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millionformula is one of a kind website that gives you the ability to make money online by doing simple activities like visiting websites. Yes you heard it right. You visit so many websites everyday but probably don’t make a single penny for visiting these websites. This happens, while the owners of the websites make money for your visit. They make money by either selling some products to you or through playing advertisements on their websites of which they make money for your visit. Now we are giving you an opportunity also to make money online by visiting websites. Put some value to your time by getting paid for each and every minute that you spend on these websites.

Put some value to your clicks by getting paid for each and every website that you click on. Millionformula will pay you for each and every minute that you spend visiting websites. We will also pay you for each and every website that you click on. Millionformula will provide you with tons of websites that require visitors. These websites are from our clients from allover the world. They are of all kinds from with all kinds of services and products. From online shopping, to online entertainment, to online learning, online betting and so much more. You should choose the websites that you like and visit them. Don't feel the need to click on every website that you come across because we have enough of the kind that you like.

how does it work?

Its very simple! To earn money online by visiting websites,

1. First you need to visit our website .

2. Then take a minute to register your account if you are not already registered. It will only take you less than 20 seconds because we don’t ask for so much information. All you need to sign up is your name, email and password.

3. After registering check your email that you have used to register and verify your email. NOTE! if you don’t find your verification email in your inbox check spam box or junk box because sometimes the email service providers might misplace emails.

4. After verifying your account login with your username and your password

5. After logging in click on the menu visit websites as shown on the image bellow

milionformula menu screenshot

6. Once on the visit websites page you will see a list of websites that you can visit similar to the image shown bellow.

millionformula visit websites screenshot

7. From the list of the many websites available you can click any of them that you like to visit.

8. Once you click on any of the websites, we will redirect you to another millionformula webpage where the website you have clicked will load for you to see. See the example screenshot bellow.

millionformula mediageneous website visit screenshot

NOTE! The main aim of this is for the website advertiser/owner to be able to promote his/her website to many people allover the world by showing it to as many as possible. With that in mind we request you to scroll through the webpage from top to bottom and also browse through the website to see more.

9. Once you open the website view page you will realize that there is a time progress bar. The bar is YELLOW in color as you can see in the image above. The bar appears at the bottom of the website frame that you are viewing. This is only to make sure that you interact with the website we are promoting. Once the progress bar turns to green as shown in the image bellow you can go back to the websites list. View another website from the list described on this page step number 6

millionformula green time progress bar

What kind of websites will I be visiting?

Millionformula will provide you with all kinds of websites. Websites from allover the world and from all kinds of clients. We have websites for all kinds of purposes. From online shopping, to video streamin, to online bookin, to online services, to online sports, to all kinds of websites. There is no limit to what kind of website you can visit here at millionformula. We also categorize the websites for you to be able to choose the ones that you want to visit easily. With the categories you can choose the very type of websites you like and visit them. For example if all you like is politics then you can just go to the politics category and visit the websites from politics category.

If you will be vising the websites you better make sure that you are getting some value out of it. Make sure that you visit the websites that add value to you. For example if you love reading and learning, visit the websites that teach you the things that you like. Moreover by doing this you will be promoting the advertisers because they don't just want meaningless clicks. They want clicks from the people who are actually find their websites interesting. They want the people visiting their websites to take a minute to read or checkout what they have on their webpages.

How much money will I make for visiting the websites?

The amount of money that you will make by visiting websites online here at millionformula depends on a number of reasons. First, the website visitors client. Millionformula has a minimum limit bellow which we do not allow any website visitors client to pay. However, above this limit, the clients are free to pay whatever amount of money they want to. There is no fixed amount of money that all clients are supposed to pay. Similarly, there is no highest limit beyond which the clients are limited to. This means that even if the client wants to pay you $1000 per every visit its up to them. This kind of freedom is what makes it very advantageous for you as the visitor. This is because it increases your chances of making more money.

Another thing that you need to note is that all the websites don't pay the same amount of money. They all have different amount of money that you will get paid. There are those that will pay you more than others. This difference is brought about by the fact that there is no fixed price as mentioned above. The freedom of choosing the money to pay that we give to the clients determines this difference. In addition to the freedom, there are other factors that bring about this difference. Such factors are the duration of the visit. If the client wants the people to stay on their website longer, then he/she will pay more for the web visits.

Moreover, if the website visitors client wants you to visit their website (that is on his/her domain) he/she will have to pay more money for the website visits. Similarly if the client wants the visitors to take action on their website, then they will have to pay more for it. For example if the client wants the visitors to sign up or to subscribe to their website, then they have to pay for that. Hence whenever we require you to take action then make sure that you actually take the action to be paid more. The website visitors who want their websites to receive more attention by appearing at the top will have to pay more than the rest. This extra payment goes to you when you visit these websites.

Website visits with questions.

In addition to providing the website owners with website visitors, we added more services. We have another type of website visits that we require the client to answer a few questions. The purpose of these questions is to make sure that the web visitor is paying attention to the website they are visiting. Hence to make sure that the visitor is not just clicking and visiting the website just for the purposes of getting paid. The clients want web visitors who pay attention to their website. Therefore to provide them with this attention, we came up with another version of web visits that we require the visitor to answer a few questions about the website.

In order to get paid you will be required to answer a few questions about the website. We ask the questions just bellow the website iframe and you can answer them as you go. The payments decision rely on the website client. The client can choose to pay you even if you don't answer the questions or not to pay. They can choose to either pay you for the few questions that you get correct or not to pay if you get the questions wrong. The more the questions the more money you will be paid. In general, the website visits with questions pay more money than the websites visits without the questions. Hence do not avoid the website visits with questions as they pay you more than those without.

Do not worry about the questions. They are just easy and are about things that you can see right there on the website. The questions will not require you to do any research. However, if the client gives you questions that require research, they will have to pay more for it. There has never been a better way to make money online by visiting websites like this.