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Make money online by viewing and clicking ads(advertisements). Yes! that’s correct. Millionformula will pay you real money for viewing and watching advertisements. Millionformula collects a large collection of advertisements that are interesting and informative, that will ad a lot of value to your life for you to view. When you view them you get entertainment and at the same time get valuable information that is going to help you in your day to day lives. Most importantly, we pay you money for each and every advertisement that you view. You can also write comments and ads views for the ads that you are viewing. You can also like or dislike the advertisements.

How to make money online by viewing ads

All you need in order to make money online by viewing advertisements online is a millionformula account. If you don’t have an account already you can register one for free here. Having registered and logged in head over to millionformula ads program and enlist for free. As soon as you enlist you should start seeing advertisements that you can watch. There will be video advertisements, banner advertisements, written advertisements and much more. Choose what you find best for you and watch. Remember to have fun as you do it. Millionformula will be adding money to your account for each and every advertisement that you view.

PTC - Paid To Click

PTC means paid to click. This is a business model whereby the advertisers pay us to display their advertisements and we pay you to watch or click the advertisement. That sounds a little confusing right? Why should the advertisers pay us only to pay you to watch or click on their ads? The way this works is that the advertisers make an advertisement for whatever they are promoting or marketing. The advertisement might be meant to inform people by making them watch and learn about whatever they are promoting, or might be meant to drive traffic.

The PTC ads meant to drive traffic are those whose their final target/intention is to make people click and go to the advertisers website. The destination can be advertisers website or app page or shop page or social media page or whatever target they choose. The reason why they pay us is because the advertiser has no access to as many people/audience as we do. Millionformula has access to so many people/audience that we can show the advertisements to. That's why the advertisers pay us to pay you to watch and or click on the advertisements.

Get paid to click on advertisements.

If you have been looking for a site to get paid to click on advertisements, look no more. This is what you have been looking for. Here at millionformula, we will pay you to click and watch advertisements of your choice. Moreover, we will pay you for each and every advertisement that you click or watch. We will provide you with so many advertisements. You can choose whatever advertisement you want from the list provided to you. Every time you click on an advertisement and watch it, our systems will detect it. Once the system detects it, it will add the money accrued to that advertisement to your account.

The accrued money is the amount of money that each and every advertisement will pay you for playing it. Each and every advertisement has its own unique amount of money. This amount is different from all other advertisements. It is also indicated for each and every advertisement before you click it. Hence you can be able to choose the advertisements to click wisely. This way you can be able to choose the advertisements that pay you a lot more money. Note that like we have mentioned above, all advertisements have different accrued money. Therefore choose wisely.

Click on the advertisements that have questions because they pay more money.

Something else that you might realize here at millionformula is that there are some advertisements with questions. This means that you watch the advertisement and after watching it you answer some questions. We will provide you with everything. The advertisement to watch and the questions to answer. The reason why some of these advertisements have questions is to make sure that you pay attention to the advertisements. You know the advertisers do not want people who will just click on the ads and not pay attention. They want to make sure that they are paying people who actually paid attention to the ads. Hence to make sure that their message is delivered.

When you watch the ads and answer the questions, we will pay you for it. We will pay you for each and every advertisement that you watch and answer questions. Moreover, we pay you for each and every question. There are those that pay more money than others. The more the questions the more money we will pay you for it.

Furthermore, you need to keep in mind that the ads with questions pay more money than those without questions. Hence you should not avoid the ads with questions. Instead you should be choosing them. We will pay you for the advertisement and for the questions. If the questions are tougher, that's the more money we will pay you for it. In other terms, questions are better for you.

Watch longer advertisements as they pay more money.

As the principles of life goes: The more you work the more you earn, this holds even here. Usually we are all used to the very short traditional advertisements. You know, those 7 seconds or 15 seconds advertisements that play on the TVs or on streaming platforms like youtube. That might not be the case here. Here you will find even longer advertisements. I think any advertiser will tell you that squeezing enough information in those 15 seconds is very hard. The few seconds only allow for punchlines that aim straight at the name of the brand or product and nothing more.

