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Now here at millionformula, you can watch youtube videos for money. We will pay you real money for each and every video that you watch. Each and every video carries its own unique amount of money that you will get paid for it. If you wish to start right away just click on the red button bellow to start. If you are already logged in to millionformula and signed in with google to millionformula we will take you to a page where you will find many videos listed for you.

You can choose to watch whichever videos you find interesting to you. You don't have to watch all of them, just the ones that you find interesting to you. If you click on the red button and you are not signed in to millionformula we will take you to a login or register page instead. On this page you can log in if you already have an account. If you don't have a millionformula account yet just go to our register page and create an account for free.

If you want to learn more about how it works and get a full step by step guide on how to watch youtube videos for money just scroll to our footer and go to the respective page. Moreover, if you want to get your questions answered on how to get paid to watch. Continue reading because we have prepared answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about it. We hope this will answer most of your questions.

Earn money online by watching youtube videos.

If you have been looking for ways to make money with youtube, here is an opportunity for you to earn money online by watching. Choose the category of youtube videos that you like and then start watching. Each and every youtube video that you watch has its own amount of money that you will earn for it. Therefore, our systems counts the number of videos that you watch and similarly, the duration that you watch and updates your account in real time. Our systems adds money to your account automatically. In addition to earning, make sure to have fun as you do it.

How much money can i earn for watching 10,000 youtube videos?

With the current millionformula remuneration rate for watching youtube videos, you make a minimum of $0.01 per a 1 minute video that you watch. Since all videos don’t pay the same amount of money, and the longer the video the more you earn, then we can average you earn $0.05 per every 1 minute video you watch here at millionformula. Then multiplying this $0.05 per a 1 minute video by the 10,000 videos gives us: $0.05 * 10000 = $500. Therefore, you will make $500 for watching 10000 videos here at millionformula.

How can I earn money from viewing videos on YouTube?

Its very easy. Just join millionformula by registering on the registration page. After registration verify your account through the verification email that we will send to you. After verification you are ready to start earning money from viewing videos on youtube. Head over to youtube section and then choose the videos that you want to watch. Watch them and you will get paid for each of those videos that you watch.

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Get paid to watch videos

Yes now only here at millionformula you can get paid to watch videos and get entertained. Yes! You have been watching videos all your life but in most cases never earned anything for it. Now we are giving you the chance to monetize your time. The chance to turn your hobby into money. Watch the very same youtube videos that you like watching for fun and then we will pay you for it. You turn your time into something valuable to you. Is like investing in your time.

Can i earn money by watching youtube videos?

YES! That’s what we have been talking about this entire page. We have been trying to explain to you how you can earn online by watching videos. Furthermore you don’t need to invest any money for this. All you need is your email account and a millionformula account and you are good to go. You earn more as you watch more. This is because there is no limit to how many videos you can watch. You can watch even for a full day continuous. The more you watch the more you earn and our systems keep adding money to your account automatically.

Watch videos for money. Is it real?

Its as real as it gets. Now here at millionformula you can watch videos for money. Moreover, you can ask others who have been watching here and earning money out of it. Still having doubts? Create a millionformula account for free and try it for yourself. Its free so nothing to loose. Try it yourself instead of listening to stories of others. The best proof is what you see for yourself. Not the stories told about it.

How do YouTube views make money?

If you are asking about how views make money on youtube then the answer is simple. Its by advertisements, youtube premium and sponsors if you can be able to get them. You can either earn by youtube for the ads playing along your content or you can earn for the videos played by premium youtube users. In addition to the other way you can make money by views is by getting a sponsor for your content. This is very similar to millionformula youtube mentions which provides you with countless opportunity to monetize your videos by making mentions for companies and businesses.

The other way you can make money with youtube views is through millionformula. We will pay you for each and every video that you watch.

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Does watching videos on YouTube make money?

Yes. Watching videos on youtube makes money. However it makes money for the channel owner rather not you. Thus you as the viewer don’t earn anything for the views. Good news is that now we have made it possible for you too to earn by watching videos on youtube. Now with millionformula you can cash in on each and very video that you watch. Just click on the red button to start.