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Make money online by freelance translating

Earn money online by freelance translating content from one language to another. Millionformula is giving you the chance to use your fluency in more than one language to make money. We will provide you with a lot of content/articles that needs to be translated. You choose the content in the language that you understand and translate them to another language that you are fluent in. You can work by translating each article one by one and getting paid for it or you can work on the basis of time, like hourly. We will pay you for each time you spend translating. It all depends on you.

All you need to make money online by freelance translating content is a millionformula account. It is 100% FREE to register a millionformula account. We will never charge you anything to register a millionformula account and earn money online. Millionformula will never ask you for any kind of fees like, level fees, participation fees, upgrade fees, membership fees, registration fees: none of that. Millionformula is a genuine website where you can make money online for free and get paid for what you have earned.

How to Make money online by freelance translating articles

All you need is a millionformula account that you can register here for free. With your account logged in head over to millionformula translation program and enroll for free. Submit any certificates you have if any. Start translating right away. When you submit your initial work we will make a manual review to make sure that its up to standards and pay you right away. After 5 approved translations you can start bidding on the customers by your own custom asking price for your profile.

Freelance Translating jobs.

Make money online by freelance translating here at millionformula. You can start a fully paying freelance translating career here at millionformula. Millionformula will provide you with as many translation jobs as you can handle. The more you translate the more money you earn. That's not all but the more you translate the more your ranking grows and you get more respect from millionformula and get more paying translation jobs. Even newbies who have never done translation jobs before can start here at millionformula. All you need is to be fluent in more than one language.

When you start translating as a newbie here at millionformula, we will make manual review for your first five translation jobs to make sure that your work is up to standards. After you finish the first 5 jobs and you qualify, you can continue doing translations for our clients without the need for a manual review. The more you keep translating the more your experience keep increasing and the higher you rank at millionformula list of translators. This means that when we receive the translation jobs, we give you the highest paying jobs to choose first before others who rank lower than you.

Make sure that you do not cancel any jobs once you confirm that you will translate it. Cancellations affect your ranking as the more you cancel the lower it pulls you. Make sure that you maintain a clean record for your freelance translations career to keep growing.

Get paid to translate online

For anyone who has been looking for a website to make money online by translating articles, i have some good news for you. Now you can get paid to translate online here at millionformula. The best part is that you do not need to have many specific qualifications or certificates. All you need is to be fluent in more than one language. That's not all because, you can translate as many languages as you can. This means that we do not limit you to a specific number of languages. Hence if you are fluent in 3 languages you can translate all the 3 of them. Even if its 4 or 5 or even 10 languages, you can translate all of them.

This is very good for the people who know so many languages because it increases your chances to make more money. To give you a hint, there are some languages that have very high demands for translators. Such languages are English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, German and french. Hence if you are planing to take classes for some additional languages, any of those would be great for you.

Another advantage of millionformula is that its all free. You do not need to pay any money to participate in translating and make money. All you need is your millionformula account and your linguistics skills. Therefore if you have both of those you can confidently start translating online here at millionformula right away. Remember that the more you translate the more you increase your chances of making more money. This is because the more you translate the more you grow your translators profile.

You can also be paid to translate videos and audio.

You know when we mention getting paid to translate online, most people think only of written content. Contrary to most believes, you can also get paid to translate videos and audio. In addition to translating written articles here at millionformula, we will provide you with videos/audio that you can watch/listen and translate. All you need to do is choose the video or audio of the language that you are familiar with, listen and translate it to the language we tell you. Pretty easy right. Thus you do not have to be bored all the time reading articles to translate them. You can have some fun too as you watch/listen to some interesting videos/audio and translate them.

These videos/audio are of many different languages and purposes. Hence your translation needs to retain the original meaning. In other words you can not translate word for word. Otherwise we could have used translating programs to do the translations. Even google translator can do the word to word translations. The reason why we want human translators is in order to maintain the message/semantics in the article/video. To know more why we do not use programs to do the translations, you can read bellow.

Translate subtitles.

In addition to doing the translations for the videos, some clients also want subtitles translations. Am sure if you are a movies fan like me, you have watched a movie before that is not of your language. But because the movie was so good you couldn't help it but use subtitles to try to understand what is going on. Well now you can make money by translating subtitles for videos like movies. You can be a part of changing some other peoples' lives out there by helping them watch movies of a different language.

The movies are not only the subtitles you will be translating but also youtube videos. Am sure that by now, if you are a frequent youtube user, you have seen youtube videos with subtitles. Especially for videos of a different language. Do you know that most of these subtitles were translated by people. Most of these youtube video subtitle translations were done by volunteers. However you need to note that some of these youtube subtitles were made by youtube algorithms by listening to the words in the audio of the video.

