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How it works

Now with MillionFormula you can make money for following Facebook users. This is made possible by the large audience we have here at MillionFormula. We have people visiting MillionFormula from all walks of life and from all countries. Among these people there are people with various needs. There are those who come to MillionFormula to get entertained, there are those who come to get their work done, for translations, to market their social media accounts and so much more. Among these visitors are those who come here to get Facebook followers. They know that MillionFormula has a very large potential Facebook followers. Therefore they ask us to provide them with Facebook followers and we offer to help. In this way they create the opportunity for you to make the money by following them. Therefore its a large ecosystem of those in need of something and those willing to grant it. You should also become a member and see how much you have to benefit from MillionFormula. It is 100% free to join MillionFormula and to participate in any money-earning-activity that you want. MillionFormula will never charge you anything for anything.


How to make money following facebook pages.

Its very easy. Just the same way you follow facebook pages on facebook is the same way you do it here on millionformula. Therefore to do it you need your millionformula account and your facebook account. I believe by now you already have your facebook account. Active facebook account that you usually use. If you don’t have one register it here. To register a millionformula user account follow the steps bellow.

  1. Click here to register new account.
  2. Hint! It is easiest and quickest to register a millionformula account by just login with google. Just one click and you are done.
  3. On the registration page fill all your information, check to agree with our terms and conditions (hoping you have already read our terms and conditions) Verify that you are not a robot and then click on register.
  4. You will receive a verification code in your email inbox (if you don’t find the verification email in your inbox check the junk/spam box). Verify your email with the link.
  5. Login into your millionformula account with your new username and password. Now you are ready to make money by following facebook pages.
  6. Click here to login with your facebook account to millionformula.
  7. Click here to go to facebook-pages-following page.
  8. Tip! if you didn’t login with your facebook account in step 5 above you will be taken to facebook login page instead of facebook following page. So login with your facebook account and then proceed with the next step bellow.
  9. On the facebook-pages-following page, you will see so many facebook pages listed there. Click on any user and check it out. If the page is good enough for you or it makes the kind of videos/posts you like follow it.

That’s how easy it is to register a millionformula account and start making money by following facebook pages on millionformula. In less than 3 minutes you can start from zero and before the end of the three minutes you are making tens of dollars by following facebook pages.

How much money can I make following facebook pages on millionformula?

MillionFormula pays you a basic amount of US $0.4 per every Facebook page that you follow. This is the least amount of money that you can earn for following a Facebook page. This is the MillionFormula set standard minimum. We made that standard minimum to protect you. However this is not the highest amount that you can make for following the pages. The highest amount depends on the Facebook advertiser. The more they are willing to pay for the followers then the more you are going to earn. There is no set maximum of how much you can make for follows the pages. It all depends on the advertiser. The companies tend to pay more for the page follows than individual people because they have large marketing budgets. Going with the basic minimum, you can a decent amount of money with it. Think about it, with only 100 follows you can make US $40 just for clicking buttons only.


What not to do?

In order to hold up to our reputation we have a few regulations in place. MillionFormula holds the name of being the best website to make money online and to market your social media account. We intend to maintain that reputation and therefore we need to have some set of rules in place. Therefore for us to provide our Facebook followers clients with high quality Facebook followers we have a few things that you are not supposed to do. Read them bellow.

  1. Use of fake and or inactive facebook pages is prohibited. You are not allowed to use a fake Facebook account to follow the pages. MillionFormula requires you to use your usual Facebook account that you normally use on daily basis. You are not allowed to just create an account that you only intend to use on MillionFormula alone. You should use an active account that you normally update and keep it refreshed. We regularly check the kind of facebook pages our users are using.
  2. Do not un-follow/remove/ delete the followings later. Once you follow a Facebook page on MillionFormula you are not allowed to un-follow is later. You are required to let the follows be permanent. That’s why we recommend that you only follow those pages that you are actually interested in.
  3. We recommend that you only follow the pages that you are actually interested in. Don’t just follow pages for the sake of making money because you will end up following so many pages that you don’t even want. This might lead you to break our second rule above. Following so many countless pages like that can make Facebook flag your account for spamming. Therefore only follow the pages that you like.

Benefits of making money on MillionFormula

To Make money by following facebook pages is only one of our very many ways of making money on millionformula. We have tons and tons of many other ways to make money online on millionformula. Moreover you can scroll down to the footer to see more of our ways of making money online.

Million Formula is the only company in this world that pays you for doing the same things that you do for free. We pay you for doing your hobby. Having fun and still getting paid for it. You follow facebook pages for free daily without getting paid for it. However now you can get paid for it by millionformula.

Millionformula pays you right away. When you achieve the minimum withdrawal limit just send us a payout request. We will process your payout immediately. Millionformula doesn’t have the end-month-payment policies. We pay your money right away.

Millionformula uses the worlds most trusted payment gateway which is PayPal. That means your money is safe and your bank account stays safe. Furthermore PayPal is an easy way to receive your money quick and withdraw it.

We pay REAL money. Unlike other online money making websites that pay you in coupons or shopping vouchers and gifts, we pay you in real cash. Real money direct to your account. We process all our payments in US dollars. You can easily convert the dollars to your local currency.

We have no country or age limitations. Anyone with the ability to make money by following facebook pages can get paid with us. Just send your PayPal email account and we will process your payment right away.

Millionformula is international. No matter what corner of the earth you are, you can access millionformula and make money by following facebook pages. In addition, its free for everyone.

