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All you need to know.

MillionFormula is a marketing company that also provides opportunity for people to make money online. We Provide youtubers with the opportunity to increase engagement/likes for their videos. This on the other hand creates the opportunity for you to earn money by watching and liking those videos. You will earn $0.05 for each and every youtube video that you like. The more videos you watch and like the more money you make as you get paid for each video independently. You can do this as part time or fulltime depending on your wish. We average that you can make between $30 to $72 a day.

You can like youtube videos for money here at millionformula. With only your millionformula account and your gmail account. If you want to start liking youtube videos for money right away, just click on the red button bellow and we will take you to a page that you can start right away. However you need to note that you need to be signed in to millionformula and also signed in with google to millionformula. If you want to read more about it and how it works together with a step by step guide, scroll to the footer and go to the respective page. If you want to learn more about how to like youtube videos for money then continue reading because this is all you need to know.

Earn money online by liking youtube videos.

With each and every day, we keep coming up with new and better ways for you to earn money online. That’s why now you can earn money online by liking youtube videos here at millionformula. You go to youtube and choose your favorite type of videos that you like to watch, watch them and if you find them interesting enough you leave a like. Our systems will automatically detect that you watched a certain video and liked it and will automatically add money to your account. Thus you get paid to like videos. People do very hard things to make money but there is nothing else as easy as this. Have fun as you watch those interesting videos that you watch on youtube and like them. You earn for each and every video that you like.

How can I earn money from liking videos on YouTube?

To earn money from liking videos on youtube you will need only 2 things. Your gmail account and your millionformula account. You can also acquire both of them for free. If you don't have a gmail account just head over to google and register one quickly. Similarly, if you don't have a millionformula account scroll up this page and click on the register now button. We will take you to a registration page where you will register your millionformula account for free. We will send you a verification email. Then check your email inbox or SPAM/JUNK box if you don't find the verification email in the primary inbox. Click on the verification link and you are good to go. Login to your new account and start making money with youtube likes.

make money online by liking youtube videos

Like videos for money

Now you can like youtube videos and earn money direct to your PayPal account. There is nothing new to learn here. If you have ever watched a youtube video and liked it before then its the same thing here. You will choose a category of youtube videos that you find interesting, then watch them and if you find them good enough leave a like and that’s it. Pretty easy right? Just remember that, this is not just about clicking the most like buttons to make the most money. Rather, it is about liking the videos that you actually find interesting. Just the very same content that you would like on youtube if you were not being paid are the ones you need to like here. There is abundance of videos that you can watch and like so you don't have to like every video that you come across.

How much money can i earn for liking 1000 youtube videos?

As per millionformula standards, the minimum amount of money that you can get for a single youtube like is $0.05. This is the least and not the highest. Thus we will assume an average of $0.1 per a like. Assuming that you like 1000 videos with an average of $0.1 per a like, then you will earn 1000 * 0.1 = $100. That means you will earn $100 for liking a 1000 youtube videos.

Get paid to like videos

You will need a gmail account and a millionformula account for this. Both of these you can easily obtain them for free. For the gmail account register at google and for millionformula account scroll up to register. With both your accounts follow the guidelines on how to register and start earning money by liking youtube videos. That easily you get paid to like videos. You do not need a credit or debit card to do this. MillionFormula will never ask you for your credit/debit card at millionformula because we will not charge you for anything. Always make sure that the domain name at the top of the browser in the address bar is and not anything else.

Do youtube likes make money?

YouTube video likes made on youtube( do not make anyone money. They do not earn the video owner either. Similarly liking videos on youtube does not make you, the viewer, any money. Furthermore, to understand why is this read this page on the section on how to make money with youtube.

On the other hand, millionformula made a way that you can make money for youtube likes. Ours is the only way that youtube likes make money. You as the "liker" get to earn for every video that you like.

How do YouTube likes make money?

The way that youtube likes make money is through video advertisers. There are many people out there trying to promote their youtube content and channels. Therefore, these youtubers are the people that pay you to like their videos. On the other hand, by watching and liking their content gets them publicity and popularity for their video. This is good in promoting their channels and videos.

Earn money by liking youtube videos

Can i earn money for liking videos?

YES! From now on you can earn money online by liking youtube videos. Yes you get paid to like videos. That very easy thing that you do on daily basis is what we will be paying you for. You choose the kind of videos that you like watching, then view them and if you find them worth your like, you like them. Then we pay you for that. All on your phone without the need to spend any money. Get paid for liking now.