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hotels in dubai - MATINI Hotels

Matini hotels is giving you a chance to make money for every booking that you refer. Matinihotels is an online hotel rooms booking website. Anyone from allover the world can book a hotel room on matinihotels. They provide hotel rooms in hotels from allover the world. You can book any hotel in the world on matini hotels. This matinihotels, is offering a commission for every sale that you direct to their website. That is if you send someone to matini hotels and they book a hotel room, you will be paid a commission of the total amount of money spent by the customer. This is a commission program where you earn 2% for every sale/booking that you refer to

This means that for any person you send/refer to matinihotels and they make a hotel room booking or reservation, you will be paid 2% if the total booking price. This is a really good commission right? It means that the amount of money you will make through this commission is determined by your referral sales. The more expensive bookings your clients make the more money you get. The rate is always the same 2%. This commission is quite good as compared to all other online hotel booking websites. Most online hotels booking websites pay you less than 1% of the total sale price. In very rare cases you even get that 1% because most of them are in the order of 0.0...%. To give you an example of these commissions look at the example bellow.

For example:

If the room price is $2000 you get  $40.

If the room price is $1500  you get  $30.

Similarly if the room price is $20      you get  $0.4.

and much more

matinihotels has thousands and thousands of hotels in their inventory and has the best prices in the market so it will be quite easy for you to get customers.

How it works

To earn money for every sale on matinihotels first of all you need to have an account with our millionformula commission program to get your referral USERNAME/registered email id and your referral link. With your referral username or your registered email you can use it to reach out to your audience, followers, friends, family or whoever it is that you are promoting to. Make sure that you provide them with your correct username/email so that we will be able to identify your sales and make the payments to you. So this is what happens; when your referred customer is making their purchase/booking on they ask them to provide their referrer username or email id on the checkout page as shown in the image bellow.

Hotel Booking - MATINI Hotels(1)

When they provide it, we use it to identify who made the sale. They send this information to us through our automatic systems so that we can process your commission. Remember that millionformula is the one paying you for the commission sales from matinihotels. That's why they send us the data. All this information comes automatically in real time and thus we keep your earnings updated at all time. Therefore as you can see you need to provide your customers with the correct details so that you can be able to get the commission.

On the other hand, for the referral link, you will use this link to promote to your audience. For example you can send the link to your friends and relatives in messages like through whatsapp SMS and other messaging apps. Similarly, if you are using using social media, attach that link on your social media pages, posts, profile and all those social media options that you have. When your audience want to go to matinihotels and book they can just click on that link.

Similarly you can attach this link on your website. This is for the users with websites or are using websites to promote the sales. When the person clicks on your link, they are redirected to matinihotels. When they get to matinihotels, the systems put in place detect that someone came to matini hotels through your link. This counts as a referral for you. If this person goes ahead and books with matinihotels, this counts as a referral sale for you. This information is sent to millionformula so that we can process the commission for you. This happens in real time and thus your earnings for the commissions is always up to date.

How to promote to your audience

There are various ways that you can promote your referral links and id to people. In simple terms it means getting as many people to use your referral id and or link to book the hotels. Therefore you need to promote to potential customers because not everyone is booking hotels. To achieve this you can target the potential audience like the people who travel a lot. For example if you make videos about touring and travel, this would be the best video to use. This is because most of the people who are going to watch this video are travelers. In like manner you can target more people by knowing where to get them and the best way to reach to them.

Some of the most common ways to promote to your audience are:

1. Social media

This is best for the people who have social media accounts. Not just having social media accounts but having social media accounts that are popular. You need to be getting a good number of visitors or viewers per month for you to be able to make a good number of sales which in turn translates to good amount of money. Such social media platforms that you can use are Facebook, instagram, youtube, twitter and others that you are familiar with. The users with many followers and or subscribers on their social media stand a better chance. This is because you can promote the referral link and ID to your followers/subscribers.

2. Own Website

If you own a website like your own blog, it can come in handy in this. You can use this website to make a lot of money by matinihotels commission. Use your link to redirect your visitors to matinihotels. For each and every visitor that comes from your website to matini hotels and books a room, you will be paid for it. Similarly you can provide your visitors with your user ID so that they can submit it to matinihotels as they book. Its upon you to use your own words to get the people to visit matinihotels and book. People usually like to see the advantages they can get by booking with the website. Like you can inform them about the advantages of booking with matinihotels.

Register millionformula commission account

If you don't have a millionformula commission account follow the steps bellow to register one.

1.First you need to visit millionformula commission page and click on register.

2.Fillout the form with your correct details

3.Verify your email

4.login to your account with your username and password

How you get paid

Once of the best advantages of making money online through matinihotels commission here at millionformula is that we will pay you in real money. Unlike other websites for making money online that pay you with coupons, shopping vouchers and gift cards, we will pay you with real money. We will pay you using US Dollars direct to your paypal account or your bank account. Another advantage of millionformula is that you get paid immediately. As soon as you finish making your money by referring customers, millionformula will pay you. We keep all your earnings updated to the latest millisecond. We do not have the end week or end month payment policies that make you wait for days or weeks to receive your money. As soon as you finish making your money we will pay you immediately.

When you have earned enough money (preferably above $20, because $20 is our minimum payout limit) just make a payout request through your account. This request is a notification to our payments department telling them that you want to be paid. Once they receive your request they will make a manual review of your activities at millionformula. This is to make sure that you are following our guidelines as you make money online. After the manual review, our team will send money to your account through PAYPAL. Hence make sure that you have a paypal account and you have updated your payments details on your payments page. However if you are unable to access paypal, don't worry because we can still pay you through wire transfer. For this you will just need to provide us with your bank name, bank account number and your bank swift code.