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Why would anyone pay me for twitter likes?

Yes this a million dollar question. Why would anyone pay for twitter likes? We all know that a twitter like is not worth anything. It has no physical value, you know like monetary value. Likes do not make anyone money, neither twitter nor the post owner. Yet, many people are ready and willing to pay large sums of money for the likes. This makes you wonder why. Well the answer is quite simple. STATUS APPEAL.

When you or anyone else on twitter sees a post with so many likes, they easily and quickly assumes that the post is very good. They assume that the post is very interesting and many people love it. They assume that the post is worth noticing and reading/watching. Therefore the person seeing it will end up reading it or watching it. In most cases the person is more likely to like it too. See? Makes sense now right? With the few likes that they buy initially, generates so many more organic likes and views/reads in addition.

Earn money online by liking twitter posts.

If you are a twitter user, you can earn money by liking posts here at millionformula. With your twitter account you can get paid for liking posts. All you need is a millionformula account that you can register for free. Go through the many posts made available to you and then like the ones that you find interesting to you. Just the same way that you do on twitter is how you will it here. Our systems will identify each and every post that you like and add money to your account automatically.

Does liking twitter posts make money?

YES! But only here at millionformula. Liking posts on does not make any money. Not for you not for twitter nor the post owner. In order for you to understand why this is so, you need to know how twitter makes money. Its through advertising but liking twitter posts has nothing to do with advertising. Therefore the next time you like a certain post do not assume that you have made twitter or the post owner any richer.

However Only here at millionformula, you will get paid for each and every post that you like. Click on the red button to start. The reason why you can get paid money to like twitter posts here at millionformula is because its a form of advertising. The customers come to us with the need for twitter likes and are willing to pay for it and that's how we are able to pay you.

How do Twitter likes make money?

For the twitter likes to make money there must be someone paying for it right? Yes here at millionformula we have so many twitter advertisers who are marketing and promoting their accounts. These advertisers are ready to pay you to like their posts. The specifications, amount of money and demands vary from one advertiser to another. However, like we have mentioned above you need to understand that twitter does not get any money for the likes. Neither does the post owner. Just because you liked their post it doesn't mean that they got money for that.

Get paid to like Twitter posts

You will need a twitter account. If you don’t have one you can register easily for free on twitter. Login to your millionformula account and with your twitter account login to millionformula. Having logged in head over to millionformula twitter likes page and check out the posts provided. Like those that you find interesting and relevant to you. Our systems will detect the likes automatically and add money to your account. This is probably one of the best, if not the only way for you to get paid to like twitter posts. We are yet to discover another website that pays people for liking twitter posts. Just for pressing a button you get money. Pretty easy right?

make money by liking twitter posts

How much money can you earn for 100 Twitter likes?

The standard millionformula minimum earnings for a twitter like is $0.05. Since this is the minimum, we will use an average of $0.1. Multiplying $0.1 with 100 gives 0.1 * 100 = 10. Therefore you make $10 for liking a hundred twitter posts. Think about it? For just pressing a button you get paid. This is something that you normally do on regular basis for free. We are simply paying you for your hobby or in other terms you get paid to have fun. Just remember not to just like so many posts for the sake of money. Have fun with it.

How can i earn money for liking twitter posts?

Its very easy all you need are two things: your millionformula account and your twitter account. With those two click on the red button bellow to start. We will take you to a login or register page. If you don’t have a millionformula account register one quickly. If you have an account log in. Then head over to millionformula twitter posts and start liking.

How many likes do you need to make money on twitter?

The number of likes you have don’t really impact the amount of money you will make on twitter. Unless if your sponsor specifies the number of likes they want, then the number of likes has no significance to your twitter earnings.

However here at millionformula, the number of posts that you like determines the amount of money that you will make. However, you need to note that you do not need to like a certain number of posts. Millionformula pays you for each and every like individually and independently. You do not need to like a certain number so as to get paid. You should also realize that each and every twitter post like carries its own unique amount of money. They do not all pay the same amount. There are those that pay more than others.

earn money by liking twitter posts