Such short duration is not enough for most advertisers because they want to pas more information for their brand/product. The advertisers want to inform their customers about the product or brand. They want to teach the audience about the advantages of their products. Hence the 15 seconds are not enough.

This is what makes millionformula the best site for the advertisers to show the most effective advertisements. Million formula allows the advertisers to post as long advertisements as they want. However, the longer the advertisement, the more they will have to pay for it. Hence the more money you will earn for watching that long advertisement. That's why we tell you to choose the longer advertisements as they pay more money.

Benefits of making money clicking ads at MillionFormula

Millionformula provides you the opportunity to make money online by viewing and clicking advertisements. You probably see advertisements every day but you don't get paid for it. Now with millionformula, you can get paid for seeing these advertisements and clicking on them.

Millionformula does not delay your money. As soon as you finish making money by clicking on advertisements at millionformula, we will pay you immediately. We do not have the end month or end week payment policies that make you wait to receive your payment.

The amount of money that we pay you for viewing and clicking ads at millionformula is more than any other website. Our payment rates are unmatched by other websites that pay people to click on advertisements. That's not all because this goes for all our money making jobs here at millionformula.

Other than clicking and viewing advertisements for money, we have so many more other ways that you can use to make money online with. We have ways to earn with almost any social media platform so that you can work with the social media that you like. You can even be able to choose the methods that pay you more than others.

It is easy for you to receive your money from millionformula because we use paypal to process most of our payments. Paypal is easy to use and is international. You can access paypal from anywhere and withdraw your money.

Millionformula will pay you in real cash. Real US dollars and not shopping coupons or vouchers of gift cards. No one wants the stress of handling coupons especially in situations when you need money immediately. This is one of the reasons why so many people love millionformula.

You will not be charged any amount of money to join millionformula or to participate in any task at millionformula with whatever way you choose to. It is absolutely free to do anything you want at millionformula. Thus don't be afraid to register an account at millionformula and try it for yourself.

You can access millionformula from anywhere in the world since millionformula is international. Our website is accessible from anywhere in the world. Thus you can make money by clicking ads from anywhere in the world and get paid from wherever you are.

Your ads clicks earnings.

Like you already know, millionformula has advanced systems that detect your activities on millionformula automatically. Our systems tracks your activities on millionformula in real time. It also keeps adding your earnings to your account as you do it. Therefore you do not have to worry about counting the ads you have watched or clicked. Our systems will do that for you and make the data available for you to see. Before you start watching or clicking on any advertisement, you will be able to see how much amount of money each advertisement carries.

After you finish watching or viewing or clicking the advertisement, we will add that accrued amount of money to your account. Each and every advertisement carries a different and a unique amount of money that you will get paid for it. After you finish clicking on advertisements, to see your earnings go to ads clicks earnings. You will see a cumulative total of all the advertisements you have viewed or clicked.

Payment and withdrawal

After the hard-work comes the harvest time. This is where you get paid the money that you made by clicking on ads. After you have attained our minimum withdrawal limit of $20, send us a payout request. When you make the payout request, our team will make a manual review of your activities at millionformula. This is just to make sure that you are following our guidelines when it comes to viewing and clicking ads. When the manual review is over, we will send your earnings to you via paypal.

You need to make sure that you submit your paypal account email id on your millionformula account. In addition, also provide us with your bank details. This is so that we can be able to send your money through wire transfer if need be. All this happens immediately after you submit your payout request. You can receive your money after the payout request in a matter of a few minutes. That's how effective millionformula is.

Can I buy ads views and clicks for my advertisements at MillionFormula?

YES! Anyone can buy ads clicks and views for their advertisements here at millionformula. This method has proven to be a very effective way to advertise. This way the people pay more attention to the advertisements and get informed by the advertisements. The advertisers are using this PTC to inform their target customers about their products and services. This is because millionformula systems will require the ad viewer to watch the entire advertisement. We also have other ways to make the people pay attention to the advertisements. This has proven to have a better turnover/effect as compared to other forms of advertising. To buy your own advertisement clicks and views just go to our sales website mediageneous.