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Name: Allstate
Company Name: Allstate
Country: United States
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Main job category: Data entry
Joining Date: 2022-12-20

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About Employer

THE NAME OF THE COMPANY IS COBBLESTONE HR. ABOUT COBBLESTONE HR: Cobblestone HR is an independent HR consulting firm in London, offering comprehensive human resources services to small and medium-sized global companies. Our broad capabilities and vast experience in a wide array of global industries and sectors allow us to design tailored optimization strategies and offer expert HR counseling to help your company achieve its growth objectives. REQUIREMENTS * 0-2 years work experience. * strong academic credentials and noteworthy extracurricular leadership. * Fluency in English. JOB DUTIES * Source documents. *Track documents. *Prepare and sort sourced documents. *Identify and interpret data to be entered. *Compile sort and verify data for accuracy. *Convert pdf file to word files. *Also perform Record keeping.

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