Registering on millionformula is 100% free. You will never be charged anything on millionformula. You will never see any subscription fees or level fees or any membership fees. Its free for everyone to join millionformula and make money.

Your earnings from following facebook pages.

To see how much money you have earned for following facebook pages, just go to your millionformula account and then go to facebook earnings. You will see a cumulative amount of all the accounts you have followed plus all other facebook activities you have done. All amounts are in US dollars.

Payment and withdrawal

As soon as you attain the minimum withdrawal limit, send us a payout request through your millionformula account. When we receive your payout request we will review your activities on millionformula. This is just to make sure that you are following our terms and conditions. If everything is okay we will send you your money through your PayPal account. And that way easily you get your money from your facebook following earnings. That’s how simple it is to make money online by following facebook pages on millionformula.

Can I buy my own facebook page followers?

Yes. Our services are available to everyone allover the world. Anyone wishing to get affordable facebook followers quickly, can buy. Am sure by now you know how effective and beneficial our systems are. You have been a first hand part of following other facebook pages so you know even you will be followed by real people like you. If you want to buy your facebook followers just send us an email with the number of followers you want. Find our emails on the contact page.

What makes MillionFormula legit?

There is a very thin line between legal/moral/ethical and illegal/immoral/unethical when it comes to selling, buying and making money through services like youtube views, likes, comments, subscribers, Twitter services like retweets, comments, followers, likes, instagram services, facebook services and more. Yet MillionFormula still remains a very ethical and legal company involved in very moral activities. Why so? Why is MillionFormula on the right side of matters when compared with other similar companies involved in similar activities. Well bellow are a few reasons why.

  1. NO SPAMMING POLICY. Unlike other companies, Million Formula does not encourage spamming. When money is involved with things like social media likes, comments, followers/subscribers and retweets, the question of spamming always arises. MillionFormula has gone a step ahead to make sure that this never happens with our business model. Each visitor on MillionFormula services is only allowed to view/like/comment/follow/subscribe/..more ONLY ONCE. Nobody can do such activities repeatedly. That's not the only way we prevent spamming. In addition, we have so many tactics and terms ad conditions to prevent the users from getting involved in such activities.
  2. NO REPETITION. Our systems are designed to determine the activities of each user on our platforms and make sure that they are not repeatedly doing the same activities in order to make more money for the same activity. We monitor each and every account's activities plus their IP address to prevent repetition in disguise. For example, one user commenting on the same video 20 times. Our systems automatically removes the video when you comment once.
  3. REAL PEOPLE. We have advanced systems to make sure that only real people register on our platform and only real humans can login and use our systems. We have employed the use of re-captcha as well as we made our systems very complex for the robots to use. Only a person can be able to do the various activities on MillionFormula. We have more complex algorithms to determine the activities of the user on our platform to make it easy to detect and stop BOTs from accessing our systems. We also monitor IP addresses of the devices accessing our systems to weed out robots.
  4. NO INACTIVE ACCOUNTS. Million Formula makes sure that the people participating in the various activities on Million Formula use their real active social media accounts. We are aware that some people might try to use fake or inactive social media accounts and that's why we have a team of workers at MillionFormula to check the kind of accounts people are using on MillionFormula.
  5. NO AUTOMATION. We have made sure that our services on Million Formula cannot be automated by any artificial means. We have made it impossible for a computer program to be used to replicate the actions of a human on our platform.
  6. WORLDWIDE COVERAGE. Our website is accessible in almost every country. We have allowed access to ip addresses from everywhere in the world.
  7. UNIQUE LOGGED IN USERS. In order to participate in any activity on our platform you must be logged in with your social media account for that respective social media activity. For example if its commenting on twitter, you must be logged in with twitter account. This way its easier to regulate the activities on the users on MillionFormula and at the same time make sure that we are adhering with the social media regulations. You as a customer you are able to receive real unique visitors/users.
  8. NO MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS. Million Formula does not allow users to register multiple Million Formula accounts. We also don't allow users to use multiple social media accounts on MillionFormula. Think of it this way. You want 200 youtube likes then someone with 15 accounts logs in with those accounts and likes with each of them. That's not only bad for you but it would also be violating youtube policies.
  9. WATCH FIRST POLICY. This our own policy that makes sure that the users actually interact with your content. We make sure that for a user to like/comment on your video, they must watch it first. Otherwise how can they comment/like a video that they don't know what it is about.
  10. NO SHORT IRRELEVANT COMMENTS. This for the comments service. We make sure that the users give relevant comments. Comments that depict your video/post content. Comments that are long enough and not one or two words comments
  11. NO CLICK FARMS. Million Formula does not own, operate nor affiliate with any click farm whatsoever. We respect the policies and regulations of the various social media platforms(youtube, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc) that we work with. Using click farms services would be against their terms and policies. Similarly it would be wrong to provide services that come from click farms to our customers.
  12. FOLLOW RESPECTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA POLICIES. We try as much as we can to follow and respect the terms and policies of the various social media platforms that we work with on MillionFormula. We make sure that our users adhere with the social media regulations by making our systems more restrictive.
  13. REAL EXPERIENCE SIMULATION. We try as much as possible to make sure that the users on Million Formula do things the same way as they would do on the respective social media platforms. We try to make sure that the users are not just doing the activities for money but interacting with the content just as if it were the actual social media. For example, We don't want people to be liking every youtube video available just because they are getting paid for it. We want them to watch only the videos they find interesting and like only the video they find interesting. We are not trying to make people liking-machines for money.