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Make money by following linkedin accounts

For all the people who love LinkedIn, millionformula has the once in a lifetime opportunity for you. Now only here at millionformula you can make money by following LinkedIn users. You sign up here at millionformula and go through the LinkedIn accounts that we have listed and follow those that you like. Hence you can take this opportunity to better yourself. Moreover, you can take this opportunity to follow the LinkedIn users who add value to you. Just the very same way that you follow users on LinkedIn is how you do it here and get paid. By doing so, you will be solving a problem for someone somewhere.

There are many people in need of LinkedIn followers. In like manner there are many people looking for great LinkedIn users who can add lot of value to them so that they can follow them. Therefore millionformula makes it possible for both of these parties to fulfill their needs. We bring together two different parties with a common thing that connects them. That is LinkedIn. One party looking for followers and another looking for accounts to follow. This is what makes millionformula such a unique company unlike any other. This opportunity can even enable you to make money for doing the very same things that you do for free.

Get paid to follow linkedin users.

How to make money by following linkedin users.

Just the same way you follow accounts on linkedin is the same way that you will follow here. All you need is your millionformula account and your linkedin account. I believe by now you already have your linkedin account. Active linkedin account that you usually use. If you don’t have one register it here. To register a millionformula user account follow the steps bellow.

  1. Click here to register new account.
    Hint! It is easiest and quickest to register a millionformula account by just login with google. Just one click and you are done.
  2. On the registration page fill all your information, check to agree with our terms and conditions (hoping you have already read our terms and conditions) Verify that you are not a robot and then click on register.
  3. You will receive a verification code in your email inbox (if you don’t find the verification email in your inbox check the junk/spam box). Verify your email with the link.
  4. Login into your millionformula account with your new username and password. Now you are ready to make money by following linkedin users.
  5. Click here to login with your linkedin account to millionformula.
  6. Click here to go to linkedin users following page.
    Tip! if you didn’t login with your linkedin account in step 5 above we will take you to linkedin login page instead of linkedin following page. So login with your linkedin account and then proceed with the next step bellow.
  7. On the linkedin following page, you will see many accounts that you can follow. Only follow those users that you identify with. Follow only the accounts that make the kind of content that you like. We recommend that you don’t follow countless accounts non-selectively.

How much money can I make for following linkedin users at millionformula?

Millionformula is the website that you can earn the most amount of money in the world. No matter what way of making money you choose, we are the website that pays the most amount of money for that specific task. Actually most if not all our ways of making money are only available here alone. You will never find most of our ways of making money online anywhere else. This is because we were the first, we formed/invented them. Therefore how much money can you make for following LinkedIn accounts at millionformula?

The amount of money that you earn for each LinkedIn account that you follow here at millionformula is not the same for all the accounts. There are those that will earn you more money than others. This is because the amount of money that you earn for following the accounts is determines by the LinkedIn advertiser. The more they are willing to pay you the more you will earn. However millionformula has a standard set minimum amount of money that you can make for each LinkedIn account that you follow. We set US $0.5 as the minimum amount of money that you can get paid for any LinkedIn account that you follow. That means for any account that you follow, you have the guarantee to earn USD0.5. However this is not the maximum. There are those accounts that will pay you more than this.

How to earn money online by following linkedin accounts.

What not to do?

In order to keep such a complex system working fine, there needs to be some regulations in place. This is necessary in order to maintain the quality of our services. The LinkedIn users expect millionformula to deliver to them the best quality followers possible. They expect us to provide them with the active followers and followers who love their accounts. Similarly you expect us to provide you with good LinkedIn accounts to follow. You expect us to pay you the right amount of money for each task that you perform. In order for this to happen, we have there regulations bellow.

  1. Inactive/fake LinkedIn accounts are welcome. Millionformula prohibits the use of fake or inactive LinkedIn accounts to follow the users. You should use your usual LinkedIn account that you normally use on daily basis. We are making sure that our clients get active followers that we promised. Therefore we constantly monitor the LinkedIn accounts used by our users.
  2. Unfollowing/removing/ deleting the LinkedIn accounts that you have followed at millionformula is against our conditions. Once you follow a LinkedIn account at millionformula account you should not unfollow it. The follow needs to be permanent. We constantly check our account to make sure that you are not deleting the follows.
  3. MillionFormula recommends that you only follow those accounts that you love. We advice against following many accounts aimlessly just for the sake of making money. Otherwise you will end up following so many accounts that you don’t even like. This might make you break our rule number two above or make LinkedIn flag your account for spamming.

Get paid to follow linkedin accounts

If you are a linkedin user, then you can get paid to follow linkedin accounts. If you have ever followed an account on linkedin before, then that's the same way that you will do it here. Millionformula will provide you with many accounts that you can follow. Go through the accounts as you choose the ones that are interesting to you. There is a small description of each account about the job of the user, and more on what they work on. Therefore you can be able to make perfect connections for your account. Follow the accounts that you find interesting enough for you. Users who are doing jobs that are relatable to you. Users that you believe are of same work/professional interests as you.

You should follow the accounts to grow your professional network. Do not just follow the accounts for the sake of getting paid. Do not mass follow many accounts in order to get paid more money. Each and every follow should count. The followers clients expect followers who actually love their accounts. They want followers who will be reading their posts, making endorsements and connections for them. They want people who will be sharing their links/posts. Hence you should be able to make such a commitment by following their account. In addition, remember that you should not UN-follow the accounts after you follow them. All the best as you follow linkedin accounts for money.

follow linkedin accounts for money

Your earnings from following linkedin users.

The amount of money that you make depends on the linkedin accounts that you follow. There are some accounts that pay more than others. This is caused by the difference in the account's accrued prices. The amount of money that comes with each account depends on the bid price. The higher the bid the more money you will get paid for it. Our systems updates your earnings for following linkedin users on your account live. As soon as you follow an account, we add your money. To see a cumulative total of all your earnings you can go to your linkedin followings earnings. All your earnings are in US Dollars. The more accounts you follow the more money you make. Just remember that it's not about following as many accounts as possible to make the most money.

Payment and withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal limit for you to make a withdrawal request here at millionformula is $20. Once you attain this minimum limit, make a payout request for you to get paid. We will make a manual review to make sure that you are following our guidelines as you follow the linkedin accounts for money. The purpose of this to upkeep our quality standards. After a successful review, we will make a payment to your PAYPAL account. Make sure to provide us with your paypal account if you wish to get paid through paypal. If you prefer wire transfer then make sure to update your bank account number and the swift code. We make most of our payments in US Dollars.

Can I buy my own linkedin followers?

Yes. You can buy your own linkedin followers here at millionformula. Millionformula can help you market and promote your linkedin account to potential audience. We can help you increase your followers to whatever number you want. Moreover, we can get you the number of followers you want in a very short time. With us you do not have to wait for months or years to get the followers. We can get you the followers you want in no time. In addition, we can get a lot of advertising for your account as we get you the followers. We do not only get people to follow you but also market and promote your account. All you need to do is go to our sales website mediageneous and get your linkedin followers.

What makes MillionFormula legit?

There is a very thin line between legal/moral/ethical and illegal/immoral/unethical when it comes to selling, buying and making money through services like youtube views, likes, comments, subscribers, Twitter services like retweets, comments, followers, likes, instagram services, facebook services and more. Yet MillionFormula still remains a very ethical and legal company involved in very moral activities. Why so? Why is MillionFormula on the right side of matters when compared with other similar companies involved in similar activities. Visit the page bellow to know why.

What makes millionformula legit?