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If you have been wondering how you can turn your facebook passion into money then we've got it all figured out for you. Here at millionformula you can make money online by watching facebook videos. Just the same videos that you have been watching before. If you want to start right away then just click on the red button bellow. We will take you to a login or register page where you can login or register respectively. If you want to learn more on how it works, how to do it and start then scroll to the footer and go to the respective page. If you have unanswered questions, then continue reading because this is: All you need to know to watch facebook videos for money.

Earn money online by playing facebook videos.

Now you can earn money online by playing facebook videos of your choice. MillionFormula created a platform where you can spend your time watching interesting as well as educational videos and posts from facebook. As you do this, you earn for each and every video that you watch. You do not need to keep the count in your mind as our systems will do that for you. You can watch as many posts as you want. There are no limits to this or the amount of money you can earn by watching here. For video you will need to watch it for the indicated time.

Do you get paid to watch FB video posts?

By facebook NO. By millionformula YES. Facebook does not pay people to watch FB posts. Even though facebook makes money out of the views through advertising, we do not expect facebook to pay us for it. This is because you watch FB posts for entertainment rather than making money from facebook. However on the other hand, MillionFormula will pay you to watch the FB videos. Millionformula has this program to help you make extra cash as you watch the facebook videos

Does watching FB videos make money?

It depends on whether the post owner is authorized for monetization or not. If the owner is authorized, then he or she will make money. This is especially the case if the video plays have advertisements playing or displaying alongside the video. If there are no ads playing along your video plays then you will not earn anything for the video plays. This is quite similar for facebook. The more the ads played or displayed the more facebook makes money out of the video plays. The other way that watching FB posts make money is when done here at millionformula. We will you for watching the FB videos.

Get paid to watch FB videos.

Like you already know by now, millionformula will pay you USD to watch fb videos. The very same fb videos that you have been watching before for no pay is what we will be paying you for. This is the only opportunity you will find for making the easiest bucks you have ever made.

How much money can you earn for watching 100 fb videos?

The standard millionformula minimum money for each video play is $0.1. Since this is the minimum, we will use an average of $0.4 per each FB video play that you make. Doing simple math $0.4 * 100 = $40. Therefore you will earn $40 for watching 100 fb videos.

How many FB video plays do you need to make money?

Talking about, the number of video plays matters if you have ads playing or displayed along your videos. Think of it this way, video-A gets 1000 plays and each one of them had an advertisement associated with the view. This will earn you money equivalent to the facebook's earnings per each ad multiplied by the 1000. On the other hand think of a video-B that got 1000 video plays but for all these plays there was no advertisement playing along with the views. This means that you might not earn anything for this video views. For millionformula, each and every video play will earn you a unique amount of money.

How much money can you make from fb videos

The amount of money that you make from fb videos depends on the number of views you get. The number of friends or followers that you have can influence this. The more views and clicks you get after posting on facebook, the more you are likely to earn. The way you make the money is through the facebook advertisements playing along your videos.

make money by watching facebook videos

Watch videos for money.

Now you can watch videos for a pay on facebook here at millionformula. We will pay you for each and every facebook video that you watch. You can watch as many videos or fb posts as you want. There is no limitation to the number of videos that you can watch. Each and every video play will earn you around half a dollar. Thus all the videos you will watch multiplied by 0.5 USD is the amount of money you will make by the time you finish watching.

How do you make money from watching Facebook videos?

To make money by watching just login to millionformula and go to our facebook videos. Select the type of facebook videos that you like. Choose the category that you like and watch them. Our systems will detect each and every FB video that you watch and update your account. It will also add money to your account for each and every video that you watch automatically.

Can I earn money from Facebook?

YES! Many people are making money on daily basis on facebook. There are a number of ways that you can earn money on facebook but the main ones are two. Getting paid for advertisements playing along your posts on facebook. Secondly, earning from sponsors for posting sponsored posts in your FB account for them. The first method is direct payment by FB to you and the second is by your own means. If you too want to get paid to post sponsored posts then enroll for MillionFormula Facebook Mentions program.

How do you get paid for Facebook video plays?

Currently, MillionFormula is using paypal to process all payments to our users from allover the world. Paypal is international and therefore it is convenient for everyone to use it. In this way we ca be able to ensure that you receive your payment safely and keep your transactions safe.

How much money can you make from watching Facebook videos?

Each and every facebook video carries its own unique amount of money. Thus for each and every comment that you play, you will earn a unique amount of money for it. There are those that pay more than others. The total that each and every video will pay wholly depends on the advertiser. The more they are willing to pay the more you will earn for the play. However, millionformula has a standard set minimum bellow which we don’t allow the advertisers to pay. That is $0.5/video play.

earn money by watching facebook videos

Will Facebook pay you for watching videos?

NO! Facebook does not pay you or anyone for watching videos. Therefore whether you watch many videos or not, that will not change the amount of money that you earn from facebook.