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Are you eloquent in English? Are you a native English language speaker? Do you have a degree or diploma in English or English literature? Are you an English teacher? Have you ever taught or been teaching English? Then this is the opportunity for you to put your English to work and get money. Now you can make money online by teaching English here at millionformula. If you have the skills, we will provide you with the opportunity to teach people who want to learn English out there and get paid for it. We will pay you for each and every student that you teach. Similarly we will pay you for each and every minute you spend teaching.

The teachers/tutors who are fluent in more than just English will be favored. This is because in some cases we need the tutor to be familiar with the student language. This is so that he/she can guide the student better. At some point, the tutor might need to translate the language word for word or sentence for sentence for the students that are very poor at English. Furthermore hen you know the language of the student it becomes way easier to teach him/her. You and the student connect better and the learning process becomes easier. For example if its a German only speaking student, if you as the teacher can speak both English and German, then it would be very easy to teach this student.

Get paid to teach English online.

For any person who is good at English, you have an opportunity to get paid to teach English to other people online. Millionformula offers teaching for so many languages online. However, English is the most common. English has the most students and thus English requires the most teachers. This is what creates this opportunity for you here. These students are the ones that pay for the coaching and in return we pay you for teaching them. The more students you teach the more money you make. Similarly the longer you teach the more money you make. This is a per hour and per student payment. Thus the more hours and the more students then the more the money.

Your level of skills is what determines how many students we entrust on to your hands. We as millionformula want you to provide the best services to our clients. Hence the more we trust in you as a good English teacher the more students we give you and thus the more money you make. Those who are fluent in more than just English have more opportunities because there are many students who prefer a teacher who knows his/her native language. In addition to that the students who need a native language speaking teacher will pay you more money than those that only need English. Hence chances for you to get paid to teach English are limitless.

Freelance English teaching jobs.

All this is happening online. All the teaching will be happening online here at millionformula. In addition to that you can teach from wherever you are. You do not need to go anywhere in order to be able to do the job. This service is available for anyone and everyone from allover the world. All you need is your computer that has a camera and a microphone (almost all current laptops have camera and microphone). Hence this is one of the best ways to make money at home. This is why we say this is a freelance job. Millionformula is not employing you for a full time in-premise job to be teaching our English students. You are free to teach whenever you want from wherever you are.

In order to be able to teach online we will provide you with a teacher's/tutor's profile. On this profile you will find the software that we use for the online classes. The software enables you to make online video calls and video conferences with the students in order to teach them. To get there all you need is to log in to your millionformula account, then go to your teaching profile.

On your profile you can start a class through the software. The software will prompt you for permission to access your computer camera and microphone. Allow and you will be able to start teaching. On the other hand, in order for the students to be able to reach to you they will also need to have a phone or a computer with camera and microphone. They will receive a join access code for your class and with this they can join your class.

How it works

Millionformula is a well established company that provides teaching/coaching services for languages to people from allover the world. This attracts many people who want to improve their languages skills and especially in this case English. When these people join millionformula to learn the languages(English) this creates the opportunity for you. This creates an opportunity for you to teach English and get paid. When these students join the program, they receive an account that they can use to access the class sessions. Similarly you as the tutor, you have your profile. This is the profile that you use to conduct the online classes and even one on one sessions. The students through their accounts can access your classes and join. The student or our millionformula team can even organize a one on one session for the student.

When the students are joining the program, they inform us what they want out of the whole tuition. They inform us their current level of knowledge they have in English. They also inform us the purpose of joining the program. Therefore with all this information we can be able to choose the right curriculum for them. We can be able to choose the right teacher for them. Similarly we can be able to choose the right academic program that fits the needs of the student best. After this, that's when you as the teacher receive students. We give these students to you based on your skills and what you teach. Your experience here at millionformula also matters a lot. The more teaching experience you have here at millionformula the more entrust you and thus the more students we give you.

Get paid to teach English.

How to make money by teaching English.

The same way that you have been teaching before is how you will do it here. There is nothing new to learn about it. The only thing that you need to know is how to create a millionformula account. Then get started with our online teaching program. In some cases it will be upon you to know what to teach the students according to their needs. In other cases we will provide you with the curriculum and all that you need to teach for the entire session. To learn how to register a millionformula account and start to make money online by teaching English read bellow.

Procedure to register a millionformula account.

Before we can take you through the steps to register an account with millionformula, here is a quick hack for you. On the registration page, if you click or choose to sign in with google, it will only take you a few seconds. It is the easiest and the preferred way to register at millionformula. If you don't wish to sign in with google, then follow the steps bellow.

  1. To Make money online by teaching English you will first of all need to register a millionformula account. To register an account go to our registration page.
  2. On the registration page fill up the details required about you. This is information like your name, your email and password. Check the terms and conditions (Assuming that you have already read our terms and conditions), fill the captcha and then click on register button.
  3. After you click on register button, you will be taken to another page to confirm your registration. Simultaneously, a confirmation code will be sent to your email account. Check your email, copy the confirmation code and paste it on the confirmation page. After pasting the confirmation code, click on the confirm button and your account will be ready.
  4. Go to the login page and sign in using your newly created account details. This is the email that you used to register the account and the password that you entered. Now your are ready to start making money online by teaching English.