Unlike the volunteer youtube translators, for us we will pay you to make the subtitle translations. We have youtubers who are ready to pay you to translate the subtitles for their videos.

Why we don't use programs/software to translate the articles/videos for our customers.

I know that most of you know that these days with the the current advancement in technology, it is very easy to use software/program to translate. Most of you know that you can use google translate to translate almost any language to any language. YET we do not use google translate or any other program to do the translations. YES using google translate or programs is very easy and most importantly cheap. Hence if we use the google translate and other programs we will make/save a lot of money. BUT still we do not use the programs to translate the content for our customers.

The reason why we do not use google translate and other programs is because of QUALITY. MillionFormula is a proud company that prides in providing our clients/customers with the best quality services. We have always been thriving and trying to be the best quality services provider in the market. But someone will ask what is wrong with google translate or translating software quality? The answer is machine translation quality and real human translation differs a lot.

Translation technology of today is not that advanced to translate an article or language and still maintain all the aspects of speech that makes it unique. Yes the technology can translate word for word and even full sentences. However the technology is not smart enough to maintain the unique features of speech that make it authentic, unique, semantic, sweet and funny. Believe me if a program translates a joke, the person reading the translated joke will not laugh. Hence making humans the best translators of today. Maybe the technology of tomorrow will be better but as of now, humans dominate the industry and millionformula remains at the top.

Benefits of making money by freelance translating at MillionFormula

Other than freelance translating languages online at millionformula, you can make money in so many other ways that are both easy and convenient. So many jobs that you can do here at millionformula with and without the need for professional training.

Millionformula will pay you right away after you finish making your money by translating. We do not delay payments for our users by such policies as end week or end month payments like other companies. You are our priority and as soon as you want your money that's when you get it. No delays.

Millionformula will pay you in real money. When you finish earning your money we will send it to you in US Dollars. This is unlike many websites for making money online that will pay you with coupons or gift cards or shopping vouchers. Like we have mentioned above, you are our priority and we would never inconvenience you with things such as coupons.

Millionformula is FREE for everyone. You do not need money to register an account at millionformula. Similarly you do not need money to join or enroll in any program for making money at millionformula. We will not charge you any money to participate or make money with any method of your choice. Millionformula is absolutely free.

Million Formula is international hence no one is unable to make money by translating at millionformula. You can access millionformula from anywhere in the world, make money, manage your account and even receive your payment from anywhere in the world. We are here for anyone and everyone. We serve all.

Millionformula will pay you through paypal. Paypal is a very convenient way of making international payments and transactions. It is absolutely safe, easy to use and accessible to everyone in almost all the countries of this world.

Millionformula is the best or the highest payer of freelance translation jobs you will find anywhere. Our payment rates for the same kind of jobs are unmatched by other similar websites that pay for similar jobs. This makes millionformula the best destination for you to make a translating freelance career.

We give you a chance to build a career for yourself by translating. We start building a profile for you from the first day that you start translating. Your profile keeps growing as you translate more and more articles. The more you translate the higher you rank and the more you earn. The best way to build a freelance career.

Your freelance translations earnings.

For the first 5 translations we will have to make a manual review for you. Our team member doing the review for you will add the money to your account after they make the review. For those that have translated more than 5 articles will not need manual review for their work and hence our systems adds the money to your account automatically. Before you attempt any translation job here at millionformula you will see the amount of money that you will earn for that specific job.

When you translate the job and the client approves it, we will add that money to your account. The more you translate the more money you make. There is no limit to how much money you can make by translating. In the same way, there is no limit to how many articles you can translate. Our system will be updating your account in real time to show you how much money you have made by translations. To see your earnings just go to freelance translations earnings.

Payment and withdrawal of your money

After you finish earning your money by translating languages and articles at millionformula you will need to receive your payment right? This is the part where you receive your money that you have righteously earned at millionformula. When you attain our minimum withdrawal limit of $20, send us a payout request. When you send us a payout request, our team members will make a manual review of your activities at millionformula. This is to make sure that you are following our guidelines as you make the translations. This is in order to maintain our high standards as our clients expect. After the review we will pay your money through paypal or any other means of payment of your choice. Therefore remember to provide us with your paypal details as well as bank account details so that we can be able to send you your money.

Can I hire freelance translators at MillionFormula?

YES! Millionformula translation services are available for everyone from allover the world. Anyone who want their articles translated or a language translated for them can get it done here at millionformula. You can even hire freelance translators to translate a full project for you with your own form of agreement with the translators. There is nowhere else you will find as many translators and as many languages that can be translated for you as here at millionformula. We have real experienced translators that have been doing translations for years. To hire freelance translators at millionformula just go to our sales website mediageneous.