFormula is a marketing company that also provides opportunity for people to make money online. We Provide youtubers with the opportunity to increase engagement/likes for their videos. This on the other hand creates the opportunity for you to earn money by watching and liking those videos. You will earn $0.05 for each and every youtube video that you like. The more videos you watch and like the more money you make as you get paid for each video independently. You can do this as part time or fulltime depending on your wish. We average that you can make between $30 to $72 a day.

How to make money liking YouTube videos on millionformula.

It’s very easy. As a matter of fact its nothing new. Actually if you have ever used YouTube before and liked a video on YouTube, its the same thing. Only now you like the YouTube videos playing on our website millionformula. All you need is a Gmail account, just your usual Gmail account that you use daily. A millionformula account which is very easy to register, will only take you a minute to register. The full process for creating a millionformula account is described bellow.

After you have crated your millionformula what you need is to login to millionformula. Then click on YouTube on the menu. We will redirect you to a page where you can login with your google account (this is for those who logged in with a different email provider like yahoo). On the login with google page just login using your Gmail account. You are now ready to make money liking YouTube videos.

You need to do now is go to YouTube like videos page and watch the videos that you feel are interesting to you. If the video is interesting enough to you just like it. You make money for every video that you like. Also your earnings increase the more you view and like.

What not to do when making money liking YouTube videos on millionformula.

It is very important for you to know this. Don’t just be watching videos and liking them just for the sake of making money. It is good to be having fun at the same time and be liking the videos that you honestly find interesting. This is the reason why I am telling you this. If you make it an effort to like as many videos as you can with the efforts of making more money, you will feel the need to undo the activities you did on millionformula on your private YouTube account. That is they go to their private accounts and remove all the likes. That is against millionformula terms and conditions.

Before millionformula pays you the money you make we actually check your public social media activities to make sure that you are following our terms and conditions. We check to make sure that you are not privately removing the likes you made on millionformula. This is an attempt to make our service more valuable to our customers. The people who get YouTube likes from us expect that the likes are going to be permanent on their accounts. Not get 10,000 likes today then tomorrow only 2,000 likes remaining. If we determine that you are violating this condition, we will forfeit your amount of money earned and if you repeat this violation we will delete your account.

Why this kind of condition?

The more reasons for this kind of condition is to maintain the quality of our service and maintain YouTube standards. What we mean by this is that we don’t want to be a YouTube likes “manufacturer” company. We want our platform to be a place where you can actually get paid enjoying YouTube videos just like you enjoy on YouTube. Not a place where people like all kinds of videos just for money.

Learn the full process to create a millionformula account and make money bellow.

Its very simple! To earn money on millionformula on youtube,

  1. First you need to visit our website millionformula.
  2. Then take a minute to register your account if you are not already registered. It will only take you less than 20 seconds because we don’t ask for so much information. All you need to sign up is your name, email and password.
  3. NOTE! for youtube you need to register with your GMAIL account. So its easier to just signin with google as shown in the screenshot bellow
  4. millionformula  registration
  5. If you choose not to signin with google (we strongly advice you to use signin with google because you cant access youtube without gmail account) check your email that you have used to register and verify your email. NOTE! if you don’t find your verification email in your inbox check spam box or junk box because sometimes the email service providers might misplace emails.
  6. After verifying your account login with your username and your password
  7. After logging in click on youtube on the menu bar
  8. Millionformula menu navigation
  9. Then click on any youtube feature you want as explained bellow

When you click on the menu we will take you to youtube videos page where you can make money by liking videos. You will find many videos listed there. Choose the kind of videos that you find interesting and watch them. For each video that you watch and find it worth a like then leave a like for it. After you finish that video go ahead and watch another video.

Your earnings

Your earnings

From the many youtube videos provided for you, keep watching and liking as you wish. Out systems detect your actions automatically. For each and every youtube video that you like, our website will know and add the money accrued to that specific video to your account. Remember that each and every video like is worth its unique amount of money. You can always visit my account page at any moment and see your earnings for liking vidoes as well as other millionformula earning methods.

Withdraw your money

For you to be paid at millionformula you will need to earn atleast $20. You can participate in any money making task that you wish to until you attain the 20 USD. When you attain the $20, send us a payout request through your account dashboard. Imediately when you send us the payout request we will make a manual review of your activities at millionformula just to make sure that you are following our terms and conditions then pay you.

Payment method

Currently, MillionFormula is using paypal to process most payments for most of our users around the world. Paypal is international and is trusted by many. It has been around for many years and most important of all is that its very convenient for anyone to use.

For you to receive your payment you will need to provide us with your paypal email ID through your my bank details page. While you are at it you can also add your bank details so that we can use wire transfer payments whenever its convenient.