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Are you a youtuber? Do you have a youtube channel? Are you frequently publishing youtube videos? Do you get many youtube views after you publish your videos? Then this is a golden opportunity for you to make a lot of money with your youtube channel. Millionformula is giving you the chance to make money online by making youtube videos for us and other businesses and companies. I know you might be wondering why would anyone pay you to make videos for them. The videos that you make are for providing promotional services for us or the businesses/company. In other words you can say that these videos are a form of advertising.

You should make a video talking about our website and the services we provide. Similarly, if you are talking about another business or company, you need to talk about their business services and products. This video is meant to inform your audience about our/business services and products. Make the videos as descriptive as possible so that it serves us/business right. Keep in mind that the video should be positive because its meant to be an advert for us/business. Therefore talk positive and nice things about us or whatever business you are promoting. After making the video upload it to your youtube video and publish it. When you do this, the video will get views hence the people will learn about our services or whoever you are doing the promotion for.

How it works

Its very simple! To earn money online by making youtube videos for millionformula. This is how it works. You make a video talking about and post it on your youtube account with a link to in the description. When your video attains 10000 views we will pay you. We will pay you $40 for the first 10000 views and $10 for every other 10000 views beyond the first 10000 views. Do not buy the youtube views not unless if you buy the views at mediageneous. We are against users buying the youtube views because most of the sellers sell fake views. They sell views that are made by some automated computer programs. This way you will have millions of views for the videos you made for us yet no people saw the video.

Such bought views are useless to us as they don't serve the purpose. The purpose of the video is to market and promote millionformula or the business you are promoting. However, if you buy the fake views nobody will see the video hence we will not get the marketing. The only seller that we allow you to buy the youtube view from is mediageneous because we have proven that they provide real youtube views. Their youtube views are from real people and hence we will get the marketing we want.

Think of it; if your video gets 1 million views you make a total of $1030. There is no limit to the number of views you can be paid for. However many youtube views you can make is however much money we will pay you. The more youtube views you get the more money we will pay you. The payments rates mentioned above hold for however many youtube views you get.


>>Before paying you we will watch your video to make sure that you did as we asked bellow.

1. The video should be providing positive information about millionformula or whatever business you are promoting

2. The video should be a honest review in your own words about what you think about millionformula.

3. The video should be at least 2 minutes long.

4. You must provide a direct link to millionformula from your youtube video description.

5. Your views should come from organic real people. In other words, you should not buy your views from third party sellers of YouTube views/subscribers/likes/comments. The only two bought sources of your visitors that we allow is and/or youtube (youtube ads campaign).

6. Your post must be having good audience retention. That is people should be actually taking time to interact/watch your video. Usually you should have at least 70% viewership duration of your total video length. You can find this engagement information in your youtube video analytics. See the example bellow.

millionformula youtube analytics

7. During claim for your payment you must provide a screenshot of your youtube analytics from your dashboard statistics concerning the video you made for us

After you post your video, copy the link of the video and submit it to millionformula on your account. Our team will use this link to watch your video to see if its meeting our conditions. After this wait for the video to attain the numbers indicated above. After the video attains these numbers, notify us through your account. When you make the notification, we will be notified. With this we will watch the video to make sure that you are following our conditions. We will watch to make sure that the video is good enough depending on what you talk in the video.


After we make the review of your video, we will pay you. The amount of money to be paid is determined by the number of views you got. We have mentioned the numbers above and this is what we will use to calculate your money. If the views are just the minimum 10000, we will pay you for that minimum and wait for the next number. However if your video has views more than the minimum 10000, we will pay you for the minimum and the extra views. We calculate the total money for the extra views by subtracting the initial 10000 then dividing the rest into multiples of 10000. This way we will pay you the full amount of money that is accrued to your views.

We do the payment through paypal. Therefore you need to have a paypal account before you apply for the payment. However we understand that its not everyone who has access to paypal. Don't worry because we can still pay you through other means like wire transfer. We will need you to provide us with your bank account number, bank name and your bank swift code. We process most of our payments immediately. Hence the day you will notify us that you have attained the minimum numbers and you want to be paid is the day we pay you. You don't have to wait for your payment at millionformula.

What kind of videos will you be making?

In most cases, we will tell you what to talk about. This is mostly for other businesses and companies. They will inform you what they want you to talk about. They might even give you a written script of what to say in the video. This might require you to say exactly what is in the script or the client might give you the freedom to deviate a little bit. However, what you can be certain about is that the message is positive. There is no business person who would pay you to talk bad or negative things about their business. In other cases, we might not tell you what to talk about. This is where you should to use your creativity. Come up with nice things to say about their business.

On the other hand, for millionformula, we will not provide you with a script of what to say. However you need to talk about the various ways of making money at millionformula. This should be easy for you because we have so many of them. Moreover, we have explained each and every one of them in details. If you click on the menu you will see links to so many pages that describe all the many ways to make money here. Its upon you to choose whatever method you want and talk about it in your video. Make the video as descriptive as possible and as interesting as you can. Remember that the purpose of the video is to inform your audience about our services hence should be descriptive.

What to do with the video after payment?

Many people ask us what they should do with the video they made for us after they make the money and get paid. Some wonder should they still keep the video on their youtube channels or should they delete it. Well the answer is keep it. You should note that this is not a one time payment situation. As long as the video keeps getting views, we will keep paying you. Even if it takes a decade, we will keep paying you. There is no duration limit of how long you should keep the video live. Take keen note on the payment numbers shown above and see that it covers all the views you get even if its for eternity. The more views you get the more money you make. The views do not stop with the first payment as long as the video is on youtube.

Similarly the payment does not stop with the first payment as long as the video is on youtube. Think about it, if you delete the video after the first 10000 views, then you miss the chance to make money for the views beyond 10000. However, you should know that you are free to delete the video since you are in full control of your youtube channel and all your content. Another fact that you need to know is that we do not allow you to delete that video after the first payment and then re-upload it again. If you re-upload the same video we will not pay you for it. If you want more money for more videos just make a new video talking about other ways to make money online at millionformula. There is no limit to the number of youtube videos you can make for us.