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Matini flights is giving you a chance to make money for every booking that you refer. Matiniflights is an online flights booking website. This is a website that you can you can use to book flight tickets to anywhere in the world. They have an inventory of almost all airlines in the world and all flight routes around the world. This creates and opportunity for you to make money online by promoting this website to the people who want to book flights. If these people book the flights with matini flights, then you get paid for the bookings.

Matini flights will pay you a commission for every flight booking you refer to their website. This is a commission program where you earn 0.8% for every sale/booking that you refer to This means that for every person you bring to matini flights and they book a flight, we will pay you 0.8% of the total price of the flight.

For example:

If the flight cost is $4000 you get $32.

If the flight cost is $3000 you get $24.

Similarly, if the flight cost is $20 you get $0.16.

and much more

matiniflights has thousands and thousands of flight destinations and airlines in their inventory and has the best prices in the market so it will be quite easy for you to get customers

How it works

To earn money for every sale on matiniflights first of all you need to have an account with our millionformula commission program to get your referral USERNAME/registered email id and your referral link. There are two ways that you can promote. With the referral ID and with the referral link. For the referral link, we need you to use it where the people can see it and click on it. The link redirects the people to matini flights where they can book the flights. When anyone clicks on your referral link and is taken to matini flights, that is recorded as a referral visitor for you.

If that person goes ahead and books a flight, that counts as a referral flight for you. You will be paid a commission for that flight. Whatever the price of the flight is, you will get a 0.8% commission for it. The commission payments happen here at millionformula. All the calculations and payments for the commission happen here at millionformula. Matini flights sends all data here to millionformula in real time as your customers makes the bookings. When we receive the data, our systems calculate your earnings and updates it right away.

With your referral username or your registered email you can use it to reach out to your audience, followers, friends, family or whoever it is that you are promoting to. Make sure that you provide them with your correct username/email so that we will be able to identify your sales and make the payments to you. So this is what happens; when your referred customer is making their purchase/booking at, we ask them to provide their referrer username or email id on the checkout page as shown in the image bellow.

matiniflights – Flight Booking Page

When they provide it, we use it to identify who made the sale. The matiniflights systems foeard this information to millionformula. They foward this information automatically and in real time as the sales are happening so that we can update your earnings for you. We process all the commissions on behave of matiniflights. Hence you will be paid for the flights sales here at millionformula. So as you can see you need to provide your customers with the correct details so that you can be able to get the commission.

How to promote to your audience

First of all you need to know the exact target audience for this. You need to know the correct people to promote to so that you can have many sales. Keep in mind that its not everyone booking flights or flying anywhere. Hence the need to target those few that are traveling. You will need means of reaching the people. The most common ways of marketing these days is through social media. The social media is free and accessible to everyone. Hence you too can use social media to promote the flights to people out there. If you have a facebook account or page, a twitter account, an instagram account and a youtube channel you can really use it to make money.

To promote your referral link and your referral ID, just talk about matini flights and the benefits of booking flights with them. On this post make sure to post your referral link and your referral ID. Your audience will use this link or the referral id to book the flights on matiniflights. When they click on the link, it will take them to matiniflights where they can book. Similarly, for the referral id they will use it to indicate that you are the person that referred them.

Another way you can use to promote to your audience is the old way of the word of mouth. This is for the people that are close to you and you can meet with them physically or call them. Another way that you can promote your referrals is by texting and sending messages to family and friends. You can use apps like messenger and whatsapp to send as many texts as you want. Another advantage of whatsapp is that you can send the promotional messages to whatsapp groups. This way you can reach hundreds of people in a single text.

Those who own a website can use it to promote their links and referral ID too. Make a post or a page talking about booking flights at matiniflights and include your link and referral ID. When your website visitors come to your website and see your page they can click the link and go to matiniflights to book the flights. If the page ranks on google the you can make even a lot more money for all the people who will be coming to your website.

how to register millionformula commission account

If you dont have a millionformula commission account follow the steps bellow to register one.

1.First you need to visit millionformula commission page and click on register.

2.Fillout the form with your correct details

3.Verify your email

4.login to your account with your username and password

How you get paid your matiniflights commission

Once you finish making your money, it comes to payment time. This is where you learn how to receive your money. As you make each and every sale at matini flights the data is sent to millionformula immediately as it happens. Hence we are able to keep your matiniflights flights bookings commission updated at all time. When we receive the data from matiniflights we process it to determine the referrer and how much money the you earned for the sale. This money keeps increasing in your account as you keep making the sales. The more sales you make the more money you get. When you have earned more than $20, you can make a payout request. When you make the request we will start working on payment right away.

Our payments department will make a quick manual review of all your activities at millionformula. This is to make sure that you are following our guidelines as you make the commission sales. The purpose of this is to maintain our high quality standards. After the review we will send your money to your account through PAYPAL. Hence make sure that you have a paypal account to be able to receive payment. However if you do not have access to paypal do not worry because we can still pay you. We will use wire transfer to send the money direct to your account. Before applying for the payment make sure to update your payment information on your account. We can not be able to pay you without the payment information.