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Make money online by proofreading articles

Is reading your hobby? Do you love to read books, stories and other articles? Are you fluent in English to the point that you can identify those text errors that seem to miss everyone’s eye? Then this is for you. Here at million formula you can earn money online by proofreading articles. You select the articles that you like and read them as you highlight all the errors. Make sure that you don’t miss any errors. Anyone who can read and write is welcome to participate in this. Therefore all you need is to set up a millionformula account for free and you are good to go.

How do you do it?

Its very easy to earn money by proofreading articles here at millionformula. The process of registering and starting is very easy and will only take you a minute. Most importantly, it is absolutely free to do it. Millionformula will not charge you to create an account and to make money by proofreading. To get started, you will need to register a new millionformula account if you are not yet registered. Read bellow to know how to create an account. After registration, head over to millionformula proofreading program and enroll for free. During enrollment remember to provide us with any certificates you might have. Certificates for proofreading if you have done it before or certificates for any related job that you have done before.

These certificates can help you rank faster than other users who have none. Similarly, if you have been proofreading with any other websites elsewhere and you have an online profile send us the link. After enrollment, you will start seeing articles that needs proofreading. Go ahead and start proofreading the articles. For the first 5 articles that you proofread, we will make a manual review. This is to make sure that you are following our guidelines and your work is up to millionformula standards. After that you can keep on proofreading articles without the need for a manual review. Keep building your profile by completing more jobs. The more articles that you proofread successfully the more your profile grows.

How to make $70 by proofreading articles.

Making a lot of money online by proofreading articles is not as easy. This is especially for beginners. Millionformula has a system that rewards consistence and hard work. This means that the longer you proofread articles here at millionformula the more your chances of making more money increases. This is because we give the more paying articles/jobs to the more experienced proofreaders. This is because our proofreading clients want their work to be done by more experienced people. They want the experienced proofreaders because they provide better quality work.

Therefore, when you join the proofreading program, you are just a newbie. At this point you do not have much experience. Hence we cannot be giving you most of the jobs. Furthermore, we can't give you the jobs that require top experienced proofreaders. Hence when you are new you cannot expect to make as much money as the people who have been doing the job for years. However the good news is that you too stand a chance to gain experience and make more money. The longer and the more articles you proofread the more you increase your chances of making more money.

When you attain the top levels of proofreading, then you enter the "big boys club". When you are here you stand the chance to make even more than that $70 by proofreading articles. If you rank high as a proofreader here at millionformula you have the option to choose the articles to proofread before the rest. Hence you can choose all the gigs that pay the most money and thus make even more than the $70.

How to make money by proofreading articles.

How to make money online by proofreading articles at millionformula.

All you need is to register a millionformula account and then go ahead and enlist for millionformula articles proofreading program. To register your millionformula account and get going just follow the steps bellow.

  1. Click here to register new account.
    Hint! It is easiest and quickest to register a millionformula account by just login with google. Just one click and you are done.
  2. On the registration page fill all your information, check to agree with our terms and conditions (hoping you have already read our terms and conditions) Verify that you are not a robot and then click on register.
  3. You will receive a verification code in your email inbox (if you don’t find the verification email in your inbox check the junk/spam box). Verify your email with the link.
  4. Login into your millionformula account with your new username and password. Now you are ready to Make money online for proofreading articles.
  5. Click here to go to millionformula articles proofreading page and enroll for the program. You will need to submit your academic certificates.
  6. After you signup for the millionformula articles proofreading program go ahead and start proofreading articles. When you submit your first articles we will make manual reviews to make sure that you are up to standards.
  7. Once we approave your article we will pay you right away. We will make manual reviews for your first five articles after which if you qualify you can continue proofreading without the need for manual review. Keep building your profile to win more articles for proofreading and earn more money.

How much money do you earn for proofreading an article at millionformula?

Each and every article that you proofread at millionformula will earn you a different amount of money. They all do not carry the same money. There are those that pay more than others. The longer articles will pay you more than the shorter articles. The more complex articles pay more than money than the simple ones. Similarly the articles that require higher academic qualifications will pay more than the lower levels. In addition to that, some proofreading clients will pay more than others. The more that are willing to pay the more you get paid for it.

To give you an approximate of how much you can make for proofreading articles here at millionformula, we will give you some numbers. Millionformula set a standard minimum bellow which we do not allow any client to pay. This means that no proofreading client can pay you bellow that. We set $3 per page as the standard minimum amount of money that you can make for any article that you proofread. That means for any article that you proofread you can be sure that you will make at least $3/page and above. However this is not the fixed amount because there is no set maximum.

Get paid to proofread.


  1. Remember that our clients expect the best articles from us. Therefore you need to give it your best. The articles you proofread should be correct, relevant to the topic, as instructed, the required length, well researched, detailed and informative.
  2. Plagiarism is prohibited. We prohibit you from copying articles and other content on the internet or from some other sources and submitting to us.
  3. Millionformula does not accept web scraped or spinned content. We have the necessary systems to determine the articles proofread by you and those scraped from internet or spinned from other prior content. Refrain from such activities.
  4. You must meet your deadline. If you agree to write an article in a given time you must meet the deadline without delays.
Proofread articles for money.

Your articles proofreading earnings.

For the first 5 articles that you proofread, we will have to make manual review before we can pay you for it. After the manual review our team members doing the review will add the money to your account. After the first 5 jobs, you are free to keep earning money online by proofreading articles without the need for manual review. At this point our systems will be tracking your activities at millionformula automatically and keep adding money to your account. The more you proofread the more you earn. There is no limit to how many articles you can proofread. Similarly, there is no limit to how much money you can earn for proofreading articles. Our systems will keep adding your earnings to your account automatically. To see how much you have earned by proofreading go to millionformula proofreading earnings page.

Payment and withdrawal

One of the best advantages of earning money online by proofreading articles here at millionformula is that you can get paid at any time. As soon as you finish earning your money you can apply for a payout request and get paid. Remember that for you to get paid you need to have earned at least $20. This is our minimum withdrawal limit. After you apply for the payout request you will make a manual review of your activities at millionformula. This is just to make sure that you are following our guidelines to maintain our standards. After the review we will send your money to your paypal account right away.

Can I get my own article proofread for me?

Anyone who wants to use millionformula services can get it. Even you can get your articles proofread for you. You can choose specific millionformula users to proofread for you or you can just post the job for any of our users to proofread for you. We have very qualified and experienced proofreaders that will do wonderful job for you. Most importantly, we guarantee you of millionformula quality standards. To get your articles proofread for you, just go to our sales website mediageneous and buy.