Procedure to start making money by teaching English.

  1. After signing in to millionformula, the next thing you need to do is join millionformula English tutors program. To join the program just go to millionformula English tutors program and click on the join button. After you click on the link, you will be taken to the program where you can proceed to join the program. To do this click on the join button. You will be prompted to upload scan copies of your certificates. These are certificates for any degree or diploma or any studies you have for English or English related courses. In addition to the certificates, if you have been teaching English online with any other website, provide us with the link of your profile so that we can verify. We will use these certificates and the online profile to verify that you are qualified for the job. However, if you do not have any certificates or online profiles do not worry because you can still teach English at millionformula. You will only need to take some tests to prove it you are qualified.
  2. After you finish uploading the certificates and your online profile, you will be ready to start making money online by teaching English. At this point you will see the option to start a new class. If you click on the option, you will be able to start teaching right away. The students available at the moment can join your class using your link and your access code. You can also be able to start a one on one session with a student. Moreover, you can add as many students to your class as you see fit.
  3. Go ahead and start teaching right away. Millionformula will pay you for each and every student you teach and for each and every minute that you teach. The more you teach the more money you make. Similarly the more students you have the more money you make.

How much money can you make by teaching English here at millionformula?

There is a lot of money you can make by teaching English here at millionformula. The total amount of money depends on your hard work. The more hardworking you are the more money you earn. This is because the harder you work more you grow your profile. When you grow your profile you rank higher. When you rank higher you have the chance to make more money because we give you more students. We get you the students that pay more and those who want one on one sessions. In like manner, when you rank higher we have more trust in you that you will deliver good service to our clients. Experienced teachers get the most jobs because we know that they will teach our clients well.

We can't give you the exact numbers of the amount of money you will make for teaching English but we can give you some estimates. For a one on one session you can make at least $30 per hour. This is the least you can make for a one on one session. This keeps increasing from student to student and the higher you rank. For the class sessions with many students you get paid for each and every student. If each student pays $10/hour for the session, then you make the $10 * the number of students. For example if you have a class of 20 students then you earn $10 * 20 = $200. Hence you make $200/hour for the whole class session.

Get paid to teach English.

Conditions to follow as you teach English online.

In order for millionformula to be able to provide this high quality learning experience for our clients we have some rules. Millionformula has some conditions for you to follow as you teach English here with us. We want to make sure that the students get the best learning experience. We want to make sure that our clients leave millionformula having learnt English just as they wanted.

  1. Keep time. Always make sure that you start the classes the required time. If for example you have a class for 3 pm, make sure that you start the class at exactly 3 pm.
  2. Once you start a session make sure that you teach to the end. Do not have interruptions or other work in between the session. If its a 2 hour session make sure that you teach for the 2 hours continuously not unless if you have a planned break in between.
  3. Maintain a professional relationship with the students.
  4. Maintain and observe all the work ethics as you teach.
MillionFormula will pay you to teach English.

Your earnings for teaching English online.

I know at this point all you want to know is how and where to see your earnings for teaching English. You can go to your millionformula English teaching earnings page to see your money. Our systems track all your activities at millionformula to make sure that its all accounted for. Our systems will note each and every class that you take to make sure that you are paid for it. In addition to that our systems will note each and every minute that you spend teaching. It will also note what students you taught and how many they were.

The system will distinguish if the student was on a one on one session or it was just one of the common sessions. With all this information, our system is able to know what amount of money you have earned at what time and for which session. The system updates your earnings immediately in real time as you teach. You can see all this information on your earnings page at any point in time. Our systems will keep increasing money in your account as you keep teaching.

Payment and withdrawal

When you finish making money by teaching English here at millionformula, it will come to payment time. One of the main advantages of millionformula is that we pay our users with real money. Unlike other websites for making money online that pay you with coupons, shopping vouchers and gift cards, we will pay you with real money. In addition to that, we do not delay the payments to our users. As soon as you finish making your money, make a payout request for us to pay you. As soon as you make the request, we will make a manual review of all your activities at millionformula. This is to make sure that you are following our terms and conditions as teach English for money. After the manual review is over we will send your money to your paypal or bank account.

Can i hire someone to teach me English?

Yes. If you need to learn English, you can do it here at millionformula. You can hire someone to teach you English right here. We have qualified teachers here at millionformula that can teach you. You can hire any teacher that you want to teach you. Similarly you can let millionformula choose the tutor you want to teach you. Millionformula guarantees that you will get the best quality English coaching ever. You can have a one on one with any tutor and let them guide you on your path to English prowess. In addition to that you are also free to choose how long you want to take the classes. We have our planned curricula and programs that you can choose from. Or you can come up with your own plan depending on what you want to learn and for how long you want. To hire your english teacher go to our sales website mediageneous.